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notthemessiah_can't get tryton to work on Arch Linux via the AUR: install: cannot stat ‘etc/trytond.conf’: No such file or directory02:13
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prkshpokoli: how do I reload a view just after ending a wizard?10:46
prkshreturning end in transition only exits the wizard10:47
pokoliprksh: should be done by the client if the wizard is launched from the view10:47
pokoliprksh: how you launch the wizard?10:47
prkshLaunch Action button10:47
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prkshits on party and my wizard deletes some of them10:48
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prkshthen I am getting Try to read the record which doesnt exist anymore10:49
prkshso I want a reload on party view when wizard ended10:50
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pokoliprksh: i doesn't come to my mind how to do this from the action10:58
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prkshpokoli: if a wizard is launched from the view, will client updates the view after wizard finishes?11:02
yangoonprksh: I think it is logic, that you get this message, * because* it reloads the view11:03
yangoonprksh: assuming you talk about module party_merge?11:03
pokolicedk: but reload_view is not available as client action11:05
prkshyangoon: yes11:05
yangoonprksh: the message indeed is correct, despite not user friendly of course, because the module deletes the current record on which one works11:06
cedkpokoli: you are right11:06
cedkprksh: deleting is probably a bad practice11:07
yangoonprksh: solution that comes to my mind: ask for both parties to be merged in the wizard11:07
pokolicedk: any reason to not have the reload action?11:07
prkshcedk: I could have make inactive then11:08
pokolicedk: because it should be done automatically from client side?11:08
yangoonprksh: would be better any way, because there could be records depending on the merged party11:09
cedkpokoli: yes client will reload but here he wants to re-search11:09
cedkand I think it will give a bad UX because things desapear without warnings11:10
pokoliprksh: for me this wizard should be launched from a separate menu entry and asking the main party (Many2One) and the ones to be merged (Many2Many)11:11
pokoliprksh: also do you think you can make it generic? So it can merge any type of records (not only parties)11:11
prkshyangoon: then I will loose filtering feature of form view probably11:12
prkshpokoli: yes this can be made generic. Originally it was :p11:12
cedkit should probably make proposal for merging and request user validation11:13
cedkpokoli: I don't think it is doable to make it generic11:13
cedkmerging has only meaning in case of duplicates11:14
cedkduplicates only exist on the referencial part of the application11:14
cedkparty, product etc.11:14
cedkand I see only party that could lead to such duplicates11:14
pokolicedk: maybe yes, it's only applicable on party11:16
prkshcedk: +111:16
pokolicedk: SugarCRM has this feature to merge on all models11:16
pokolicedk: but all the models that's usable there are parties on tryton11:17
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xrg_cedk: see F3, I have such a feature. However, GUI is still a headache to implement in a generic way.12:04
pokolixrg_: you're the only one maintaining F3?12:08
xrg_pokoli: yes12:09
pokolixrg_: I'm a little bit curios why you do this and don't join efforts with other communities (for example tryton)12:10
xrg_pokoli: you are quite right to ask that: I have some applications running, that I don't want to "reset" by re-implementing all the core API in tryton.12:11
xrg_pokoli: there is much missing in tryton, including the Postgres SQL layer that F3 has.12:11
pokolixrg_: do you have some link?12:12
xrg_pokoli: however, I wish that tryton eventually receives all these features, so that I could jump one day to it. So, glad to cooperate with community12:12
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xrg_pokoli: link for which part, in particular?12:13
pokolixrg_: PostgreSQL layer for example12:13
xrg_pokoli: just an example. The real issue, here, is that a generic non-Postgres implementation is bound to miss the advantages of a postgres-specific one.12:16
cedkxrg_: examples?12:18
xrg_cedk: "WITH" statements, recursive queries, functions, nested queries12:18
xrg_cedk: .. jsonb type also, GIS ...12:19
cedkxrg_: python-sql is going to have common table expression:12:19
cedkxrg_: functions are supported by python-sql12:20
cedkxrg_: jsonb could be implemented easily12:20
xrg_cedk: will they behave the same in any SQL server?12:20
cedkxrg_: GIS was already implemented in a POC12:20
cedkxrg_: don't know about SQL servers differences12:21
xrg_cedk: frankly, I think tryton is gong to waste much effort just trying to be "compatible" with alternate SQLs12:22
cedkxrg_: no we just want to be SQL compatible12:23
cedkSQL is a standard12:23
cedkxrg_: and Tryton wastes almost nothing on this topic once a clean layer has been defined12:24
xrg_cedk: I mean that as an advice, for the project. "Compatibility" will cost, keep you away from features.12:24
cedkxrg_: everything that is not SQL standard should be avoided because you will be linked to custom12:25
cedkxrg_: postgres is a good initial support because it has almost only SQL standard12:25
xrg_IMHO, and that's the answer wrt. F3 vs tryton, keeping custom can allow you to have thinner layers, more access to custom features.12:26
cedkxrg_: Completly False12:26
cedkxrg_: I have implemented for example UUID and Bistring support in a tryton custom module12:27
cedkxrg_: without any extra cost and while keeping the module working on SQLite and MySQL12:27
cedka clean separation is much better and flexible12:28
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cedkxrg_: otherwise, you have better to only use postgres and develop all in it12:28
cedkxrg_: FYI, recursive queries are much more slower on tree than MPTT12:29
xrg_cedk: It is only personal opinions on architecture, I respect yours. But prefer to keep developing all in postgres, take its advantages.12:29
cedkxrg_: we have all the advantage of PostgreSQL also12:30
cedkbut with a community12:30
xrg_cedk: I will keep challenging these "all advantage". See, I really want you to implement those.12:35
xrg_cedk: have to go, talk you later. Nice talking to you, again.12:36
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