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blz37how different is tryton from openerp11:23
blz37I am choosing between the two.11:23
blz37cedk reading that. thnx.11:27
blz37free to use, modify, and sell services and software as long as source code is also provided ?11:28
pokoliblz37: also
cedkblz37: GPL-3 license11:29
jvblascoblz37: It's also easier to code with it11:33
jvblascoblz37: in openERP u have lots of things he doesn't like and are awkward imho11:33
jvblascoblz37: being workflows one of those11:34
blz37currently I can't install tryton on debian.11:52
blz37compiling source code would be better ?11:52
cedkblz37: see
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grasbauerI don't get a general view of the workflow for following use case: if I copy a invoice there is no link to the sale anymore. Can someone give me a hint how to keep a link to the sale? Could manipulating this in the copy method of invoices results in an issue?12:52
cedkgrasbauer: origin of line is reset in copy12:55
udonograsbauer: you can have the issue that there are two or more invoices linked to the same sale.12:55
cedkgrasbauer: but keeping the origin will not result of link to sale12:55
cedkgrasbauer: indeed the links between sale and invoice should be reworked to only work with the origin field:
grasbauerudono: having more than one invoices linked to the sale seems not a problem for me (in my use case - like a customer wanna buy the same again)12:59
udonograsbauer: so why not duplicate the sale and generate a new invoice?13:00
grasbauercedk: I had the issue - indeed the many2many should be removed13:00
cedkgrasbauer: the issue is there, feel free…13:03
grasbauerudono: because I need to explain this to a user who only copy a invoice for invoicing the same again. This is the frontend view. But I need to resend informations stored in the sale to a external service. This ist the backend view. I don't wanna copy all this informations to invoice to not have a lot of redundant data.13:04
cedkgrasbauer: it sounds strange13:06
cedkgrasbauer: also link it to sale will mean that it is part of only one sale and the sale will try to enforce the quantities etc.13:07
cedkgrasbauer: it could also trigger the creation of shipments13:07
cedkfor me, the udono workflow seems much better13:07
cedkor you don't do sale at all13:07
grasbauercedk: thats right - I didn't think about that.13:08
grasbauercedk, udono: so my first thinking was wrong - little bit confused because tomorrow I have my first audit for "Tryton Automotive" ;)13:09
udonograsbauer: Break a leg!13:09
grasbauerudono: so the best result would be to raise a user_warning that copy an invoice breaks all workflows13:11
udonograsbauer: I don't think so. I think solving issue3623 would be better.13:12
grasbauerudono: yep - but not now and not tomorrow. If the audit results in a go!, tomorrow I will take my first 20 beers and an eisbein after 4 weeks of abstinence ;)13:18
cedkI don't think copying invoice breaks the workflow13:37
cedkit is just like creating a new invoice13:37
nicoegrasbauer: bon appétit!13:44
grasbauercedk: yes - but the user should know, that he cannot expect automated stock move etc.13:44
grasbauernicoe: thanks ...13:45
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maria___hi everybody!!15:12
maria___is possible that I have an error when I try to write many2many fields? With the last updates... Is when I try to change taxes in sales or invoices, and, if I try to remove anything, I get an error that says something related with "unlink" action15:14
cedkmaria___: if you see it, it is possible :-)15:17
maria___but, how could I fix it?15:18
cedkmaria___: what is the error message?15:19
maria___for example, this one:
maria___and now, I try to get other and paste it!15:22
cedkmaria___: you seem to mix different series of tryton15:25
maria___I update all this morning...15:27
maria___how can I remove this updates? With hg --rollback? ...15:27
grasbauermaria___: named branch - you need to specify -b 3.0 or similar15:29
maria___I'm sorry grasbauer but I don't understand15:30
grasbauermaria___: you did  hg clone ? This redirects to the trunk - so now you need tu hg clone -b VERSIONYOUWANT15:33
grasbaueram I right?15:33
pokoligrasbauer: yes you are :)15:36
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cedkthe -b option make fetch only this branch but if you pull again without -b it will fetch all other branches15:39
maria___so... -b 3.0.3 it should be correct?15:42
cedkmaria___: no 3.0.3 is a tag not a branch15:43
grasbauermaria___: -b 3.015:43
cedkmaria___: and -b doesn't work for update, you must just use: hg up 3.015:44
cedkmaria___: to see branches: hg branches15:50
maria___I see branches and 3217 in trytond15:56
cedkmaria___: number doesn't help, they are different on everyone computers15:59
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hiaselhanshi there17:03
hiaselhansis there a sample action to add to the dashboard?17:03
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buxyI want to add a new report that should show up in the Reports menu of "Accounting moves", I tried this:
buxyit doesn't seem to be enough21:16
buxyWhat am I missing?21:17
buxyDo we always need an associated python object?21:20
grasbauerthe keyword to connect it to a view:21:20
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buxygrasbauer: thanks for the hint but I'm looking at the account.invoice report and it has no associated keyword, yet it appears in that menu21:34
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grasbauerin invoice you have to serach 'print'21:34
grasbauerinvoice.xml line 388 in 3.021:36
grasbauerform_print if you wann execute it from the tree or form21:37
grasbauerin the calendar view i can see the description in the month view where is less space - but in the week view the description is shown only on mouseover: is this a feature or a bug?21:58
buxygrasbauer: thanks, going forward thanks to your help!22:01
grasbauerbuxy: de nada. you can also launch a report from a menu entry - look at general ledger as example22:03
buxybah, now, getting "ERROR:tryton.common.common:None \n<ProtocolError for …: 500 Internal Server Error>" when I try to generate the report, and nothing more :(22:22
buxymy patch is just this + the addition of move.odt22:25
grasbauerthis often happens if ther is an unicode error or somethink like that in the report22:26
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