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maris it possible to split account moves so that I can reconcile only a part of payment?08:00
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maris it possible to search one2many relation for something?09:59
mari mean for example invoice lines, I want to check if product x is in invoice, when I have 100 lines09:59
marI'm unable to sort by product, I'm unable to search it, is there any way to do that?09:59
VaticanCameosI am not able to log into tryton despite setting "admin_passwd = admin" in the conf file that trytond is using. Could anyone please advise me on what I should be doing to fix this?10:00
VaticanCameosI'm assuming it has no relation with db_password, which is the password of the postgres user.10:00
VaticanCameosIt keeps telling me that the Tryton server password is wrong.10:00
VaticanCameosI am on Linux Mint...I saw a StackOverflow thread by Wolfgang on the same issue and he is on Ubuntu. I don't think it should make much of a difference. Also, my tryton/trytond combo are in a virtualenv.10:01
jeancavalloVaticanCameos: Are you sure you are connecting to a running database ? What is in the  server loogg ?10:02
VaticanCameosjeancavallo: In the server terminal window there is no sign of this error.10:03
jeancavalloVaticanCameos: is there anything ?10:03
VaticanCameosjeancavallo: Just three INFO lines that usually appear. Should I paste my trytond.conf?10:04
maryou should see INFO message about connecting to DB when connecting10:05
jeancavalloVaticanCameos: First, comment the admin_passwd line (admin is the default password).10:05
jeancavalloVaticanCameos: Second, how did you create the database ?10:06
VaticanCameosjeancavallo: I am trying to create the DB first10:06
VaticanCameosBy the create DB dialog10:06
VaticanCameosand I have mentioned localhost:800010:06
VaticanCameosAlso, the admin_passwd line was not there earlier, I added it to see if it works then10:06
VaticanCameosmar: the INFO lines showing are "using trytond.conf", "init distributed services" and "JSON-RPC".10:07
VaticanCameosthere is no mention of the server error that just happened.10:07
marthe next one should be database: connect to "database_name"10:09
VaticanCameosI have restarted tryton client with -dv options.10:09
VaticanCameosif I try the login screen that pops up at the beginning10:10
VaticanCameosINFO:tryton.rpc:common.db.login(admin, xxxxxxxxxx) and then INFO:tryton.rpc:common.db.logout(None, ) after I have clicked OK on the error.10:10
VaticanCameosjeancavallo: I commented out the line and yet it doesn't work.10:15
cedkVaticanCameos: admin_password for for database creation not login10:18
VaticanCameoscedk: but then which is the tryton server password?10:19
cedkVaticanCameos: the one you entered when you created the database10:19
VaticanCameoscedk: Suppose I am trying to create a DB, at the DB create dialog10:20
VaticanCameosThe "Tryton Server Password" is supposed to be admin then isn't it?10:21
cedkmar: yes see:
cedkVaticanCameos: it is the one in the trytond.conf10:21
VaticanCameoscedk: admin_passwd field or db_password?10:22
cedkVaticanCameos: except on trunk10:22
marcedk, I don't want to limit possible lines, I want to be able to search for line in GUI10:22
marlike ctrl+f or something10:22
cedkVaticanCameos: admin_passwd10:23
cedkmar: not possible10:24
cedkmar: for now, but if you come with a syntax enhance, it will be welcomed10:24
marI don't think it needs syntax, just client-side search10:25
cedkmar: and what is the client search if not a syntax?10:26
VaticanCameoscedk: I have set admin_passwd = admin and I enter admin on the Tryton Server Password field, it is failing. Says that Tryton server password is wrong.10:26
cedkVaticanCameos: which version?10:27
VaticanCameosI am on trytond=3.3.0 and tryton=3.3.010:27
cedkVaticanCameos: 10:22 < cedk> VaticanCameos: except on trunk10:27
VaticanCameospardon my newness, but by "on trunk" you mean the latest developer version?10:28
cedkVaticanCameos: yes and what is 3.3.0 ?10:28
cedkVaticanCameos: how do you fetch it?10:28
VaticanCameosI have installed trytond and tryton from the git repositories, by
cedkVaticanCameos: so for you from VCS, it is not trunk ?10:29
VaticanCameoscedk: yes, from git10:29
VaticanCameoscedk: trunk is on svn isn't it? I don't use svn10:33
VaticanCameosslightly confused, sorry.10:33
VaticanCameoscedk: I should add super_pwd field to trytond.conf? after running that routine10:34
cedkVaticanCameos: Tryton is developed on mercurial at hg.tryton.org10:34
VaticanCameoscedk: hmm...and I used the git mirror10:35
cedkVaticanCameos: don't now from which git repository you are cloning but any way 3.3 is the number of trunk10:35
cedkVaticanCameos: it is not the official repository10:37
VaticanCameoscedk: ah10:37
Pilouit's an unofficial mirror10:46
VaticanCameosPilou: I realized as much10:47
VaticanCameosanyway thanks for the help cedk!10:48
PilouThis mirror is well maintained by the community. For this mirror, 'trunk' means the 'develop' branch.10:50
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VaticanCameosPilou: yes, I pulled the develop branch11:11
Pilouyou should use 'super_pwd' in your server configuration file (
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grasbauerACTION next monday last meeting to fix remaining questions - if everything is fine unconferences will be hosted at
grasbauerACTION and I see no issue - so venue is confirmed ;)11:54
grasbauerACTION and for the waverers - still NY-tmes is hyping leipzig -
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holrihow can i reset the password auf a user in tryton 3.2.3? am i blind, did not find a hint in the docs and the program12:43
grasbauerholri: do you forget it?12:44
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cedkholri: as admin, you can set a new password via Adminstration>Users>Users12:46
holrithanks, I have been in that menu as admin, but did not find a function to set a new password.12:48
holriok sorry I AM BLIND!12:48
holriI found it, thank you, sorry for the noise12:49
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moldycedk: yes, i think this would have helped. thanks :)14:47
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moldywhis there something such as a list of modules i should install to get started with basic tryton useage?15:11
cedkmoldy: what do you mean by basic usage?15:11
moldycedk: i am evaluating tryton to see if it can replace our current erp system15:13
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moldycedk: basically, i am looking for documentation that shows how to do anything useful, from an end-users perspective.15:34
cedkmoldy: so I guess it depends of the functionnality you want to replace15:35
cedkmoldy: could help:
moldycedk: i installed tryton-modules-all, now i am looking for the UI to create some products, for example15:37
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moldycedk: after installing tryton-modules-all, i see no difference at all in the ui. did something fail?15:41
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cedkmoldy: you must update the database to get the list of module updated15:44
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grasbauerACTION Unconference: The venue HTWK is confirmed in general - only the building and room needs to be fixed16:02
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moldygrasbauer: is this in germany?16:07
grasbauerACTION Now I need to convince a friend of mine for doing 360┬░ streaming at conference - - paying the bills at night should help a bit ...16:07
grasbauermoldy: yes16:08
moldygrasbauer: are there any details (location, date)?16:08
moldygrasbauer: thanks16:10
cedkgrasbauer: you mean that he could register the conference?16:10
cedkgrasbauer: and live stream it?16:10
grasbauermoldy: today I will update the page since the venue is less or more fixed (htwk has a lot of venues in the city - so please subscribe for knowing what kind of space is needed)16:11
cedkgrasbauer: a news will help to get more early subscribtion16:12
grasbauercedk: yes - they are doing livestreaming of events - possibly I can convince him that a show case of an unconference is a good example ;)16:12
grasbauercedk: yes - now everything its confirmed in general (I will meet the people at htwk at monday to talk about the last things that should be arranged)16:15
grasbauercedk: so time for the news - but better anybody else is doing the write up - as demonstrated often here in IRC my english is horrible ..16:16
moldygrasbauer: subscribe = register?16:17
grasbauermoldy: yep16:17
moldygrasbauer: i don't know yet if i will be able to attend16:18
moldybut i may suggest it to my boss16:18
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grasbauermoldy: You NEED to stay - it's the sheepest education your boss can get for you ;)16:21
grasbauerudono: ping - possible you can do the news - so I can talk in english, you will do the translation from saxon to german and than to english?16:22
moldygrasbauer: i believe that, but he will probably only agree if we chose to actually use tryton ;)16:22
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moldyright now, i am trying to create a purchase order.16:26
grasbauermoldy: he needs to - are you from germany? I could make contacts to my clients in germany which are using tryton and so they can do a boss2boss talk ..16:26
moldyit does not let me select a company. what am i missing?16:26
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moldygrasbauer: yes, we are in d├╝sseldorf16:26
grasbauermoldy: you are not member of a company - this field is set from your user context16:27
grasbauermoldy: so no excuse to not stay in leipzig16:27
moldygrasbauer: i will see what i can do ;)16:28
moldywe are a very small company, we our time budget is tight16:28
grasbauermoldy: you could take the bus ;)16:28
moldythe question is if i can make tryton useful for us without spending too much time on it16:29
moldyat first glance, it looks ok16:29
moldy(we hate our current software)16:29
moldyand having an open source python solution would be nice16:30
moldygrasbauer: where / how would i create users?16:30
cedkgrasbauer: we can manage the news16:32
cedkgrasbauer: there is no reason you do all the work16:32
moldyis there any useable end-user documentation? maybe i am just too stupid.16:39
moldyi created two companies, but i cannot select them when editing a user.16:40
cedkmoldy: for testing, you can also use the demo server, it is easier16:42
cedkmoldy: you must configure user to belong to a company16:42
cedkmoldy: by the way, if you don't need multi-company better to avoid creating many companies16:42
cedkmoldy: but normally, the setup wizard should have do this for you16:43
moldyi need multi-company16:43
moldywhich setup wizard?16:43
cedkmoldy: realy?16:43
cedkmoldy: you just said you are a small company16:44
moldycedk: yes, but we act as 2 companies16:44
cedkmoldy: good luck16:44
Timitosmoldy: why not create two databases? one for every company?16:45
cedkmoldy: FYI:
moldyTimitos: yep, that is what we are doing with our current software. might be the way to go.16:48
moldyTimitos: i am just starting to fool around with tryton, and i was not nure what a "company" in tryton is. i thought it might be a supplier.16:48
cedkmoldy: no a company is company managed by the software16:51
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moldycedk: ok, thanks16:51
cedkmoldy: but as I said in my email, I think the current design of multi-company is a dead end16:52
cedkmoldy: so if you can manage with 2 DB that's fine16:53
cedkmoldy: what are the relation/communication between the 2 companies?16:53
moldycedk: it's the same people acting as 2 different entities16:53
cedkmoldy: but no trade between both?16:54
moldycedk: one company is a supplier for the other16:55
moldycedk: but it's probably not very important that we model that in our software system16:55
cedkmoldy: so purchase from one side should be encoded as sale on the other16:56
moldycedk: ideally, yes.16:57
cedkmoldy: also it depends if you get a lot of products in this case16:57
cedkmoldy: such thing should be manage by EDI message (but not yet in Tryton)16:57
moldycedk: the inter-company relationship is not crucially important here. we do not model it in software so far.16:58
cedkmoldy: so try Tryton with just one company17:00
cedkmoldy: and the easy way is to follow the setup wizard that run on first login of new database17:01
moldyi will give it another try17:02
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