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jvblascomorning everyone09:23
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corroIs anyone experienced in stock management in Tryton? What's the intended strategy for assigning goods to outgoing shipments once they are purchased?09:55
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jvblascocan anyone point me some code making use of function fields? Not the field definition, the usage of the field.13:47
jvblascoi'm trying to understand how do function fields exactly work, they seem powerfull but i cannot figure out how to use them just from the API documentation.13:48
meanmiciojvblasco : check the patient age in GNU Health13:49
jvblascomeanmicio: where i find the code? i mean, do u have any public repo i can check?13:54
jvblascowhere can i*13:54
jeancavallojvblasco: Have a look here :
meanmiciojvblasco : or the mercurial repo
jeancavallojvblasco: Function fields are useful to display / search calculated data based on the stored columns of the model13:56
jeancavallojvblasco: To use them in your code, they are supposed to behave as normal fields, except for the fact that they cannot be set (unless you define the setter function)13:56
jvblascojeancavallo: but can i use them like normal fields. eg: Party.my_function_field?13:57
jeancavallojvblasco: yes13:57
jvblascojeancavallo: and display them in views without problems?13:57
jeancavallojvblasco: A few limitations : no setting (unless explicitely allowed in the field definition), not calculated while the record is not saved13:57
jeancavallojvblasco: As I said, if you display the view on an already existing record, no problem13:59
jeancavallojvblasco: If you want your function field to be calculated even though the record is not yet saved, the best approach is to use an on_change_with on your field, and use it as the getter of the function field.14:00
jvblascojeancavallo: ic14:00
jvblascojeancavallo: and do i need to implement the getter to be able to use it like a normal field?14:01
jeancavallojvblasco: Function fields are very powerful, but there are some tricks to know :)14:01
jeancavallojvblasco: Well, if you don't tryton will have no way to know what is the value of your field14:01
jeancavallojvblasco: And I think the getter is mandatory ;)14:02
jeancavallojvblasco: The setter / searcher are not though14:02
jvblascojeancavallo: i will need to experiment with that14:02
jeancavallojvblasco: Good luck14:03
jvblascojeancavallo: it REALLY looks powerfull14:03
jeancavallojvblasco: The link I sent you is some of the best use you can have14:03
jeancavallojvblasco: The getter is a classmethod (it can be an instance method as well), so the computation is done at the database level for lists of records14:03
jeancavallojvblasco: It is a little complex though.14:04
jeancavallojvblasco: Another example is "rec_name". When you override get_rec_name, you override the getter of the function field "rec_name" (sort of)14:05
jvblascojeancavallo: i already realized about complexity14:05
jvblascojeancavallo: so, to check my understanding, in the link with the def get_receivable_payable(cls, parties, names): i guess parties are party instances, and names are the name of the fields u want to use?14:06
jvblascojeancavallo: i don't really understand the method signature14:06
jeancavallojvblasco: That's it14:08
jeancavallojvblasco: You can use the same method as a getter for multiple fields (hence the "name" parameter14:08
jvblascojeancavallo: i will try to implement one for a use case i have around the code, i hope to be able to with that explanation14:10
jvblascojeancavallo: i think i understand them a little better now ;)14:10
jvblascojeancavallo: thnx so much for all the help14:10
jeancavallojvblasco: np14:13
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jvblascojeancavallo: u said that usually function fields are implemented as classmethods, but that sometimes can be implemented as instance methods, how do i know which one is the best way for a precise impelmentation?15:57
jeancavallojvblasco: It is the opposite15:58
jeancavallojvblasco: Usually they are implemented as instance method15:58
jvblascojeancavallo: i c, and how do i know when a classmethod is more convenient?15:59
jeancavallojvblasco: The use of classmethod is for when the computation is rather db intensive (aggregates...), so it is more efficient to to it by groups15:59
jvblascojeancavallo: i c, 1000 thnx ;)15:59
jeancavallojvblasco: The example I sent earlier is db intensive, so it is a classmethod16:00
jeancavallojvblasco: Bottom line is : classmethod when you have performance issues can help16:00
jvblascojeancavallo: ok, not my case right now, i hope ;)16:01
corrojvblasco: also getter instance methods can often also be used as on_change method at the same time. this can be an advantage (less duplication).16:01
jvblascocorro, jeancavallo: that could be usefull for realtime view value rendering, as jean was sugesting b4?16:02
jeancavallojvblasco: yeah16:02
jvblascojeancavallo, corro: i c16:03
jeancavallojvblasco: my_field = fields.Function(fields.Char('Party Name', on_change_with=['party']), 'on_change_with_my_field')16:03
jeancavallojvblasco: Just do not forget to add a name=None parameter in the on_change_with_my_field definition so it is both callable as a on_change_with and as a function field getter16:03
jvblascojeancavallo: i c16:04
jvblascobtw the getter signature is getter(self, models, names), in case of instance methods what will i receive to models when i try to use the fields as a regular field?16:05
jvblascoand do i receive instances, or just the class?16:05
jvblascosry about this but those fields, as powerfull as they are, they are rather complex too16:05
jvblascoin the example i see it receives parties, but i can't figure out how those parties list is generated16:07
jeancavallojvblasco: It is automatic. You should never have to call the getter manually16:09
jeancavallojvblasco: and the signature for instance methods is : def my_getter(self, name) where name will be the field calling the getter16:10
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jvblascoso no models in the call?16:13
jvblascoi guess it's because the example b4 is a classmethod and not an instance one16:16
jvblascocould it be?16:16
jeancavallojvblasco: If you mean the party.receivable / payable, yes16:16
jvblascoand what do i need to return in the getter function? i mean the structure. In my case i'm making a Function field for a boolean field16:34
jvblascocedk: but i don't know from those docs the structure of the value i need to return16:36
jvblascocedk: if i return a boolean and exception is rised16:36
jvblascocedk: TypeError: 'bool' object has no attribute '__getitem__'16:37
jeancavallojvblasco: What is the exception ? You should return the type corresponding to the main field (integers for M2O !)16:37
cedkjvblasco: the doc is pretty clear about the return16:37
jeancavallojvblasco: It means you are using a classmethod, so it's expected to return a dict matching ids and values16:38
cedkjvblasco: but of course it is abvious that the value is the value16:38
jvblascocedk, jeancavallo: so in a definition: fields.Function(fields.Boolean('Blackout') the getter i guess must return a boolean, doesn't it?16:40
jvblascoi'm implementing the getter as an instance method with def get_blackout(self, names): signature16:42
cedkjvblasco: names -> name16:42
jvblascojeancavallo, cedk: that was the issue, thnx so much both of you for the help16:45
jvblascocedk: btw, u were right, in the documentation is clear the return value16:53
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jvblascoi'm trying to figure out what tuples does the searcher need to return, but i cannot seem to18:59
jvblascoi created a model Website with a m2o relation to a party, the party has a o2m relation to the website model19:00
jvblascothe website model has a blackout boolean field19:00
jvblascothe party has a Function field that checks if any of his websites is in blackout19:00
jvblascoif any one of those is, then the field sets to True19:01
jvblascoif not to false19:01
jvblascobut i want to search if a party has a blackout19:01
jvblascousing the function field, what means a searcher needs to be implemented19:01
jvblascobut i can't figure out the list of tuples the searcher needs to return19:02
jvblascofor example:[('blackout', '=', True)])19:03
jvblascowhat will the tupple the searcher returns contain?19:03
jvblasco[('', '=',]?19:05
jvblascofor parties that have a web with blackout = True?19:05
jvblascoi don't really get what is done with that list of tuples, or what it is for19:05
jvblascosry for the text wall19:07
jvblascobut i don't understand what does the domain it returns contain19:09
cedkjvblasco: read the domain doc19:10
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chitrankHello Tryton developers20:28
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