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brenohi! I was wondering if nowadays, if I were to implement a Django frontend to Tryton (Django as a Tryton client), would it be advisable to go with the Proteus route or is this: still the recommended way to go for that scenario?01:05
cedkbreno: better to use nereid01:24
motarodownloaded the new trytond, can't connect to it now. Any ideas01:38
brenocedk: hi Cedric, thanks, I've read about nereid but it seems more from comments on the Google Group that it is still needs work done (and judging from the repo it is far from actively maintained). I'm trying to develop an ERP for SMBs and it'd be a joy to be able to use Django for the frontend with tryton powering the backend. If I were to go with the Django scenario, would you suggest Proteus or something like
b0r7motaro: can you be more specific? waht do you meean cant connect? are tryton and trytond same version;01:40
b0r7motaro: idea: tryond.conf listening port01:42
motaroOk, Wanted to install a new module, I used to have trytond 2.8 and updated everything to 3.0, ok no problem is a test server anyways. Updated the client to 3.0 also now when I try to connect to the server the client 'tryton' tells me 'could not connect to the server'01:45
motarothe conf file is still the same the server only says ] INFO:database:connect to "template1"01:45
motaroif the server says that it means it receives the request01:47
motaroAnd I must add why is it that Pypi is updated, and the mercurial repository still in 2.801:51
motarobreno; I think that you should take a look to nereid and see how they are comunicating to the server, don't know if you would like to add your effor to the official web client that the community is developing.01:54
motarobreno: the official web client is based on jQuery.01:55
brenowill do, just want to know what you guys think about Django communicating via Proteus or via something like
brenoi suppose both are better options than going with the JSON-RPC route, but which one would you choose?01:58
motarobreno: Go with Proteus is the new effort.02:02
brenolast question, I guess I'd be better off starting this project basing myself on Tryon 3.0, right?02:03
b0r7motaro: mhm thats odd.. have you tried changing the port in the client form 8000 to 800 or so and than back again.. just to have him try again fresh02:03
motarob0r7, don't know but it seems that the problem is with the client02:39
motarotelnet to the server works.02:39
b0r7maybe get the client and run it from source? if you havent already02:40
b0r7i dont know.. never had that problem and all is running fine on my side with 3.0..02:42
b0r7mhm.. you have other dbs than 'template1, so is the server stopping at template1 and not contiuing or ist it the only one?02:44
b0r7i mean.. when my client connects the sesrver is outputting INFO:database:connect to 'template1' and after that in each line the other postgres dbs that ar accessable for the 'tryton' user02:45
motarono it stops at 'template 1' eventhough there is another database.02:51
b0r7ah.. i think 'chown -R tryton:tryton /path/to/tryton' could help02:52
b0r7path to trytond, i mean02:52
b0r7so tryton tries to ask postgres as the 'wrong' user (not tryton) for the dbs and postgres is answering: what? you don't get to see anything you weirdo user you, you're not 'tryton' man (supposed to be funny, its late here) ;=02:55
b0r7in other words how do you start the tryton-server .. and maybe its a user right issue.. your milage with the usernames and settings may vary02:59
motaroI don't know if it applies because I'm running it as a python module03:00
motarobasically is the script the module installs in /usr/bin/trytond03:00
motarowith a normal user as the executer03:01
motarolet me restart maybe it's some stupid library thing03:11
motarono bad choice03:16
motarosame output03:16
b0r7try starting the server as user 'tryton'03:22
b0r7i could reproduce your issue when i started tryton as not 'tryton'03:23
b0r7sorry i keep refering to tryton as trytond03:23
-!- [1]b0r7( has left #tryton03:26
motarono that's not it03:31
motarobut if it connects to template1 it means that the tryton user is working03:32
motaroinside postgres\03:32
b0r7mhm yeah not really03:32
b0r7what i did: (as root) $ trytond03:33
b0r7then i tried to connect and got the same INFO:database:connect to "template1"03:34
b0r7then (as root) $ su tryton; and $ trytond03:34
b0r7and all dbs where listed03:34
b0r7im on debian03:35
b0r7but when you ruled it out, its not it, i guess03:36
motarolisten to this I tried to create a new database directly, and it says that it failed exception: Invalid value for parameter "TimeZone": "AST"03:37
b0r7any hints in /var/log/postgresql/posgresql-VERSIONNUMBER-main.log?03:48
motarogood one is the same error when I try to connect normally03:49
motarob0r7, you are not going to believe this I set the timezone in it's complete name inside the trytond.conf file and now it works.03:55
b0r7the postgres.log should've been brought into account earlier.. i guess, well: learned something today03:59
motaroyes thank you for your help03:59
brenomotaro: heya :) got disconnected, got just one last question: I guess I'd be better off starting this project basing it on Tryton 3.0, right?06:56
sharoonthomascedk: taking your attention to an IRC discussion last year about cumulative taxes:
sharoonthomascedk: has anything changed ?14:07
sharoonthomascedk: if I really wanted to implement this functionality - any tips ?14:16

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