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buxyis it possible to generate monthly balances if you opted for quarterly periods ?11:02
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buxydoes anyone really make use of the "print general ledger", LibreOffice is unusable with a document with so many tables for me.11:30
cedkbuxy: browse the records11:31
cedkbuxy: report is just for printing because some wants to print11:33
buxycedk: actually I want to print it for archival purpose :)11:40
buxyI'll try adding a page jump between accounts so that layout is easier to handle for LibreOffice11:41
cedkbuxy: a good backup will also do the job :-)11:45
buxyyeah, I'd like to avoid it but I wonder if it's not a legal requirement in France11:46
buxyfor the general ledger, it's possible that an electronic version is enough, but for the journal_ledger I actually need monthly totals of each journal11:47
buxyand I have never had that feature, as a work-around I printed monthly balance but here I use quarterly period (because that's what I need for VAT) and now I'm a bit stuck11:48
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buxyCan someone explain this:
buxyThe modified general_ledger.odt has some minimal changes (just the supplementary page jump).14:06
buxy(freexian is a custom module to customize some reports)14:08
newzenbuxy: AttributeError: "account.account,611" has no attribute "general_ledger_balance"14:17
buxynewzen: I saw this, but I can't explain it14:18
buxythat attribute is defined in the account object as:14:19
buxy     general_ledger_balance = fields.Boolean('General Ledger Balance',14:19
buxy        states={14:19
buxy            'invisible': Eval('kind') == 'view',14:19
buxy            },14:19
buxy        depends=['kind'],14:19
buxy        help="Display only the balance in the general ledger report")14:19
buxyI tried without using the intermediate module. I edited directly the report in the account module and as soon as I modify the .odt file, I get this error (even when I change just the title).14:40
pokolibuxy: have you registered the account object in the pool?14:46
buxypokoli: I use the account module obviously, but I'm not sure what you mean...14:47
pokolibuxy: how you added the general_ledger_balance field? in your freexian custon module?14:50
buxypokoli: I did not add it... it's part of the account/account.py14:51
buxymy modules only contains some *.odt files and the reports.xml file registering those reports in place of other pre-existing reports.14:51
pokolibuxy: aha, but this field is introduced on trunk, are you running trunk version?14:52
buxyduh... apparently I do for this module. :-|14:55
buxyIt's probably a mistake of mine due to having worked on the move report some time ago.14:56
buxypokoli: thanks for the hint, I mixed up my checkouts14:57
buxyI'm not using trunk, but I picked the .odt from that repository...14:58
pokolibuxy: so you just need to pick the .odt from the right one :)14:58
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buxyMust be the day of stupid mistakes that I can't spot. Now tryton gives me "Exception: ('Error', 'Report (account.general_ledger) not find!')"15:21
buxyAnd when I lookup in Administration / User Interface / Actions / Reports, I don't see the general ledger anymore.15:25
pokolibuxy: may be related with your module, can not help if you don't provide more info, source code better :)15:28
buxy(if it ever was there)15:28
pokolibuxy: it is there on my databases :)15:30
buxybah, I upgrade my module multiple times, changing from "active" False to True for the original report and my replaced version15:32
pokolibuxy: It seems you had a good weekend ;)15:32
buxyI recreated the missing report object manually and it's now working again.15:34
buxybah I understood my problem: I upgraded with a setting active: False, and now I dropped it back expecting it to become True, but that's not enough obviously, you have to be explicit15:36
buxywhere's the active value stored for such a report object?15:40
buxyThe ir_action_report table doesn't seem to contain such a field.15:41
pokolibuxy: in the ir_action table15:41
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frnk__is it true that "tryton -d DATABASENAME --all" only looks for sqlite databases? what if I run on postresql??21:23
frnk__is it true that "trytond -d DATABASENAME --all" only looks for sqlite databases? what if I run on postresql??21:23
frnk__how can i upgrade then? (from 3.2.x to 3.4.x in my case)21:24
yangoonfrnk__: first you must update your configuration to the new format21:27
yangoonfrnk__: a commented example is here:;a=blob;f=debian/trytond.conf;h=fd28e1f6d398694b36535284b4797338c43fdce5;hb=HEAD21:27
frnk__aha, ok, thanks!21:29
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hiaselhanshi there21:33
hiaselhansi want to restrict a button to certain users21:33
hiaselhansso i just put a clause "readonly": Eval('total_amount', default=1) > 300021:34
hiaselhansbut i keep on getting an error in the client telling me that (1) is can not be converted to float...21:35
hiaselhanshow can i work around that?21:35
hiaselhansit gets evaluated as None when creating a new sale..21:35
frnk__is there a recomandation which caldav application works good with tryton21:43
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cedkhiaselhans: you have to deal explicitly with the None case22:47
hiaselhansthanks, not so easy, as if also expects to have the same type :)22:47
hiaselhansi made a function field instead...22:47
hiaselhans(which unluckily seems to require having the field in the view)22:48
cedkhiaselhans: fix your depends22:49
cedkhiaselhans: ha but there is no depends for buttons :-(22:50
hiaselhanscedk: no worries, i have simply put a hidden field to the view...22:51
hiaselhanscedk: thanks for the help though! how would you handle the none case?22:55
hiaselhanscedk: If(Eval('total_amount') == None, 0, Eval('total_amount', 0)) ? I think that also brought an issue because 0 is not the same type as the 2nd Eval(...)22:57
cedkhiaselhans: what is the problem?23:04
hiaselhanscedk: thanks for asking, i tried to figure out the problem and got the solution23:08
hiaselhanscedk: If(Eval('total_amount', None) == None, True, Bool(Eval('total_amount', 0) > 3000))) works for me...23:08
cedkhiaselhans: yes both statement must have the same type23:08
hiaselhanscedk: just that it does require to have the right defaults wasnt quite straightforward to me...23:08
hiaselhanscedk: thanks, now i can throw away the silly field...23:09
hiaselhanscedk: however the mistake was that i thought the default value to kick in when the field doesnt evaluate towards anything...23:10
hiaselhanscedk: hmm however, this still doesnt function somehow...23:12
hiaselhanscedk: it does still try to convert the second eval into a float (which is None) even though the loop wouldnt require to...23:14
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cedkhiaselhans: are you sure to have clean the cache of the client?23:43
hiaselhansyep, after i restarted the client it did not work...23:51
hiaselhanscedk: pretty sure the above condition does not work...23:51

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