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vezjakvhi, when using neso 3.0 on each new launch it offers create database, even though I created db in previous session.12:30
vezjakvdid anybody encounter that?12:31
vezjakvI've used neso 3.0 downloaded from tryton.org12:32
cedkvezjakv: did the db exists in ~/.neso/3.0/ ?12:35
vezjakvcedk: yes, e.g. 'demo.sqlite' is there12:38
vezjakvcedk: after i've create db, newly created db is listed, but after I close neso and run it again, only 'create database' button12:40
vezjakvcedk: tried on 2 different w7 machines12:41
b0r7hello. is it possible to have report.odt templates for e.g. different "states"? as far as i understand the report must be used for a model and cannot be "registered" for a "field" ? maybe one should write a Child.Model or something to achieve this, or so15:34
b0r7the goal would be to make the theming of reports a bit easier and reliable (formwise, as in: this column is here and is exactly at 300px etc..  but only for invoice-draft, else the column is at another place)15:36
b0r7ah. maybe better approach (no module coding): one could theme each state.. and put them together in the final report.xml using genshi-ifs to seperate the different layouts.. i think so it is intended..15:44
b0r7ups.. final report.odt, i mean15:44
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cedkb0r7: make a big if/else16:05
b0r7cedk: yes, thank you16:08
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zodmancedk django can be used with tryton lookthis
cedkzodman: yes but it is like dropping half of django19:07
cedkzodman: by the way, someone wrote about it:
val_eriegreetings to all21:34
val_erieis there any web infrastructure integrated with tryton (e.g. perhaps some django, or django-cms integration with tryton ? or are there any plans for that ?21:36
b0r7val_erie: ?21:37
b0r7val_erie: nearly same question was discussed yesterday: maybe it is of help..21:40
val_erieb0r7, interesting, thanks, so they use Werkzeug - but it seem that tryton itself is a webframework (at least from what I read on your link)21:41
b0r7mhm no, it states: nereid - tryton as a web framework extends tryton21:43
val_erieYes. I am trying to understand what they mean by "We realised that we had nearly replicated modules in Django to achieve the same."21:45
b0r7yeah. i havent played with nereid myself.. but openlaps runs a demostore that is looking good: (project) (demo)21:48
val_erieb0r7, yes, I was looking exactly at those links - I think their demo is offline21:49
val_erieI would be very interested to see how they  did the django type overlay on top of tryton21:51

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