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version32Is there a link available for a how-to to upgrade from 2.8 to 3.0 ?16:10
version32Is there a link available for a how-to to upgrade from 2.8 to 3.016:10
Pilouthere is a general wiki page:
zodmanversion32:  downgrade it is not supported automatic.16:20
version32zodman: do I do this on the server?16:28
version32migration is fully supported, but I have no idea where to start (
giedriusversion32: just run: trytond -u all -d <your database name>17:01
rmuhmm. I just noticed that it is not possible to minimize the tryton client if it is maximized. is this just me?18:03
pokolirmu: just done it on linux, no problem for me18:05
rmui'm on linux, kde 4.11, didn't notice this with the 2.4 client18:10
version32using pip to install 3.0. Is there any way to get all modules at once?18:11
martinguzmanI'm trying to compute two quantities of the same product to two different dates.. This is what I'm doing:, but does not seems to work. If I do only one of them it works as it should... How can I do it?20:32
cedkmartinguzman: context is stored on instance so you have to instanciate twice21:04
martinguzmancedk: thanks! That worked for me! :)21:08
version32Is there a way to get standard reports as pdf, without requiring LibreOffice/OpenOffice?22:54
cedkversion32: not without using unoconv22:57
cedkversion32: but you can use any Python library in your custom Report to generate whatever format you want23:01
version32cedk: sounds good.23:01
cedkversion32: but you will have to manage translation yourself23:03
version32cedk: is anyone writing a book about tryton?23:05
version32Is there a minimum dataset when trying to import parties from csv file?23:22
cedkversion32: the fields that are required23:22
maria_hi! can someone helps me? I'd need to know if i can use variables in a relatorio template or breaks a for loop... I'm looking for a sample or a little documentation, I'm trying to use "with" directive but I get errors and I'm not sure that if it is possible to use23:24
cedkmaria_: we decided to only port template action of Genshi in relatorio23:28
cedkmaria_: here are the directives:
maria_ok thanks cedk, I'll see it now!23:31
cedkmaria_: for complex stuffs, it is better to define method on the Report23:32
maria_actually, I think that is a simple task, but I need to define a variable ... and although I try to use with directive, I get errors... but if I don't achieve to use variable I'll try other methods23:36
version32still trying to import parties from csv23:43
maria_sorry for disturb, but, if  i do: "<with="pr='111'><pr></with>" I get errors, but if I put: <$pr> too... and I'm not sure why it could be... :$23:54

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