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nineinchnickis sao currently the only web client available? is that what I saw when testing out 3.4?10:32
nineinchnickwith jquery and full rpc? it seemed super slow10:32
cedknineinchnick: it is under development, it still not have all the caching the gtk client has10:34
cedknineinchnick: but it is not so slow, I don't know how you test it but maybe there is something wrong in your setup10:35
nineinchnickI'm just wondering about it's architecture before diving in sources10:36
nineinchnickis it a client side rpc talking directly with trytond?10:36
cedknineinchnick: it has exactly the same design as the gtk client10:36
nineinchnickI don't know what it is either :-)10:39
nineinchnickso that doesn't answer my question10:39
cedknineinchnick: so yes it is json-rpc10:42
nineinchnickwhen is the next merge window?10:42
nineinchnick gives 40410:43
cedknineinchnick: what do you name "merge window"?10:46
nineinchnickI was just reading docs about contributing translations10:47
nineinchnickit seems it's the right moment to start working on it10:47
nineinchnickcedk: tryton looks like a great project to start contributing to, I was recently looking into biggest open source erps and it really stands out10:50
cedknineinchnick: which translation do you want to do?11:02
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nineinchnickI need some help in running the calendar module, I got: ImportError: cannot import name caldav11:41
nineinchnickcan I reload modules after installing new ones without reinitializing whole database?12:21
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cedknineinchnick: there is just this issue:
nineinchnickcedk: that's ok, I reinitialized the whole db, I'm just testing everything13:41
nineinchnickand I enabled all modules and there was a bug, I think while loading xml for company logo13:42
nineinchnickso I couldn't even finish module configuration13:42
nineinchnickI'm going to reproduce and file this13:42
cedknineinchnick: there is no company logo in base module13:44
nineinchnickI got a company_logo module13:44
nineinchnicki'm not sure if it was that13:45
nineinchnickwait a bit13:45
nineinchnickI'm just complaining that you can't simply install all modules :-)13:45
cedknineinchnick: we don't want to support such behaviour because nobody needs all the modules13:47
nineinchnickbut all official modules should work?13:47
nineinchnickhow do you test all the modules?13:48
cedknineinchnick: we don't13:48
cedkwe test each modules13:49
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cedkwe can not test all installation combination, it will be 147573952589676412928 combination for now13:53
nineinchnickbut testing all modules at once is 1 combination13:54
nineinchnickand it probably will help find a lot of bugs13:54
nineinchnickok wait a sec13:54
nineinchnicki'm retrying that to see what's wrong13:54
cedknineinchnick: no it doesn't, it just makes testing more complicate and prevent finding bugs13:55
nineinchnickcedk: I don't want to fight about it, but why would you say that?13:55
nineinchnickhow is that complicated to just enable all modules and see if configuration finishes?13:56
nineinchnickmy motive here is to help you guys improve the user experience, I found some bugs and I will try to fix them but most users won't, it's important for tryton to "just work"13:57
cedknineinchnick: as far as I know it works13:58
nineinchnicknot for me, btw great job anyway13:58
cedknineinchnick: you are just talking about non standard module13:58
nineinchnicki'm impressed13:58
nineinchnicki'm not sure which one is it, gimme a one more minute13:58
cedknineinchnick: and from this non-standard module, you consider Tryton doesn't work and should test all the modules13:59
nineinchnickno, don't jump to such conclusions13:59
nineinchnickthat's not what I mean13:59
nineinchnickmy modules list seems not to be up to date14:01
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nineinchnickcedk: you were right about the modules, sorry for bothering you14:46
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nineinchnickcedk: what about some minor issues, like country list not being sorted? should I create a bug report?14:55
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cedknineinchnick: yes15:17
cedknineinchnick: if you think it is relevant15:20
cedknineinchnick: and if it was not yet reported/discussed15:20
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cedknineinchnick: I published a patch that should fix the sort issue16:44
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nineinchnickcedk: thanks, i'm starting with translations17:22
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