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cedkgrasbauer: any news about live streaming?12:06
grasbauercedk: we have a upstream of 1G - this should be enough12:06
cedkgrasbauer: so where will it be available?12:07
grasbauercedk: this was confirmed right now from HTWK - I give my friend a call.12:07
cedkgrasbauer: we need to advertise about it otherwise nobody will watch12:07
cedkgrasbauer: also I think we should schedule the sessions12:08
cedkgrasbauer: especially the start and end time12:08
cedkgrasbauer: I don't know from which time the place will be open12:09
grasbauercedk: we have the rooms from 08:00 -19:0012:09
grasbauercedk: I think we should go from 9:00 to 18:00 officially12:09
cedkgrasbauer: OK that's what I put on lanyrd12:10
cedkgrasbauer: I think the first talk should start at 10:00 to get time to process the registration etc.12:10
cedkgrasbauer: I think we (you, me and foundation board) should come at ~8:0012:11
xrg_cedk: good luck with TUL , shame I can't be there ..12:11
grasbauercedk: yes - 8.00 sounds good12:11
cedkgrasbauer: we have to register comers and maybe prepare a little bit the room12:12
grasbauercedk: yes12:12
grasbauercedk: I talked half an hour with the HTWK - we have a small issue on Friday12:13
grasbauercedk: we get one room for all the two days - only on friday we need to change from 13:00 to 15:30 to an other room, because they have a class where they need a room of this size12:14
cedkgrasbauer: so better to change for the all afternoon12:16
grasbauercedk: now there are two possibilities - searching a alternative room for friday or doing this short change12:16
cedkgrasbauer: for me, it is the same as far as the switch happens during launch time12:17
grasbauercedk: yes - I think the same - its in the same building and we only need to take our jackets and books12:18
grasbauercedk: And the really nice: HTWK sponsors the rooms :-D12:19
cedkgrasbauer: great12:19
cedkgrasbauer: and the video material will need to be moved also12:20
cedkso maybe better to stay in the same room all the day if possible12:21
grasbauercedk: impossible on friday - they are doing normal classes and like in all universities there is always a lack of space12:22
grasbauercedk: but I talk with my friend how much work it is to move the video equipment - I think it should be doable12:23
grasbauercedk: I think is highly portable12:24
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grasbauercedk: they tried a lot with the room - but there was no possibility in the tetris12:29
grasbauercedk: I think I confirm this finally, this little change should not be a problem and it remembers the attendees to school, where we changed the rooms each hour12:34
grasbauercedk: if not, I need to search a room outside HTWK for all friday ...12:35
cedkgrasbauer: I think it is OK12:38
cedkgrasbauer: but could we stay in the second one the all afternoon?12:39
grasbauercedk: no - we have one room for all the two days - except friday from 13:00 to 15:3012:40
grasbauercedk: this is a little pity, but I think we should accept it, since rooms are for free ....12:41
cedkgrasbauer: maybe easier to say: launch from 13:00 to 15:3012:46
grasbauercedk: Lot of time.12:46
grasbauercedk: or we do the foundation meeting in the lunch room and we are going until 19:00 on friday12:47
cedkgrasbauer: i guess nobody will complain about long lunch time12:48
grasbauer@all: complaints?12:49
grasbauercedk: or we do a "show your projects" - sesssion in the second room ....12:53
grasbauercedk: there we need no video12:53
cedkgrasbauer: OK we will see12:55
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marius__can I find some documentation how float_time widget works?14:43
cedkmarius__: we hoped it doesn't need15:02
marius__is it possible to make it display hours15:03
marius__by overriding company_work_time module?15:03
marius__i mean something like 30:0015:03
cedkmarius__: no15:03
marius__what if I set work hours = very big number?15:05
cedkmarius__: I will not recommend15:07
marius__why not?15:07
marius__it's used only for displaying15:07
marius__or am I wrong?15:08
marius__what if I only override the context value15:09
cedkmarius__: as you just want to show an amount of hours why not just display a float15:12
marius__i have to override all modules that use it15:12
marius__and there are like 5 of them :)15:12
marius__is it possible to override trytond's dispatch method?15:35
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marius__i want to log all requests coming into server :/15:40
cedkmarius__: no but with the new log configuration, we should review the all application to add more logging15:43
marius__new log configuration?15:48
marius__ok then I suggest adding logging request + response data, optionally parsed one15:53
marius__as an option15:53
marius__found a hackish way of how sentry does it15:58
cedkgrasbauer: did a planning for the talks16:05
cedkbechamel: I think you should be the speaker for the Foundation Meeting:
cedkmarius__: yes I guess the best for sentry integration will be to have a log handler for sentry16:07
bechamelcedk: yes ok16:07
cedkmarius__: but it requires to go all over the code and add logging calls using some predefined guidelines16:07
cedkbechamel: you have to create a user16:08
bechamelcedk: np16:08
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marius__is it possible to patch dispatch method from a module ? :)16:59
cedkmarius__: not properly17:02
leiowhere are you guys with gtk3? :)17:04
leioACTION is in sort of a mood for porting various projects over17:04
cedkleio: we have a mq:
cedkleio: it starts and render list and form17:06
leionothing after that 5 months back?17:06
cedkleio: but they are still many bugs and renderer issue17:06
leiothe proper migration method should be to go gradually imo; make it work with gtk+ with G_SEAL defined, etc17:06
leioand then at one point it's more of a matter of flipping a switch to compile against gtk3 instead of gtk2, or even keep both options for a while17:07
cedkleio: for me, it is not possible to write compatible code17:07
leiocan you rephrase that?17:08
cedkleio: it is not possible to have one base code that run under gtk+2 and gtk+317:09
leiomany or most projects did that when gtk3 was fresh17:09
cedkgtk+2 use pygtk and gtk+3 introspection, both are completly different17:10
leiooh, yeah, C projects17:10
leiois there a git mirror anywhere?17:11
cedkleio: the mq will work only on mercurial17:13
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leiobut the main thing is a normal hg workflow?17:17
PilouIs there a bug report about the gtk3 migration ?17:22
PilouThe documented workflow for contribution is here: . Usage of repositories located here is not documented.17:24
leiocedk: looks like you updated the code recently; do you feel it's about just squashing a couple bugs and it's done then? :)17:34
cedkleio: probably + testing on windows and MacOS17:38
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bechamelcedk: I registered myself on lanyrd but I don't see how can I put myself as speaker17:47
bechamelcedk: nevermind, I opened my eyes and found the "edit speaker" button :)17:58
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