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lingeronhi, need some help with Tryton07:30
lingeronwhenever I try to create a new product in 2.8, I get an error saying Invalid Form07:30
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giedriuscedk: what is tryton's translation policy, do you accept translations for minor versions (3.0.1)?13:15
cedkgiedrius: no13:15
pokolicedk: ping14:51
cedkpokoli: pong15:31
pokolicedk: Can you commit review1161002 and review1171002 (catalan and spanish translations of 3.0 news) ?15:31
cedkpokoli: please submit patches15:33
pokolicedk: do you want an issue for each translation? or by email?15:34
cedkpokoli: by email is ok15:35
pokolicedk: you have an email :)15:44
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