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mathesisHi all08:48
mathesishow can i connect trytond to tryton client pygtk?08:48
mathesismy conf08:49
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mathesisError to create database09:52
mathesisSorry, wrong password for the Tryton server. Please try again.09:52
mathesisi have ecnrypt my password09:53
cedkmathesis: could you show your configuration file?10:06
mathesiscedk: thanks you10:10
mathesisinstallation succesfully10:10
mathesistryton is running10:11
cedkmathesis: what was the problem?10:14
mathesisuser incorrect to uri10:15
mathesiscedk: uri=postgresql://tryton:****@localhost:543210:16
mathesiscedk: my user is ana. i am set user tryton to ana10:16
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plantianhi guys, I create a tryton sale when an online purchase is made and I mark the sale as processing so that the shipment is created and assigned but sometimes I need to go back and change the sale21:59
plantianshould I create a whole new model to track online sales or is there a way to customize the existing sale model to make this work? ie. go from processing to draft21:59
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cedkplantian: having this need just show there is a problem in your workflow22:34
cedkplantian: but there is
cedkplantian: and for increase of quantity, it should be a new order22:36
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plantiancedk: Instead of wizard, what if I just implemented transition from processing to draft?22:49
plantianIe. cancel invoice, cancel shipment, set state to draft22:50
cedkplantian: the sale is not garantee to work properly22:51
plantianOkay, it is hard because some of the products might already be picked from inventory already.  Then I cancel Sale and create sale again and pick algorithm order might change.23:33
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