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buxyHi, did anything change since Tryton 3.2 or 3.4 about the way comments are handled on invoices ?10:18
buxyI have a custom template but it nevers renders the comment field (the one you can set in the "other information" tab)10:18
buxyI checked that I have the same construct than in the official invoice model: <for each="comment in (invoice.comment or '').split('\n')"> <comment> </for>10:25
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udonobuxy: Hi, usually it should work.10:42
buxyudono: clearly it doesn't here, I would like to help debug it but I don't know what to try.10:43
udonobuxy: Does it work, when you replace your custom invoice with the projects invoice?10:43
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buxyudono: I don't have any easy way to try that unfortunately... my custom module is diverting the official report. I just tried with a copy of my database and tried to uninstall my module, but it does not properly restore the former.10:52
buxy(I get AssertionError: account.invoice not found when I try to generate an invoice)10:53
buxyI can try by putting the original report in place of my own one though...10:53
buxyAnd there it works... duh.10:55
buxy is my template if you want to double check it10:56
buxyAdding a new line between </for> and the next <choose> fixes the problem but adds lots of undesired white spaces.10:59
pokolibuxy: on which versiion are you trying?10:59
buxypokoli: tryton 3.8 but relatorio 0.6.2-1~7wheezy+111:00
pokolibuxy: can not see nothing wrong11:02
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udonobuxy: The surrounding tag in the odf xml of the control elements like for each, /for, is deleted after parsing. So when you put everything in one line, the complete line will be deleted.11:25
buxythanks, I got it to work, somehow there were some style set that add all this whitespace, I copy/pasted a similar structure from the footer and this time it worked without adding too much whitespace11:34
udonobuxy: welcome11:43
csotelo_Good morning coders12:04
csotelo_After doing some modules customizations I have try to create the hello world ( I guess it must be my first step ) and I am having an issue. I have been working on the that is for 2.8 version, since I am working on 3.4 version I am do some changes. The error is "helloworld is not in list": Well my module folder name is 'trytond_helloworld, my pool is Pool.register(HelloWorld, module='helloworld',12:09
csotelo_type_='model')', my class model is: class HelloWorld(ModelSQL, ModelView):   __name__ = "helloworld.helloworld", and my views model ref is <field name="model">helloworld.helloworld</field> , any suggest? please12:09
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aroncerocsotelo: if your module name is helloworld, the folder name must be the same (without trytond_)12:31
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csotelo_aroncero, yes, that was my error, thanks a lot12:43
csotelo_I have it working, I was tryton tp understand line a line :)12:43
csotelo_one more question12:48
csotelo_what about this
aroncerocsotelo_: I never use it, it seems a "module maker" helper12:57
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csotelo_aroncero, yes.. I have seen it... looks like a good help to start coding modules13:16
pokolicsotelo_: I have used it, it's a template for your module, so you only enter the new module name and it generates all the boilerplate13:18
csotelo_thanks a lot pokoli13:18
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