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64MAAQUFTrmu: Hello08:35
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den2204_rmu: Hello08:37
den2204_what may be problem ? trytond -c /tr/1/trytond.conf -d tryton --all when i use this command . i get this error08:38
den2204_IOError: Database "tryton.sqlite" doesn't exist!08:38
den2204_but i use  postgresql08:39
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den2204_can anybody help09:25
den2204_i can`t understand09:26
den2204_what i do wrong09:26
den2204_i think , the problem in trytond.conf09:27
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rmuden2204_: did you configure postgres db in trytond.conf?09:46
den2204_yes, but i don`t  know  may be i mistake09:52
den2204_db_type = postgresql09:53
den2204_db_host = localhost09:53
den2204_db_port = 543209:53
den2204_db_user = tryton09:53
den2204_db_password =09:53
den2204_#db_minconn = 109:53
den2204_#db_maxconn = 6409:53
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aronceroHi, Is there somewhere new for blueprints? is read-only13:45
cedkaroncero: no13:46
cedkaroncero: for now, we discuss on ML and fill issues13:55
aroncerocedk: ok, i want to start a hr module(s) based in payroll blueprint14:04
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cedkaroncero: payroll is realy not an easy things14:12
aroncerocedk: I know, i write a payroll module for openerp according to spanish law14:14
aroncerocedk: I want to rethink that to make it generic14:15
cedkaroncero: we don't mind if you use external services to start working on the topics14:34
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aroncerocedk: I will write a document explaining what I want to do and how and publish it on ML14:46
cedkaroncero: that's good to collect information but at the end it is always good to have a summary document14:48
cedkaroncero: indeed for blueprint, I would like to simply have a hg repo with blueprint written in rst14:48
aroncerocedk: I agree14:48
cedkthen we could convert them into html page to publish14:48
cedkaroncero: if you can setup at least just the repo it will be great14:49
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cedkand of course it will even be better to migrate old one14:49
nina_For replacing a report, I must create a new module, correct?14:50
aroncerocedk: Ok, I will try it :D14:50
cedknina_: do you just want to change the template?14:53
nina_cedk: Yes14:54
cedknina_: you can edit the template from Administration menu14:54
kstengerdamn paste...14:57
cedkkstenger: you can use the -l option15:16
kstenger-l ? I'll look into it15:17
kstengerah, ok, thanks cedk15:18
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cedkpokoli: please try to keep the changelog ordered16:09
pokolicedk: sorry, i didn't noticed that more items where added, I will fix it ASAP16:10
kstengercedk: did you get the drone failures of the Uom.round commits ? I guess they are ok to be ignored because it looks like it was testing some modules without taking into account the commits to the others first. How can I tell if finally it is all fine for drone?16:11
cedkkstenger: I relaunched the tests (you can also do that)16:12
cedkkstenger: the best is to try to push in the right order16:12
cedkkstenger: in your case you should have pushed product first etc.16:12
kstengerced, oh, with some delay among commits ? (i pushed product first, but stock first to last)16:13
cedkkstenger: otherwise you just have to request a new build when you receive failure16:14
kstengercedk: should I register to do so?16:14
kstengerI just see a login button, but I don't know what user/password to use16:15
cedkkstenger: your roundup login16:18
nina_What is the correct way to replace an existing report ? I want to replace the report of the patient's evaluations because I changed the evaluation, I inserted some fields and I removed other.18:03
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nina_I created a new module for my patient_evaluation, and created a new module for the new report(health_history).18:04
nina_cedk: I did this, but when I try to print my new report, I received the ProtocolError and UndefinedError about 'print_date'.18:08
cedknina_: without a clear traceback, I can say nothing18:09
nina_Where I send the traceback for you?18:10
nina_cedk: How I send the traceback to you?18:12
cedknina_: use a pastebin18:14
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