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rwmany example of a searcher function on  many2one function field05:59
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eewaHi All.09:30
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eewaI've had search around the Net to find out if Tryton supports Multiple Organisation Model.10:04
eewaIs this supported...?10:04
cedkeewa: what is that?10:06
eewacedk: I've had search around the Net to find out if Tryton supports Multiple Organisation Model.10:07
cedkeewa: and what is "Multiple Organisation Model"?10:10
eewacedk: Host more then a single Organisation on a single server installation.10:11
cedkeewa: there is the "multi-company" that can be used10:12
cedkeewa: but you should have a very high needs to use this because it is harder to configure10:12
eewacedk: OK. Does this mean that we could host Tryton ERP as a Cloud service for our customers instead of single server installs for each customer?10:13
eewacedk: Our requirement is to try and consolidate our services by moving away from single/VM server solutions to a Cloud based solution.10:14
eewacedk: I just want to make 100% sure that the multi-company concept is in fact multiple organisation, and it will also support more then a single set of accounting books within that company...?10:15
cedkeewa: first, it is "Tryton" not "Tryton ERP" :-)10:15
eewacedk: Oops... My apologies.. Sorry for that ;-)10:16
cedkeewa: I don't understand the cloud stuff? What does it have to do with multi-company?10:16
eewacedk: Standard single server installation is owned by an Entity "Organisation". An Organisation can also have more then a single set of accounting books.10:17
cedkeewa: how can a company has many accounting?10:18
eewacedk: When the holding organisation owns more then a single business.10:18
cedkeewa: so it is many companies10:19
eewaEach business has it's own set of accounts, business processes, etc...10:19
eewacedk: Yes. It is many companies.10:19
cedkeewa: if each business/company is different then you should not do multi-company10:19
cedkmulti-company is when they share the same way of working10:19
eewacedk: This is exactly why I want to make sure we are not he same page regarding this topic.10:20
eewacedk: What do you suggest?10:20
cedkeewa: I don't know your companies so I can not suggest10:21
eewacedk: I understand.10:21
eewacedk: The tie breaker here is Tryton vs. iDempiere.10:22
cedkeewa: the easy choosing way is: do you need different modules for each companies if yes then don't go with multi-company10:23
eewacedk: This link will make you understand better the requirement.
eewacedk: We currently have support couple Organisations "Entities" with mixture of single (physical on-site) as well as hosted VMs.10:26
eewacedk: Each with a single instance installed for that specific Entity.10:27
cedkeewa: can not read video10:27
eewacedk: hmm...10:27
eewacedk: OK. I'll try and explain.10:27
eewacedk: We currently have support couple Organisations "Entities" with mixture of single (physical on-site) as well as hosted VMs.10:28
eewacedk: Each with a single instance installed for that specific Entity.10:28
cedkeewa: still don't understand why you are talking about VM10:28
eewacedk: Virtual Machine hosted in our Virtual Cluster with Public IP.10:28
cedkeewa: I don't understand because you are mixin installation architecture with business consideration10:29
eewacedk: Let me explain...10:29
cedkeewa: ok but please don't speak about VM10:29
eewacedk: Will you please care to explain why not VM? From our point of view that is a single (although Virtually hosted) installed instance of Tryton.10:30
cedkeewa: what are the companies, how are they linked, what did they share, what did they not share…10:31
cedkeewa: I don't care about your installation infrastructure10:31
eewacedk: OK. I understand better.10:31
eewacedk: Companies are in NO means linked to each other. We support them.10:32
eewacedk: Each Company/Organisation is treated separately from each other.10:32
cedkeewa: so don't use at all mutli-company10:32
corroeewa: sounds to me like you want seperate databases for each customer and multiple application servers for request handling, a typical cloud infrastructure AFAIK10:32
cedkeewa: one instance/database per company10:32
cedkcorro: nothing to do with cloud10:32
corrocedk: nobody knows what it is anyway, so I may just as well make up my own definition ;)10:33
cedkeewa: you can use one instance of trytond to connect to many database but if you expect to have a lot of concurent user better to get one instance of trytond per database10:33
eewacedk: Cloud Infrastructure/Architecture ... Yes.10:34
cedkcorro: so better to never talk about10:34
eewacedk: With iDempiere we don't need separate DB or instances..?10:34
cedkeewa: avoid any VM, database often perform badly on them10:34
corrocedk: true10:34
cedkeewa: when I speak about DB I mean the DB of "CREATE DATABASE" but they can be in the same postgresql instance10:35
eewacedk: We will not use VM for DB. DB will be run on bare metal.10:35
eewacedk: Ah... My apologies for defining DB as separate DB instance... ;-)10:36
eewacedk: OK... So the bottom line is Tryton is Multi-Organisation Capable... With a tweak or 10 to make it happen..?10:38
cedkeewa: don't understand10:38
eewacedk: Not by initial design... But by own creativity and a bit of coding.10:38
cedkeewa: nothing to code to run many trytond instance and create many database10:39
eewacedk: You explained that with Trytond we can connect each Organisation to a separate DB.10:39
eewacedk: Nothing to code..? What about " multiple application servers for request handling "10:40
cedkeewa: it is each organisation has his own DB10:40
cedkeewa: run on many ports10:41
eewacedk: Hmm... This design could get very messy over time.10:41
cedkeewa: but you can put a reverse-proxy for dispatching10:41
eewacedk: Not very scalable..10:41
cedkeewa: or you can run many trytond, use a reverse-proxy for load balancing and each user select the database to use10:42
cedkeewa: only constraint is torun the same code on each trytond instance10:42
eewacedk: I understand please "each user select the database to use", but please explain "torun the same code on each trytond instance"10:44
jeancavalloeewa: All servers must run exactly the same version of the code10:45
eewacedk: I think I understand reverse-proxy for load balancing but not sure if I understand the how...? Do you have any reference I could go and have a look at..?10:45
cedkeewa: no, I don't10:45
eewajeancavallo: Thank you for clearing... Makes sense.10:46
cedkeewa: but any doc about reverse-proxy will do the job as trytond use HTTP(S)10:46
eewacedk: Thanks... I'll search for that.10:46
eewacedk: Idea is to have single landing/login page and from there redirect..?10:47
cedkeewa: use profiles on the client login10:49
eewacedk: OK. I understand. Think I might have already found "How to / explanation"10:50
eewacedk: Thank you very much for your time.10:51
eewacedk: Appreciate it.10:51
eewacedk: Oh... And your patients.. ;-)10:51
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cedkpokoli: if you want your client actions be in 3.2, you should finish today because I'm going to close the repositories11:08
pokolicedk: :( sao is already frozen?11:09
cedkpokoli: no11:12
cedkpokoli: but need patches for all to be pushed11:13
pokolicedk: I would like to have it for 3.2, but I'm not sure I can finish the sao patch today (will try)11:14
pokolicedk: We can not make and exception for the sao patch?11:14
cedkpokoli: I don't like to make exceptions11:15
cedkthe rule is exactly for this case11:16
pokolicedk: I don't like too, when you will close the repos? at midnight?11:16
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cedkpokoli: tonight11:18
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rwmNeed help on searcher function with many2one function field12:16
rwmdebugger is stopping at this line on prompt: if is_leaf(domain):12:17
cedkrwm: just show your searcher code (no copy paste in chat)12:20
rwmso who do I show?12:21
cedkrwm: use bin paster12:22
rwmis that a plugin?12:26
rwmsorry I learning12:26
pokolirwm:, just paste your code there, submit it and put the URL in the chat12:27
cedkrwm: it can not work because the domain returned ask to search on team which is the Function field12:38
rwmso I need to rethink the design \12:39
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cedkrwm: yep, the searcher for such design will be very difficult12:43
cedkrwm: because you are using the last transfer12:43
cedkrwm: also doing search in the getter instancemethod has poor performence12:44
rwmI was thinking making last_transfer a new field?12:44
rwmor better a many2one field directly to team12:45
cedkrwm: probably12:46
rwmthank you12:46
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grasbauercedk: ping16:40
cedkgrasbauer: pong16:43
grasbauercedk: what is the actual statement abot installing trytond on windows? because i found an issue which pulled out the rest of my four hairs ...16:45
cedkgrasbauer: not recommended but should work16:45
grasbauercedk: there is a problem which seems hard to debug: if you running the server in cmd everything works nice - but if you install a service for running trytond it fails, because module pwd is not found. pwd is used in for getting the default user for email_from16:51
grasbauercedk: it was very hard to debug windows services - so I have no idea if it is a general problem16:52
grasbauercedk: I was getting crazy because every try I give was working fine in cmd. win32serviceutil, bat-Files - everything works like a charme until you will start it as a service16:56
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jeancavallograsbauer: Did you look here :
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cedkgrasbauer: could report a bug17:18
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grasbauerjeancavallo: yes - but the problem is that the service wont't start - without a message, because you are on windows (error = 1 or something like that)17:19
grasbauercedk: I will do - but description is vage17:20
cedkgrasbauer: probably email_from should be more robust for weird cases17:22
grasbauercedk: I'll try to provide a patch ... but the problem is to debug it - I don't know how to debug services in windows (and I don't wanna learn it ;)17:24
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jeancavallograsbauer: Found this one :
grasbauerjeancavallo: I'm still testing - but everything works fine except getting the user. Can't test at the moment more in deep, because running a big import at the windows box ....17:40
cedkgrasbauer: I doubt you could skip learning windows if you manage a server on windows17:44
hiaselhanshi there,17:49
grasbauercedk: My knowledge of the early 90th must be sufficient - Im to old for wasting space in a daily smaller brain to store information about a dying system17:49
hiaselhanshow can i update field states without redefining the field?17:50
hiaselhansi imported a class (Sale) and set the old_sale.field.states = ...17:51
hiaselhansmaybe i made the pyson wrong, but after commenting everything out, it is still the same, no change at all...17:52
hiaselhansreadonly in every 'state'17:55
grasbauerhiaselhans: it could be set as property - so you must possibly set field.readonly = True/False17:56
grasbauerhiaselhans: and you need to do it in the __setup__ of the class18:01
hiaselhansthanks for the hint18:10
hiaselhansbut it didnt yet work out...18:10
grasbauerhiaselhans: you wrote that you imported ... what you mean with imported?18:11
hiaselhansthanks for your help:18:12
hiaselhansi did18:12
hiaselhansfrom import Sale as Sale_old18:12 = {readonly: Eval('state') != 'draft',}18:13
grasbauerhiaselhans: that's not the way to extend modules in tryton18:13
hiaselhansyep i see18:13
hiaselhansi did understand the use of __meta__18:13
hiaselhansbut not how to apply on fields18:14
grasbauerhiaselhans: this is a example of a extended model - in the __setup__ of invoice you could change the fields with cls.fieldname, because the extension ist loaded after the extended module18:16
hiaselhansthanks for that18:20
hiaselhansstill strange.. :)18:21
hiaselhansnow i do redundant readonly, and still no change...18:22
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hiaselhansi set = False and cls.states={'readonly': In(Eval('state'), ['draft',...]}18:23 ...18:24
grasbauerhiaselhans: is the module loaded?  see __all__ and register as models in __init__.py18:32
hiaselhansyep, i ran into this quite some times already :)18:34
pokolicedk: ping18:42
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hiaselhansok, thanks grasbauer, got it running.18:47
hiaselhansstill having screwed the field once, updating the module wont help :)18:47
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cedkpokoli: ok, you can push the tryton and trytond patch if you promise to finish the sao patch19:21
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pokolicedk: like a jQuery promise?19:37
pokolicedk: I'm trying to understand how to do it without another defferred19:38
pokolicedk: basically I don't understand :(19:44
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cedkpokoli: so will you commit or not?23:11
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pokolicedk: yes, i will commit now23:26
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