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VaticanCameosIs it possible to open a URL from Tryton? (ir.action.url perhaps?)08:46
VaticanCameosFor example, click a button and trigger the opening of a url in the browser08:46
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yangoon1VaticanCameos: you can have a look at the google_maps module11:05
VaticanCameosyangoon1: That has examples of using the url widget11:17
cedkVaticanCameos: yes you can use the ir.action.url11:19
VaticanCameoscedk: I was not able to find any examples of ir.action.url being used. What I'm trying to do is click a button which should trigger the launch of a url in the browser.11:20
VaticanCameoscedk: could you please point me to some example of ir.action.url?11:20
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cedkVaticanCameos: there is no example11:30
cedkVaticanCameos: it is an action like any others11:30
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grasbauerI still thinking about a extension: I have a customer where the clerks in the warehouse are doing purchases by telefon on demand - but backoffice needs to handle such purchases in accounting. So I think about creating a invoice lines if  is received - anz concerns?17:07
grasbauerwhooo - my keybord changed to english :)17:08
cedkgrasbauer: why not encoding a purchase?17:14
grasbauercedk: I asked the same :) but the people in the warehouse is verz diffrent from people in backoffice ...17:15
cedkgrasbauer: but they do purchase?17:18
grasbauercedk: purchase !=purchase in that case: they now what they need and simply calling a supplier by phone17:20
cedkgrasbauer: don't see the difference with a purchase17:22
grasbauercedk: you are right - but a complete purchase workflow needs some clicks more17:29
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pokoligrasbauer: but you can trigger the full workflow from a custom wizard17:30
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cedkgrasbauer: for me, it sounds like a company that wants an ERP but don't want to use an ERP17:32
grasbauerpokoli: good sugestion17:32
pokoligrasbauer: it's like creating the invoice directly from the shipment, but reusing the existing code of purchase, and keep the correct flow17:33
grasbauercedk: you should better think: management of company want erp - nobody else :)17:34
pokoligrasbauer: you only to ensure that the stock moves are linked correctly with the new purchase lines17:34
grasbauerpokoli cedk: ok - so I start hacking :)17:35
cedkgrasbauer: I don't understand at all the concept of warehouse guys purchase stuffs17:36
grasbauercedk: warehouse guys needs to ensure that everything is available - but they don't care about accounting17:37
cedkgrasbauer: still it is not understable17:38
grasbauercedk: think the warehouse guy as an human who hates computers - he see a button shipment in and want to do a direct purchase, it's a workflow just in time ...17:40
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grasbauerby the way; visiting odoo on cebit wearing a tryton shirt is fun17:42
cedkgrasbauer: What the hell! He doesn't even talk to the supplier?17:43
cedkgrasbauer: normally you can not receive products without origin17:44
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cedkgrasbauer: so you could write come code that in such case it creates an origin that will do "I don't know what"17:44
grasbauercedk: I understand your concerns ...17:45
cedkbut at least you know there is something coming in which was not purchased17:45
grasbauercedk: it's only the step purchase what is not documented in tryton, because shipment in is more or less (2hours) real time17:47
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cedkgrasbauer: but it is still strange to not create a purchase even if delivery is fast17:49
cedkgrasbauer: what if delivery is not fast, never happen, doesn't correspond to what was ordered17:50
cedkgrasbauer: happens the next day and the guy is not there17:50
cedkgrasbauer: so you have to explain your user that's what he wants is to not use an ERP and work with just words17:50
grasbauercedk: ;) zou17:51
grasbauercedk: you are right - but: giving the supplier a call: "I need 25 bootles of beer" - the answer is "sorry, I have only 22" - "Ok - send me the 22" - done. Than each guy in the company can create a - with 22 or even 21 if one is broken. and for accounting the only information is: we need to pay 22 or 21. If he do a purchase with 25, all the system is waiting for 3 ore 5 that are not delivered17:56
cedkgrasbauer: so use purchase17:59
cedkgrasbauer: or don't use Tryton17:59
cedkgrasbauer: in real life everything is simplier without a software17:59
cedkbut you don't have the same result17:59
grasbauercedk: we should collect your statements in a wall of fame :) - ok - I'm (a bit) convinced18:02
grasbauercedk: but my approach is that software should simplify real life - and receiving goods without a purchase should trigger something for the people in accounting to just know about the things people in the warehouse does.18:09
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JGrassytem gone18:12
cedkJGras: you can still dream18:14
JGrascedk: arch update broke my system - need to recover18:16
JGrasACTION systemd18:18
cedkJGras: The general design of Tryton is to not allow to encode shipment that are not linked to a document like a purchase or a sale18:18
cedkJGras: because they are the main document18:19
cedkJGras: after that you can remove this constraint and write some code to find such move and do what ever you want18:19
cedkbut I guess you will miss the price, the payment term etc.18:20
cedk+ there will be not check about integrity between the shipment and the invoice18:20
cedkand I can go like that for hours...18:20
JGrascedk: I will go with your argumentation tomorrow. You are right, but we have to deal with the wishes of customers ...18:24
cedkJGras: except when their wishes are dreams18:26
cedkJGras: moreover, I don't see why warehouse guy can not encode a purchase when he is on the phone and 2 hours later validate the shipment18:26
cedkif it doesn't do that, I don't see what he wants to do18:26
cedkencode the shipment before reception? encode the purchase after reception?18:27
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mathsniperHi, why does "sao" always get transparent gray background after clicking "OK" in "save dialog" for model like Party?18:56
mathsniperI can't do anything except refresh the page18:58
mathsniperI'm using Chrome19:00
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JGrascedk: you are right in everything :)19:11
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JGrasmathsniper: this is a bug in bootsrap19:19
mathsniperwill it be fixed?19:19
JGrascedk: we should remove the class explicitely on close dialog19:20
JGrasmodal-backdrop fade in19:21
udonomathsniper: hi, you may want to file an issue19:22
mathsniperHow to open file of this issue?19:23
mathsniperI just fixed it on my local19:24
mathsniper   jQuery('my-button').on('click', function() { $('body').removeClass('modal-open'); $('.modal-backdrop').remove(); } );19:25
notzippyAn easier implementation of bootstrap dialog
mathsniperSeems like the sao main less file is not available / implemented?19:30
JGrasmathsniper: can you attach the patch to the issue?19:50
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mathsniperWill do it tomorrow. It's 3am HongKong time and I gonna sleep...19:56
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cedkmathsniper: for the bootstrap bug, I think we should first try with a more up to date20:38
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prakashppcedk: hi, correct me if I’m wrong: in case of Product model, if this is looking for some on_change method it may fall to Template also?20:54
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prakashppcedk: I had implemented some on_change fields on product model which is leading me to maximum recursion depth error, debugging shows client was calling on_change_active on product which I havent implemented nor tryton does in product module.21:00
prakashpppokoli: are you around?21:00
cedkprakashpp: too few information21:03
cedkprakashpp: the code you link looks correct to me21:05
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cedkFYI, the mathsniper's issue is fixed with 3641b52591bd21:38
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