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WarsawHello people!16:41
WarsawI have good news:16:41
WarsawI managed to install and run Tryton (server and client) in Win$ 716:41
Warsaw(it's an achievement for me :) )16:41
WarsawHowever, I don't know if the unoconv will work. I haven't tested the POS module either.16:42
cedkWarsaw: do you want to write it on the wiki (without the POS module)16:43
WarsawThe guide is not completely free, because it recommends Visual Studio C++16:43
WarsawYes, I would like that16:44
cedkWarsaw: what is you google account?16:44
WarsawHow do I talk to you privately?16:45
Warsaw(in the IRC)16:45
cedkWarsaw: /query16:47
Warsaw(I don't want to post the e-mail openly)16:47
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cedkWarsaw: done16:49
cedkWarsaw: you can edit:
cedkWarsaw: but I think only the server part is interesting16:50
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Warsawhey, nineinchnick!17:37
WarsawI prepared this:17:37
WarsawI'm getting the wiki version17:37
Warsaw(my first wiki :P )17:38
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nineinchnickWarsaw: add empty lines between titles/subtitles17:42
nineinchnicklooks like booting a VM image would be easier :D17:43
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mathsniperhello, may I know which part of code initializing the DB tables of tryton core & module?18:03
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mathsniperWhat does trytond update module command option mean?19:01
WarsawQ: Is it really necessary to add, uncomment or replace the following line in postgresql.conf: bytea_output == 'escape'19:06
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BoingoHello all....19:28
BoingoI hope it is not a bad word around here..... but I have been evaluating Odoo (self hosted) for my company's needs and for future projects.  Then I stumbled upon Tryton.  Interesting...... I read the wikipedia page comparing the projects.  What I cannot seem to find is information on if there is a web version, specifically with a portal for outside users?19:30
BoingoAny help would be greatly appreciated.19:31
BoingoOr a brief chat with anyone here.  I am in the US and I am a python developer.19:31
Warsawthere is a web version19:38
WarsawI don't know how to set it up or anything19:38
WarsawBut I know it's there...19:38
mathsniperYou can use flask_tryton19:38
mathsniperbuild ur own webapp19:38
Boingoflask_tryton is an already working web app?19:42
BoingoThe idea is not to have to build one from scratch.19:42
BoingoWarsaw, any idea what it is called?  Links, hints, etc?19:47
WarsawI found this:
Warsawand this:19:52
WarsawGood luck19:52
WarsawI may be completely wrong19:53
BoingoI'll look, thanks.19:53
BoingoI want to find a system that I can sink my teeth into.19:53
BoingoI have a development project I want to do, that needs to integrate into ERP.19:53
cedkBoingo: it depends what you call "web app"?19:54
BoingoLots of code, so I want a good foundation to build on, but I don't want to have to build all the ERP stuff myself, just the addons I need.19:54
Boingocedk, A web front end to the ERP functions.19:54
cedkBoingo: if you want a full web client than it is not the job of flask-tryton19:55
Boingocedk, That is what I am asking for in general.19:55
cedkBoingo: a full web client is in development:
cedkBoingo: it is expected for the end of the year19:55
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cedkBoingo: but the current client is very good for ERP management19:56
Boingocedk, I need my clients to access the data.19:56
cedkBoingo: what do you mean by clients? customers?19:56
BoingoI don't want them to have to install a program just to do that.19:56
BoingoCustomers, vendros, etc.19:56
BoingoBased off of permissions levels.19:57
cedkBoingo: what do you want to expose them?19:57
BoingoInvoices/Billing/etc, Project Management, my custom addons.19:57
cedkBoingo: so in this case, you don't need them to have a full client of the ERP19:58
cedkBoingo: so flask-tryton is pretty good to create such simple website19:58
BoingoBut I would love to use web as weel.19:58
mathsniperWhy is the web client sao developed under nodejs?19:59
BoingoI am frequently working on different computers, and install an application sorta is a pain.19:59
BoingoNot a deal breaker, but would be nice to just login.19:59
Boingomathsniper, it is?19:59
Boingomathsniper, Not a Python based framework?19:59
cedkmathsniper: it is not20:01
mathsniperAs I read the source code, trytond is a server on xmlrpc, jsonrpc, webdav20:01
Boingocedk, Do you have any info on what it *is* built on?20:02
mathsniperI guess most of the logic can pass to server within json/xml20:02
mathsniperisn't it?20:02
mathsniperRead the source20:03
cedkBoingo: it is in JS mainly using jQuery and Bootstrap20:03
cedktrytond directly serve the javascript and after that the javascript talk with the server using only jsonrpc20:05
cedkthere is an old demo at
cedkin 2 months, it will be updated with the snapshot of the new release20:05
cedkACTION bbl20:05
mathsniperbased on bootstrap?20:05
mathsniperIt looks jquery-ui20:06
mathsniper@cedk What does trytond update module command option mean?20:08
BoingoDoes Tryton have CRM at all?20:09
BoingoOr inbound email capture?20:11
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cedkBoingo: CRM is difficult to define but it has some23:27
cedkBoingo: inbound email no but in such case I will probably recommand to use an existing issue tracker23:28
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WarsawGuys, can someone help me with zikzakmedia's POS module? or is there another POS module around which works? I already installed the module from the client, but I can never set up a printer23:54

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