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pobstetaI try this It don't work. An idee for pyson in suffix tree ?12:54
yangoon1pobsteta: not familiar with this, but I think it should be one statement with Or clauses13:05
pokolicedk: ping15:41
cedkpokoli: pong15:42
pokolicedk: I was thinking on applying the write change to copy, and IMHO the main problem is that default can be None15:44
pokolicedk: so using *args makes no sense15:44
pokolicedk: Maybe could we solve it be using a list of records and a list of defaults?15:44
pokoliso, for example: copy([[1,2], [3,4], [{'state': 'open'}, {'state': 'closed'}])15:45
cedkpokoli: don't like it because it will make to have a default per record15:45
cedkpokoli: that's an horrible API15:46
cedkpokoli: by the way, I don't think such change will provide any benefit15:47
cedkpokoli: because copy re-use the create method15:47
pokolicedk: You can group all the create calls in one15:47
pokolicedk: stock_split module: Imagine you want to split a move of quantity 40 into a 40 moves of quantity one, so that will be 40 call to create with same parameters15:50
pokolicedk: maybe adding a new parameter two copy to genereate a number of copies will be useful15:50
cedkpokoli: still horrible API15:53
cedkpokoli: you can still just use create15:54
pokolicedk: but to use create you should call the convert_data method defined on modelstorage.copy15:56
cedkpokoli: you do want you want15:56
pokolicedk: not sure I'm understanding you now15:57
cedkpokoli: I just mean it is not necessary to create an copy API that allow anything because it is just an helper, you can still do what you want with create15:59
pokolicedk: That's is a helper, to create a copy or n copies16:02
pokolicedk: nevermind, I will post a message on the mailing list and follow the discusion there :)16:03

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