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zodmanping cedk17:08
zodmannever mind17:08
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maria_Can someone helps me with nereid? When I try to login and the user and password is correct, I have the next error: login_event_handler() takes no arguments (1 given)... (File "..trytond/modules/nereid/", line 258, in login")17:39
pokolimaria_: which version?17:39
pokolimaria_: can you post the full traceback?17:40
maria_Nereid version:
maria_Blinker version: 1.3, I think17:41
maria_how can i post the full traceback?17:42
pokolimaria_: use pastebin to copy the full error17:47
pokolimaria_: did you have debug mode enabled?17:47
maria_and yes17:50
pokolimaria_: sorry I can help you :(17:50
maria_don't worry and thanks!17:51
maria_I have more questions :$17:51
pokolimaria_: maybe you should report it as an issue on
pokolimaria_: so write it down and we will try to help you :)17:52
maria_timeout of nereid... how works? If I comment this line (login.send) it works ok, but I'm not sure if exists timeout... and, how can I do app nereid like a service? I'd like to find an example of this :$17:53
cedkmaria_: otherwise if you are familiar with Flask, you can try:
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pokolicedk: waiting for celery_tryton to be uploaded on pypi17:57
cedkpokoli: did you tested?17:58
pokolicedk: integrated with babi yesterday18:06
pokolicedk: working perfectly :P18:06
cedkpokoli: great18:09
cedkpokoli: I think I will release this W-E18:09
pokolicedk: great18:17
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jvblascodo we have an integration module with celery?18:31
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cedkjvblasco: have you some usecase for Celery?18:39
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jvblascoi just did a magento killer19:13
jvblascoa little web application with flask19:13
jvblascofor benchmarking magento apps with siege19:13
jvblascoi use celery as a test queue to not kill the server if we have a traffic peak19:14
jvblascoi know celery is overkill for that19:14
jvblascobut i'm not sure how that will scale19:14
jvblascobtw, i see some uses for the future19:14
jvblascoreally cool to have that19:15
cedkjvblasco: so you can also use:
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jvblascocedk: i used SQLAlchemy, just wanted to try it, but yeah the future says that flask in any flavor: nereid or flask-tryton20:22
jvblascosee u tomorrow guys20:22
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