IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2014-01-04 #tryton log beginning Sat Jan 4 00:00:01 CET 2014
hiaselhanshi i found a little mistake with unoconv...17:53
hiaselhansthe file stream was not closed17:53
hiaselhansi made a patch should i send the one single line? :)17:54
Pilouhiaselhans: you should create a bug report and a codereview (See
hiaselhansok, like this?:
Pilouhiaselhans: you should create a codereview (here, add a reference to the codereview in a comment of When the review is validated by cedk, you will be able to a patch to this issue.18:31
Pilou(as here
hiaselhansok, here it is..
hiaselhansbut i have a question:19:20
hiaselhansi want to make different headers, and i dont understand cedk's response from bugtracker (maybe i was too fast with bug-reporting)19:21
hiaselhanseven if i use the original sale.odt and header_A4.odt and i create a new report, i get an error 50019:22
hiaselhansif i dont use the header it works, but the fields are not translated...19:23
yangoonhiaselhans: you should give an example on the bugtracker, what you are exactly doing with which error and if your patch solves the problem19:24
Pilouhiaselhans: about the cedk comment, check the doc
cedkhiaselhans: did you use the CompanyReport instead of Report?19:27
cedkhiaselhans: by the way, header report will be removed soon:
hiaselhanssorry, i was confused after playing around with the code because i had to switch to file-converting due to:
hiaselhansexcuse this stupid question, but how to make a company report?19:41

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