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Lucardien el grupo de gmail00:53
Lucardiexiste un tutorial de desarrollo de modulo00:54
Lucardicomo se llama que no lo encuentro ?00:54
LucardiYa lo encontré Documentación Tetécnica00:55
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jmoussetHi. Is it possible to display an icon in a form view ? Or is there a plan to make this possible ?12:11
pokolijmousset: you can set icons for fields, pages and buttons on form view12:23
jmoussetI have an icon Function Char field, that returns the name of the icon for a given record. I already display it in the rec_name column of the list view for that object, and I'd like to display it also in the form view.  You mean I can display it in the form view like so : <label name="rec_name" icon="my_icon_name_field"/> just like I do in the list view ?12:28
jmoussetI meant : <field name="rec_name" icon="my_icon_name_field"/>12:29
jmoussetI 've tried (trytond 3.6), and i can't have it working apparently.12:32
pokolijmousset: have you tryied putting the icon name directly (not the field that returns the icon name)12:34
jmoussetnot yet !12:36
jmoussetStill nothing.12:38
jmoussetI've thought about using an <image name="image_name"/> in the view, but I'dont think I can change its "name" attribute according to my record.12:41
jmoussetI've tried and failed.12:41
pokolijmousset: you have the image docs here
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gytisHi, I have installed account_payment_sepa module from 3.4 branch. Everything works very well. Sometimes some transactions are sent to the same party and every additional transaction costs some money. It is possible to group transactions by party?13:55
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cedkgytis: it is possible but by overriding the standard module with custom code14:54
cedkgytis: because normally the endtoendid is different for each line14:54
grasbauerwhat Time in Buen14:55
gytiscedk, thanks!14:55
cedkgytis: or of course you can create one payment line without using the accouting lines14:56
cedkgrasbauer: it is nice14:58
grasbauercedk: it was the wrong window - but the right answer :)14:59
grasbauercedk: first time not at TUXX and feeling like a child who missed the circus in town15:01
grasbauercedk: btw. is there a kind of framework, starting option or best practice to develop client? restarting everytime is a bit hard at all ..15:04
grasbauercedk: because I found another bug with datetime in the search widget which I would try to fix15:05
cedkgrasbauer: no but for widget we usually have a simple test window by running the file15:09
cedkgrasbauer: python tryton/common/datetime_.py15:10
grasbauercedk: ok - never tried this.15:10
cedkgrasbauer: but it is missing a list test15:10
grasbauercedk: thanks15:11
grasbauercedk: another btw.: don't know how many distributions changed the default python to 3.series - mostly the shebang in tryton files is python - could be an issue ...15:13
cedkgrasbauer: python2 or python3 is not a standard but only distribution specific15:15
cedkgrasbauer: but normally a install should create the right shebang15:16
grasbauercedk: ok - did'nt know that15:17
nicoegrasbauer: I think you'd have love it15:18
grasbauernicoe: yeah - I know. Was looking until last day for cheap flight, fighting with me if I could stop my work for a couple of days. the latino inside me said always yes, the german gives me a punch to finish my work15:20
grasbauernicoe: asado with luis, staying with community and viewing argentina not winning against brasil is so much fun I can't catch up never again ... proxima vez nos vemos15:25
grasbauerfirst is nit fun, sorry luis15:25
nicoegrasbauer: well the atmosphere at the game was incredible I almost became argentinian and the asado yummmy …15:26
grasbauernicoe: he visto maradonnnnnaaaaaaaa15:27
nicoegrasbauer: ¡el que no salta es un ingles! y « Brasil di me que se siente tener en casa tu papa »15:33
cedknicoe, grasbauer: there is #tryton-es if you want :-)15:35
grasbauernicoe: but good to know that south american community knows team from bc2k - so now more people is deeply convinced to tryton and we gonna make the world a little more better with oss, sharing knowledge, trinking beer together - in this time every little piece of this making things better ....15:36
grasbauercedk: :)15:37
grasbauercedk: is there a tryton-ca right know?15:38
grasbauernicoe: last offtopic - show the argentinian guys our bandera - they will respect it:
cedkgrasbauer: not yet (but I guess soon according to the news :-)15:41
grasbauercedk: what a pitty wih this world separated in parts by stuff which is meaning nothing ...15:45
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cedkPabloPadulles: hi, you don't need to publish comment on both review and issue16:06
cedkPabloPadulles: you can just answer on review, that's fine16:06
PabloPadullesOK, thanks16:07
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cedksecond day of sprint16:35
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grasbauercedk: share your desktop - always good to see how to do it :)17:10
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tatiluhola buenos dias . Estoy creando mi primer Modulo ya se esta compilando con el Model :)17:11
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marc0shi, i'm having some troubles moving a trytond-2.6 from one machine to another. The old one is working fine, but the new one is throwing UnicodeDecodeError while trying to log in. Setup seems to be the same, two identical virtualenvs, both debian, and almost identical postgres versions (9.4.4 vs 9.4.5). I'm out of ideas of what the root problem may be. Can anybody help me on this? thanks This is what I see in22:37
marc0stryton client output
nicoemarc0s: Check the encoding of your database22:46
marc0snicoe: i'll triplecheck it now... but i did the pg_dump with -E utf8 and the db listing says it's utf822:48
marc0s(just to make sure i didn't screwed it up during the move...)22:49
cedkmarc0s: also check the locale of the user22:55
marc0scedk: already checked, en_US.UTF-822:58
marc0sno luck.. I'm running out of ideas23:26
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