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laidback_01asking questions on a Sunday... probably pointless.00:08
laidback_01wow, so I'm very confused here.  I just want a app that helps me out with accounting and document managment.  Seems like tryton is a good place to start, but perhaps I'm doing it wrong.00:49
laidback_01is 3.0.2 seriously incompatible with 3.0.1?01:05
pokolilaidback_01: no, version 3.0.2 is compatible with 3.0.107:03
laidback_01pokoli: turns out I was attempting to run version 3.1.0... no matter what I did I couldn't get more than the 3 base modules and country to show up in the modules area.  Maybe someday when I have more time to root around I'll use this again.12:37
pokolilaidback_01: 3.1.0 is not the same as 3.0.1 nor 3.0.212:38
pokolilaidback_01: did you know how tryton version schema works?12:38
laidback_01yeah, no I figured it out once I saw I was attempting to run 3.1.0 instead of 3.0.112:39
sharoonthomasbased on the discussion we had at TUB I am trying to update the nereid translation system to use use tryton's translation system12:40
laidback_01heh, my bad on that - I'd installed mercurial and was trying to just get it to run in general.  had 3.0.1 trytond running with a 3.0.2 client, stil have it really,12:40
sharoonthomassince we don't use any language other than english, I am not really sure how you work with translations12:40
laidback_01so... tell me this, I've installed the parties, currency, country, module, should I see all of them in the "Modules" tab?12:40
sharoonthomasso if any translators are in the room, can someone explain the process of translation used ?12:41
pokolisharoonthomas: have a look at
pokolilaidback_01: first two digits are the tryton series, and the last ones indicates a minor version (bug fixes in series)12:45
sharoonthomaspokoli: read that already, i was wondering how tryton marks strings as translatable12:46
pokolilaidback_01: compatibility is only with same series12:46
pokolilaidback_01: so you're mixin series (3.1 and 3.0), so there is no compatibilty12:46
laidback_01pokoli: Okay, yeah, I figured it out, like I stated above, I'm running 3.0.1 trytond (now), and 3.0.2 tryton-client at desktop.  it's working, it's just that I'm not seeing the modules as I expect to.12:47
pokolisharoonthomas: maybe you need to have a look on translation_import function
pokolisharoonthomas: i supose you need to extend this module to import translations from nereid templates12:49
sharoonthomaspokoli: reading code12:49
pokolisharoonthomas: basically this function takes all the strings you want to translate and import them to the database so they are translatable with the normal workflow12:54
pokolisharoonthomas: if it's usefull for you, we have this done for jasperreports on
sharoonthomaspokoli: thanks13:12
sharoonthomaspokoli: reading the jasper reports code it looks like translation_import function was reimplemented ?13:15
sharoonthomaspokoli: i am comparing the file from tryton repo and jasper report (link you sent me) and I can't find any difference in the code13:18
pokolisharoonthomas: there is one diference. We have a custom type (jasper_reports) that doesn't exist on the original code13:27
pokolisharoonthomas: We have a pending work to refactor base code allow to add custom translations types, don't know if you also need a custom type13:28
sharoonthomaspokoli: i think so too13:28
pokolisharoonthomas: it's not a hard work :)13:29
sharoonthomaspokoli: where/when does translation_import get called ? module installation ?13:29
pokolisharoonthomas: I'm not sure about it :S13:30
pokolisharoonthomas: but we import the translations on the set translations wizard13:30
sharoonthomaspokoli: thanks13:31
cedksharoonthomas: about, the name is wrong14:47
cedksharoonthomas: it should be "Tryton Foundation"14:48
sharoonthomascedk: fixed:
sharoonthomascedk: you could have done it through the admin too14:49
pokolisharoonthomas: Could you please mention me on the (still to come) PR of nereid translations? Will try to review it ;)15:33
sharoonthomaspokoli: sure (if i do it)15:33
sharoonthomaspokoli: it looks far more complicated than i thought15:33
sharoonthomaspokoli: and hardly any comments on the code15:34
pokolisharoonthomas: whats the dificult part? Extracting translations or importing it to tryton?15:34
sharoonthomaspokoli: for extraction we already use babel and it generates PO files.15:35
sharoonthomaspokoli: so extraction of strings is not a major challenge15:35
sharoonthomaspokoli: putting them into tryton, getting them back and I don't think I am familiar with the translation system itself15:35
pokolisharoonthomas: don't know how babel translations work, but I think you need a wrapper to extract it from tryton15:39
pokolisharoonthomas: not an easy task15:42
pokolisharoonthomas: let me have some time to review it and will try to provide some feedback (but i don't know when)15:42
sharoonthomaspokoli: thanks15:42
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