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prkshcedk: while creating xml record can I get the compnay?10:04
prkshcedk: **company id10:05
prkshcedk: say I wan to create a xml record for a model where company is required10:06
prkshpokoli: are you there?10:08
cedkprksh: no because company is not created from XML10:09
cedkprksh: it is generally a bad idea to create record via XML that are business dependant10:10
prkshcedk: point! but what does it mean by business dependent? In my case I want to enforce user to use some predefined fields10:40
cedkprksh: company is business11:10
newzencedk: I need to generate adhesive product barcode label. I was searching for a module or procedure without look. Point me how to. Thanks11:24
newzencedk: sorry i have a zebra gk420t printer11:25
cedknewzen: I don't know11:27
newzencedk: openerp aeroo module based in your's relatorio is capable. On other hand pypi have a class zebra 0.0.4, detect zebra printer and zend native epl code to.11:31
newzencedk: real problem is dont now how from client i could comunicate with client pc native port ( serial, finger print reader etc ) Is there any documentation about that??11:33
cedknewzen: you can create a plugin11:33
cedknewzen: there is an plugin example in tryton/plugins11:34
cedknewzen: for barcode generation, there are plenty of library that can do that11:34
newzencedk: maybe " How to execute arbitrary code on client side"11:34
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cedknewzen: that's a crazy topic11:36
cedkI use once:
cedkand you can include in relatorio any kind of images11:39
newzencedk: looking for plugin example/documentation but can't find. Would you mind point me to? thanks12:11
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cedknewzen: there is no doc for this part12:56
cedknewzen: just an example in tryton/plugins12:56
cedknewzen: but I'm not sure it is what you need12:58
cedkyou should be able to just generate the file to send to the printer on server side and let the client "open" it12:58
newzencedk: give me the link please i can't find even that :(12:58
newzencedk: im looking far, in venezuela we have fiscal printer attached direct to point of sale. so need to understand how to talk to at least serial port on client side13:00
cedknewzen: what are you naming "client side" ?13:00
newzencedk: on computer running the tryton client program13:01
newzencedk: especifically gtk client13:01
cedknewzen: don't understand13:03
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newzencedk: have a pc running python gtk client, need to send command to serial port on that pc.13:05
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newzencedk: on sale process each line on invoice need to be send to fiscal printer which is attached to serial por on client pc, wait for fiscal printer response ( AK and printer status ) and send the next if every thing is ok13:08
cedknewzen: not the job of tryton client13:27
cedknewzen: OS has printer API13:27
newzencedk: maybe a solution could be build a native POS ( pyside wx ... ) and use proteus to talk to database. what you think about? could be?13:30
cedknewzen: I don't understand what you try to do13:33
cedknewzen: you are switching from one topic to another13:42
newzencedk: yes and no. Rename a file to be sent to client to some extension is a trick. On my OS have to declare that file extension must to be opened by a program.13:44
newzencedk: so how to talk directly to some hardware attached to the client?13:45
cedknewzen: it is not the purpose of the tryton client13:46
newzencedk: other solution could be open a socket on client to talk to hardware?13:50
newzencedk: now have two solutions. what could be more appropriated for tryton philosophy ?13:51
cedknewzen: what don't you understand in "it is not the purpose of the tryton client"13:55
newzencedk: you dont need to be rude mon amy :)13:56
newzencedk: thanks for your time13:57
newzencedk: means ami13:58
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