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csotelodear coders, I ma trying to do inheritance on a wizard without sucess, is possible to do that?16:02
cedkcsotelo: yes it is possible16:05
csotelothanks for the answer,  I just to know that for continue on searching my error, thanks a lot16:06
cedkcsotelo: indeed there is no difference with Model16:08
cedkcsotelo: it is the exact same code that does it16:08
csotelobut the wizard that I am using, is no declarated on the tryton.cfg probaly I am missunderstanding something16:08
cedkcsotelo: any object are declared in tryton.cfg16:09
csoteloI refer to, that file is no on
cedkcsotelo: but of course you have to define correct dependency, you can extend only object that are defined in module you depend on16:12
csotelothat is the reason on thinking I am misunderstanding something16:12
cedkcsotelo: views must not be defined in tryton.cfg, it is only data XML that should16:12
csoteloyes, I have done that, using the xml file, however I gues I am not taking care on something, probably the view model is no correctly defined16:13
cedkcsotelo: model should be the same as the one defined on the original record16:15
csotelocedk, I am coding the inherited models as, for example "class PayInvoiceStart:" instead "class PayInvoiceStart(ModelView):" is ok?16:17
cedkcsotelo: I'm confused because you talk about view and after about Model16:20
csoteloI understand, let me order myself and my ideas and do a right question16:21
csoteloIa m sorry16:21
csoteloI have paste the code that I have written
csoteloWhat I am trytin to do is adding some fields to the form used on the PayInvoice wizard16:31
cedkcsotelo: you must not set a type when inherit a view16:34
csotelothen I must take of that line.. ok16:35
cedkthe class PayInvoiceStart must use the metaclass PoolMeta16:35
cedkcsotelo: the name in the view record must match the name of the file in view/16:35
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csoteloI need a gun to kill myself :S the name of the file was wrong16:39
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csotelodear coder, I am looking the way on implement something like "def on_change_with_field", I couldnt find the way, any suggest?18:03
csotelocedk, is possible to do something like a on_change_with on wizards?18:06
cedkcsotelo: yes18:07
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cedkcsotelo: but bettre to always use fields.depends instead of modifying the field18:08
csotelowell, what I need is to do some calculations, for example, if I change the currency, I must search the current currency rate and do a multiplication with an ammount, that is the reason on looking for on change with. Am I ok?18:10
cedkcsotelo: yes18:10
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sproingHi guys, i installed previous versions of tryton and rand tem fine, but then, i decided to go to last version tryton 3.8.3 installed client and server, but now i cant find the file trytond.conf neither the file tytond to launch the server. can anyone give me a hint?18:13
cedksproing: we don't provide anymore a configuration file18:20
cedksproing: trytond can run without or you have to create it following the documentation18:20
sproinghow to run it then, cause i cant find the archive i used to ./ in older versions...18:21
cedksproing: we don't know your configuration18:22
cedksproing: but mainly you have to define the database connection18:23
sproingi see, but generally, lets say in 3.8 trytond (executable) was in /usr/bin18:23
sproingyes? please continue! i am kind of lost in the 3.8 version18:24
sproingcreate a databese with postgres right? and define password... like the previous versions?18:25
cedksproing: I don't understand, are you setting a new server or migrating?18:26
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sproingi reinstalled ubuntu and i am trying to set a new server with the tryton versio 3.8. previously i was able to do so in older versions, like 3.4...18:28
cedksproing: do you follow:
csotelocedk, I couldnt get on_change_with behavior, this is my error
sproingthis tutorila says to install the version provided by my operating system, i am trying to get 3.8.3 runningu so i pip install client and server... but installed the necesary packages listed before...18:35
cedkcsotelo: you are using a field that is not declared in depends18:36
cedksproing: which version of Ubuntu?18:37
cedksproing: 3.8 is available on xenial:
csotelocedk, sorry for the missunderstanding,18:37
sproingubuntu 14.0418:39
cedksproing: so only 3.0 is available18:40
cedksproing: you plan to install from source?18:40
sproingyes i installed 3.4 with pip before...18:41
cedksproing: OK so you can still do the same18:41
sproinglook and also i decided going last version because i tried to install a model for spain account and it wouldnt let me, it would ask me for tryton 3.9 ... i didnt get it because i dont see a 3.9 nowhere...18:42
cedksproing: 3.9 is the development version18:42
cedksproing: there is no realese of it18:42
sproingso i cant install 3.9 in any ways?18:43
cedksproing: no or you have to fetch it from mercurial and it is a moving target18:47
cedksproing: you should see with the author if he don't have a real release18:48
sproing i tried to install this module that says 3.418:48
sproingbut when installing it demands me to have version 3.918:48
cedksproing: so it is a bug in their package18:49
sproinglook i will reinstall tryton version 3.4 and try to come here in time to paste the error...18:50
sproinghope see you when i come back or find anybody so helpful as you! many thanks man!18:51
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aroncero_sproing: i have that module installed in 3.4 version as well as 3.8 and works fine19:18
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aroncero_sproing: Maybe you are deploying a developmnet version19:19
cedkaroncero_: he is no more there19:21
aroncero_cedk: sorry, I had no noticed19:22
cedkaroncero_: no problem, it is just to prevent you talking to nobody :-)19:23
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aroncero_cedk: I'm married. I am used to it :P19:26
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