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Nico7878Greetings all : is there a way to edit manually a delivery date for a purchase order? Our company always request a delivery date to appear on the PO, but as tryton doesn't take into account business days I have quiet strange delivery date. I can't manage to set it manually even by editing the database (yeah I know I shouldn't and it's weird)11:43
cedkNico7878: see
Nico7878excellent cedk, ty11:49
Nico7878but I'll wait an update of the default branch, I don't fell skilled enough to implement this kind of modules on my setup11:52
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dj_xatraSay we like 95% of Tryton's ERP functionality and we need 5% customization. E.g. we need 2 extra attributes in the Product module. Can we derive an OurProduct module from Product and somehow fool the rest of the modules to use OurProduct instead of Product?13:55
dj_xatraProbably a silly question, but my boss wants to know w/o me looking into the code.13:55
cedkdj_xatra: Tryton is designed to be customized13:58
cedkdj_xatra: you just have to create a Tryton module and register an extention for the Product Model13:59
dj_xatraACTION searches docs14:00
cedkdj_xatra: look at the product_measurements module, it is a simple module that adds some fields to product14:00
cedkdj_xatra: the best way to start is to follow:
cedkdj_xatra: otherwise B2CK is going to make an online training soon, will be posted at
dj_xatraAwesome. So far I had the library example on my tutorial todo list, but crash course seems to cover more. Looking forward to online training.14:04
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dj_xatraAm I right that Pool.register(Product, module='our_product') would override the default Product module with a custom module?14:22
cedkdj_xatra: yes in some way14:25
cedkdj_xatra: Tryton will create a concatination of all the Product class (following module dependency)14:25
cedkdj_xatra: so the __name__ of the class is important14:26
dj_xatraCool. I think that's something we can work with.14:33
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nina_How can a field of a parent module is required=True only in a child module?14:40
cedknina_: you mean, you want to extend a field to make it required?14:41
nina_cedk: I created a new module extend, and I need to modify a field of the parent to required.14:43
cedknina_: you have to modify the field from the __setup__ method14:45
nina_cedk: for example , I need the patient's weight field is mandatory14:46
nina_In new module, I modify  the __setup__?14:47
cedknina_: yes14:47
nina_cedk: Thanks. I'm going to try.14:48
cedkpokoli: you will have better chance on if you submit a patch anyway14:53
pokolicedk: ok, but on which branch? default?15:29
cedkpokoli: yes, it is an optimisation15:57
cedkpokoli: but maybe they will backport but a core dev will manage that15:57
cedkpokoli: you also have to sign the cla16:00
pokolicedk: thanks, I have already signed the CLA16:39
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pokolicedk: how can I update the review of
cedkpokoli: I think you have to add a new patch17:05
cedkpokoli: otherwise I think you can use upload.py17:06
pokolicedk: I asked on #python channel and told me to upload a new patch17:06
pokolicedk: thanks17:06
pokoliACTION prefers the tryton way with hgreview ;) 17:06
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