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pinkiHello Community, can someone guide me if the PDF printing is available in tryton ?09:25
pinkiit was also on list in TUBA 2015 -!topic/tryton/7xPH1FCmoU009:28
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pinki@cedk can you please given update bug .10:24
cedkpinki: what?10:25
pinki@cedk can u please tell any solution for this bug:
cedkpinki: I think the description is clear enough, no?10:27
pinkicedk: the description is clear enough indeed. one of our client was in need for PDF generation and we were struggling with unoconv10:31
pinkiwe saw that it was one of the topic under consideration in TUBA 2015. so were interested to know how to generate a PDF10:32
cedkpinki: use unoconv until now for me it is the best option10:33
cedkpinki: what is your problem with unoconv?10:34
pinkiwe tried it on ubuntu 14.04 quite some days ago and it was throwing some error. let me try it again and share the issues with you here itself10:35
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VlijmenHi all.  Just installed Tryton 3.8 on Debian Stretch/Testing.  Worked out well.17:38
VlijmenThen after installing all modules with apt-get I can not get them registered.17:38
VlijmenI found a few tips online but none worked.  E.g. ¨trytond -u all -d tryton38_01¨ gives ¨Database tryton38_01.sqlite¨ doesn exist.17:40
VlijmenBut it´s a Postgres DB..  Any ideas?17:40
cedkVlijmen: in 3.8, update all modules is with option: --all18:53
javivfDoes someone know why my proteus search modules where it should not ? O:-)19:24
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