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gyKaHi, I have problem generating a report. My form has few date fields, and when I generate a report, Tryton throws an exception that str has no attribute year (in file, in datetime_strftime() function). As I understood, I'm failing in report/ file, in format_lang() method. A param 'value' of this method comes already as a string, but function datetime_strftime() expects datetime. A data I'm passing to report is in datetime. W10:45
gyKahere can be a problem?10:45
cedkgyKa: looks like you are passing a string to format_lang instead of a date10:48
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Jitesh_Nairhey is trytonspain tryton-product-kit supported in trytond 3.611:01
pokoliJitesh_Nair: not currently (but it will be)11:05
pokoliJitesh_Nair: patch is welcome :)11:06
Jitesh_Nairpokoli, that was inspirational ... but u know presently iam not good enough for that :)11:09
pokoliJitesh_Nair: so you can wait until something else migrates it11:10
cedkpokoli: is it still relevant with the sale_promotion module11:14
pokolicedk: don't understand11:28
cedkpokoli: for me, the main goal of kit is to sale a set of product at a different price than individualy11:30
cedkpokoli: by the way, you know you can add yourself to copyright header when doing large contribution11:44
pokolicedk: we have use cases, where the kit is used to indicate that both products are sold together, but stock is managed independently11:49
cedkpokoli: that sounds like a production11:49
pokolicedk: sometimes, but not produced on the warehouse, only mounted on customer location, and normally also include service11:52
pokolicedk: for example TV Satelite, which includes a decoder, an antenna, and one hour of mounting it in customer house11:53
cedkpokoli: then it looks more like just a wizard to fill sale order11:55
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Jitesh_Nairif i change the tax.rate then the tax for the previously invoices should not change right? because when i change the tax.rate the invoices have the tax updated but the total amount after adding the tax is the same old one14:49
Jitesh_Nairlets say my tax.rate was 10%14:50
Jitesh_Nairi invoiced a product at 10014:50
Jitesh_Nairso my total was 11014:50
Jitesh_Nairlater my tax.rate was changed to 514:50
Jitesh_Nairwhen i check the previous invoice.lines.taxes the rate is updates to 514:51
Jitesh_Nairbut the total is 11014:51
Jitesh_Nairi dont want the tax to change like the total amount of the previous paid invoice14:51
cedkJitesh_Nair: invoice.lines.taxes are just a reference14:56
Jitesh_Nairso is there any way to get the tax value of the previously paid invoice? even after we change the tax.rate?15:11
cedkJitesh_Nair: don't understand as you said the invoice is not changed15:11
Jitesh_Naircedk, the invoice is paid...we have nothing to do with the old invoice15:12
Jitesh_Naircedk, then we change the taxrate15:12
Jitesh_Nairand just for a reference purpose we check the previously paid invoice15:12
Jitesh_Nairthere the tax rate is changed15:13
Jitesh_Nairbut the total value is not changed...15:13
cedkJitesh_Nair: no it doesn't  as the amount did not change15:13
Jitesh_Naircedk, yes the amount dint change15:13
Jitesh_Nairbut the tax represented shows the update tax rate15:13
cedkJitesh_Nair: no it did not change15:14
Jitesh_Nairis there any possibility to get the tax which was originally associated with the invoice15:14
cedkJitesh_Nair: I guess you have first to be familiar with
cedkJitesh_Nair: don't change you tax if you don't want it to change15:15
Jitesh_Naircedk, what if the new government has a new tax?15:15
Jitesh_Nairjust in case15:16
cedkJitesh_Nair: we generally use the date period with a children taxes15:18
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Jitesh_Nairouch!! how do we say that in understandable format? because i find it little difficult to understand!!!15:21
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pokolicedk: ping15:41
cedkpokoli: pong15:47
pokolicedk: in tryton client, when calling field_get for a wizard, active_ids is set on the context15:50
pokolicedk: so on proteus it should be also set15:51
pokolicedk: I'm having a wizard which overrides fields_get and view definition, depends on active_ids, and its not working on proteus15:51
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cedkpokoli: I think it is not an intentional behaviour15:56
cedkpokoli: I even can not find where it is set15:58
pokolicedk: ok, so i'm working on a patch, but my problem is
pokolicedk: there is some kind of cache of models?15:59
cedkpokoli: I mean the behaviour of the client not of proteus16:00
pokolicedk: don't know but on client works well :)16:02
cedkpokoli: can you spot where it is done?16:05
pokolicedk: not sure but
pokolicedk: and for wizard is here
cedkpokoli: normally only the action_ctx is passed16:10
pokolicedk: but action_ctx doesn't have active_ids set :$16:15
cedkpokoli: yes for me, it is not clear where it comes from and so it is not excpected16:16
cedkpokoli: indeed, as there is cache on such query, it is even a counter performence to have such volatile context16:17
pokolicedk: there is also cache for the client, isn't there?16:22
cedkpokoli: yes I'm speaking about this cache16:22
pokolicedk: so now i don't understand how this code is working on the client16:26
pokolicedk: our code is here
pokolicedk: if i understand correct only the supper fields_get it's cached, and we recompute it for every call, so that explains why opening this wizard is so slow16:28
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cedkpokoli: I neither find where this is done but I did not yet run the code16:45
pokolicedk: this is called by a button, and data in contains active_id so it's set to the context16:46
cedkpokoli: but it doesn't explain why we find it in the screen call to get fields16:47
cedkpokoli: because only action_ctx is passed16:48
cedkpokoli: and more over it is not to run a wizard but to open a tab16:48
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courrierHey guys, just wanted to report that is missing22:12
courrierIs there anyone with some experience with importation from Sage Coala (for the accounting module of tryton)? This program is unable to import to csv, only xml (or txt), I don't know what to do with that...23:09
pokolicourrier: you may develop a porteus script that read source files and import it into tryton23:35
pokolicourrier: what do you want to import?23:35
cedkcourrier: neso is not yet ready23:53
cedkcourrier: if you want, you can find an example of such script at
cedkit migrate openerp/odoo database to Tryton23:58

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