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mduponthi all14:43
mduponti had started to port the backend of openerp to django, am thinking to apply this to tryton14:44
Piloumdupont: you should post on tryton-contrib mailing list when some code will be available :)14:47
mdupontihave some code already14:50
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mdupont actually, I was removing the database totally to begin with14:52
cedkmdupont: what's the point?14:57
mdupontthe point of removing the database?14:58
mdupontwell first you remove the low level ties to pg14:58
mdupontreplace it with an api14:58
mdupontand then you can implement it with another generic driver,14:58
cedkmdupont: Tryton is already DB agnostic14:59
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mdupontyes? great. I was just going by the main page : and using PostgreSQL as database engine.15:02
mduponti dont know anything about tryton, just worked a bit on openerp15:02
cedkmdupont: yes PG is the best15:03
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Pilousee :, and are interfaces, implementations are in the subdirectories15:05
mdupontgreat news15:06
pokolimdupont: did you read the django wiki page on ??15:09
mdupontno not yet15:10
pokolimdupont: I'm wondering what's the objective of what you're trying to do15:11
mdupontpokoli, i was just asking if people were interested in that15:12
mdupontbut it seems that the db abstraction is done so that is good news15:13
pokolimdupont: what do you understand by that?15:13
mdupontwell if i can use a different database with tryton15:13
mdupontlike mysql or sqllite that would be a first goal,15:14
mdupontone thing that i wanted to change in openerp was to abstract the db from the system15:14
pokolimdupont: already done on tryton, so what's next with django?15:15
mdupontwell the original idea was to use djangos db abstraction15:15
mdupontso that you have a django app created using your module15:16
mdupontso you can keep your openerp model and in the back end it uses django15:16
mdupontthat was my first idea15:16
pokolimdupont: do yo need a web interface?15:17
mdupontwell, this was just an idea.15:17
mdupontright now i am evaluating gnuhealth15:17
mduponti heard the talk on flossweekly15:17
cedkmdupont: Tryton works with MySQL but it includes all the bugs of MySQL15:18
mdupontwell i have an existing app in cakephp15:18
mdupontfor a customer15:18
cedkit works also with SQLite but mainly for testing because SQLite lakes important features15:19
mdupontand i want to evaluate the cost of porting that into gnuhealth15:19
mdupontsure, of course15:19
mdupontsqlite is limited, used mostly for dev testing15:19
mdupontok thanks for your help. now will try and install gnuhealth on my laptop ....15:20
pokolimdupont: what's your cakephp app functionality?15:20
mdupontit is a proprietory app15:20
mduponta health care app15:20
mdupontand the company is looking for a new platform15:20
mdupontalso want desktop functionality15:21
pokolimdupont: so ho ahead with gnuhealt15:21
mdupontok thanks15:22
mduponthere is the link :15:23
mdupontFLOSS Weekly 288: GNU Health - FLOSS Weekly (MP3)
pokolimdupont: thanks for sharing, listening to it :)15:30
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schnitzel123so I tried to understand what the on_change_<field> functions do...16:38
schnitzel123and on , it says that you have to explicititely set a value on the field for the function to be called16:39
schnitzel123so I looked on, but I can't find where this is parameter is set16:39
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corroschnitzel123: you must set the on_change attribute to a list of dependent fields (as strings) for the corresponding on_change_<field_name> method to be called16:46
schnitzel123so it's done by the @fields.depends(...) decorator?16:47
corroschnitzel123: I don't know about the newer versions yet, I'm still working with 2.816:47
schnitzel123corro: ok... thanks anyhow!16:48
corroschnitzel123: the decorator function seems to be part of the upcoming 3.2 release. If you're working with 3.0 you probably have to use the old style I described.16:50
schnitzel123corro: I'm working with 3.1...16:51
corroschnitzel123: then I guess you must define a method called on_change_<field_name> and decorate it with @fields.depends(...) just like it's done in the sale module you mentioned16:53
schnitzel123corro: so generally, on_change_with will be unnecessary in future? since i can set the dependencies with a decorator16:53
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corroschnitzel123: no, on_change_with is a different functionality16:55
schnitzel123corro: i simply don't get it... if i set on_change_quanitity, it will get called when i change the quantity... so what do i set with @fields.depends? the values that are expected to be changed with the dictionary that gets returned?16:58
corroschnitzel123: no, the fields you rely on during the computation of the new values16:59
schnitzel123corro: but then where do i set when on_change_with_<field> will be called?17:01
schnitzel123because @fields.depends just sets the fields i rely during the computation?17:02
schnitzel123or are these two things the same in this case?17:02
corroschnitzel123: for on_change_with the interpretation of @fields.depends is "call me if one of these fields changes"17:04
schnitzel123ok... I think I got it, thank you very much! and sorry for not getting it earlier17:05
corroschnitzel123: you're welcome. Once you get your head around it actually makes sense :)17:06
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hiaselhanshi there18:19
hiaselhansis it possible that inheritance does not work for example in 'stock.shipment.out'?18:20
hiaselhansit is fine for every normal model18:21
hiaselhansbut not on this one :)18:21
jvblascohiaselhans: have u laoded the class in the file?18:34
hiaselhansyep its registered in the pool18:35
hiaselhansbut i cant access its cls.write function18:36
hiaselhansand if i print dir(cls)18:36
hiaselhansit only shows functions and fields defined in the current module18:36
schnitzel123So I ran into another problem:18:40
schnitzel123ERROR: UPDATE cannot be executed in a read-only-transaction18:40
cedkhiaselhans: you did not use PoolMeta as metaclass18:41
hiaselhansi did __metaclass__ = PoolMeta18:42
hiaselhansit is a module with some other classes where inheritance works perfectly18:42
cedkhiaselhans: or you did not have stock module installed18:43
hiaselhanscedk: thanks for helping, but stock module is installed. i forgot it in module depends first but its in there now..18:45
cedkhiaselhans: wrong __name__ ?18:52
hiaselhansno, using pgadmin i see the field added...18:54
cedkhiaselhans: did you retrieve the cls from the Pool?18:56
hiaselhanscedk: like Pool().get(cls.__name__)18:58
hiaselhanscedk: no, i thought that was not needed as it is a classmethod of same __name__18:58
cedkhiaselhans: the cls can not magically change18:59
hiaselhanscedk: ok, thanks stupid mistake, i called the modules class definition from another class...19:12
schnitzel123thanks, found it!19:17
schnitzel123I didn't set __rpc__['execute'] to RPC(False)19:17
schnitzel123are there docs on this?19:18
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