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cedkit will be great to have feedback on
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filipe858585anyone knows how to fix "TypeError: can't compare to NoneType" when receiving bought merchandise?17:19
filipe858585tried this : but my file is already how it suggest to change to...17:24
cedkfilipe858585: you can not do such comparison in Python17:25
filipe858585can i paste the error log? maybe you can help me... it is around 15 lines17:27
cedkfilipe858585: OK but use a paster17:28
filipe858585whats that?17:28
cedkfilipe858585: for example: pastebin.com17:31
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filipe858585<script src="//"></script>17:37
filipe858585can you reach the log by one of the links?17:39
filipe858585i guess not... so i used the paster and created a nicely organized error report, how should i transfer it here? copy paste?17:41
cedkfilipe858585: this was fixed by issue475117:41
cedkfilipe858585: the correct URL is:
filipe858585so i have to make a patch?17:45
filipe858585i have to change mercurial  on line 5032,8 is that correct ? is this the correct link?
cedkfilipe858585: why just use a more recent version of this module17:59
filipe858585i have the 3.6 version of that module...18:02
filipe858585because i am runnin 3.6 server and client...18:03
cedkfilipe858585: as far as I see the fix was applied on 3.6 series18:05
cedkfilipe858585: 7 months ago, so I'm pretty sure it is a latest releases18:06
filipe858585so you say i might be able to update the module and fix the issue?18:07
cedkfilipe858585: yes18:08
filipe858585do you mean the update i do trough the cliente, in modules? or i have to download something else?18:09
cedkfilipe858585: you have to install new version18:09
filipe858585of the module only or of the server and client?18:10
cedkfilipe858585: for this issue only the affected module but it is always better to run up to date software18:11
filipe858585i found it difficult to update to 3.8, other times i tried i didnt have succes... i installed server, client, and modules from repository in ubuntu...18:13
filipe858585can you indicate me the module you saw that i should get?18:13
filipe858585 i downloaded the one i have from here... branch 3.618:15
cedkfilipe858585: did you read the issue4751 ?18:15
filipe858585i looked for it in google and find the linkk i sent you... i dont know if i have to look for it in a particular place...18:17
filipe858585 this one?18:18
cedkfilipe858585: yes18:18
cedkfilipe858585: the issue has nothing to do with mercurial which is a complete different project18:46
cedkfilipe858585: indeed if you used Ubuntu packages, you should ask Ubuntu to update the package tryton-modules-stock-lot-sled to the version 3.6.1 which contains the bugfix18:49
filipe858585could you signal me wehre is this version you said please?18:52
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filipe858585i installed it, but it doesnt show in "modules" on the client, already reestarted server also19:13
cedkfilipe858585: I don't understand19:14
cedkfilipe858585: you already have this module as you have the issue19:15
filipe858585but i have to get the latest one right, so i tried installing the 3.6.119:16
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cedkfilipe858585: so what?19:21
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filipe858585so i tried installing stock_lot_sled 3.6.1 version and updating this module in the client.... and apparently it doesnt work like that...19:22
cedkfilipe858585: like what?19:23
filipe858585to substitute a module with other module, doesnt work installing the new module and trying to update the module in the client...19:24
cedkfilipe858585: it is the same module19:24
cedkfilipe858585: just a new version19:24
cedkfilipe858585: there is no database update needed inside the same series19:24
filipe858585so suposedly just installing this new version module should show it in my client?19:25
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cedkfilipe858585: show what?19:27
filipe858585i am asking you, installing the package i downloaded and updating the module in client should work for updating a module version in the same series?19:30
cedkfilipe858585: you don't need to update as I said19:31
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filipe858585ok getting the new version of stock_slot_sled to work instead of the older one... what does it take?19:33
cedkfilipe858585: just install the new version19:34
cedkfilipe858585: the Python module19:34
cedkfilipe858585: on the filesystem19:35
cedkfilipe858585: you need the new source code19:35
cedknow I don't know how to say differently19:35
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filipe858585it is installed, but nothing happend, now a have a folder for the 3.6.0 stock_lot_sled and a folder for the 3.6.1 for the same module in python2.7/dist-packages . And you say i need something else to make the new version of the module to work? a source code? when i login client i see the 3.6.0 version but cand go to the 3.6.1 version of the module in question...19:42
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gianvitoHallo to all20:03
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gianvitoCould you help me about the development of module?20:19
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filipe858585anyone know how to fix: TypeError: format_date() got an unexpected keyword argument 'date' when trying to generate general report?20:55
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cedkfilipe858585: probably incompatible series20:58
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cedkfilipe858585: in 3.6 the Report API has been refactorized and there is no more date keyword on format_date function21:11
cedkfilipe858585: so your template must be updated if you have customized it21:11
filipe858585i have not customized it21:12
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cedkfilipe858585: which report exactly?21:13
filipe858585in spanish is libro diario, se traduciria para dayly report maybe... its the last one just before the amortization report...21:13
cedkfilipe858585: order doesn't mean nothing21:14
cedkfilipe858585: but I don't think it is a standard report21:14
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fran_arghello. i'm having a problem with account-invoice-ar22:11
fran_argcan anyone, please, help me?22:11
cedkfran_arg: don't ask to ask, just ask22:13
fran_argWhen I call the post function of invoice module, I have this error message22:14
fran_argProgrammingError: can't adapt type 'account.invoice'22:14
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fran_argwhen I look in the traceback, found that the invoice on the account-invoice-ar module make an independent connection to the database, using the with statement22:18
fran_arg...and deleting that lines, make the whole thing works22:18
fran_argsorry for my english, it's not my native language22:18
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cedkfran_arg: could you give a link to the code22:20
fran_argsorry, I don't know how. Can I give you the link on the google group where I post it?22:21
cedkfran_arg: where is hosted the code?22:22
fran_argI'm afraid I'm goign to sound like a total noob. The code is on my laptop22:24
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fran_argthis is where i posted the problem22:26
cedkfran_arg: but you have downloaded it from somewhere22:26
fran_argYes! I'm working with the 3.4 version of tryton. On it, I downloaded the account-invoice-ar....22:27
cedkfran_arg: from where?22:27
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fran_argThe thing is that I'm trying to make a Sale_POS module that works with the account-invoice-ar module22:29
fran_argwhen I call the post function, I'm having that error22:30
cedkACTION will never understand people who write non-english code22:30
cedkfran_arg: I guees the correct code should be: instead of self22:31
fran_argI tried with, but have a different error22:31
fran_arggive a sec, I will change that line, and paste the trace22:32
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fran_argthis is it...22:35
fran_argIntegrityError: insert or update on table "account_invoice_ar_afip_transaction" violates foreign key constraint "account_invoice_ar_afip_transaction_invoice_fkey" DETAIL:  Key (invoice)=(193) is not present in table "account_invoice".22:35
fran_arginstead of, when I use an integer (eg. '3' ), the thing works22:36
cedkfran_arg: so you have somewhere some code that is wrong22:36
fran_argyes, thats the thing22:37
cedkfran_arg: because you have an instance of invoice that doesn't exist in the table22:37
cedkby just looking at the code, having a method that is more than 3 screens long, I wish good luck to find it22:38
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fran_argWhen I deleted or comment that lines, it's go on great22:38
cedkfran_arg: I think you should get in touch with the author22:38
cedkfran_arg: of course but I guess it is not doing something required22:39
fran_argYes! But, when I change that lines of code, using the same connection to the database, works great. Did I make myself clear on this?22:42
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cedkfran_arg: and what do you change?22:46
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fran_argwait, I would paste that lines22:48
fran_arg AFIP_Transaction = pool.get('account_invoice_ar.afip_transaction')         with Transaction().new_cursor():             AFIP_Transaction.create([{'invoice': self,                                 'pyafipws_result': ws.Resultado,                                 'pyafipws_message': msg,                                 'pyafipws_xml_request': ws.XmlRequest,                                 'pyafipws_xml_response': ws.XmlResponse,      22:48
fran_argi will try again22:49
cedkfran_arg: please use a pastebin instead of copy/paste in the channel22:49
fran_argIs the first time I use pastebin22:51
fran_argthat's the lines22:51
cedkfran_arg: so with this code it works?22:51
fran_argno, that is the code that doesn't work when you call the post invoice function22:52
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fran_arg...from somewhere else22:52
cedkfran_arg: from where?22:53
fran_argwhen I comment that code, works great22:53
cedkACTION I'm lost22:54
fran_argsorry, my bad22:54
fran_argwhen I comment that code and I call the post invoice function from the model (sale) on the module I'm working it22:55
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cedkfran_arg: of course it works if you comment the code that doesn't work22:58
cedkfran_arg: but it doesn't solve anything22:58
cedkfran_arg: you should report to the authors that the code should be: self.id22:58
cedkfran_arg: and that there is a foreign key issue22:58
fran_argok! Thanks for your time. I report it to the authors, but had no answer. I would tryied to solve with this information23:00
cedknobody from Argentina?23:01
cedkfran_arg: you must find where comes the id that is not a account_invoice id23:02
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cedkfran_arg: it is probably an instance that is re-instantiated but with the wrong class23:04
cedkfran_arg: ha no, I think I know what it is23:05
cedkfran_arg: it is not a bad id but just an id created inside the first transaction which is not visible in the new transaction23:05
cedkfran_arg: this is a design issue23:05
fran_argok. that's great.23:06
cedkfran_arg: I don't know why they start a new transaction to do this write23:06
cedkfran_arg: it is just my guess, I did not run any code/test23:06
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fran_argbecause, it is used to log the information from a web service23:06
cedkfran_arg: what is the point?23:07
cedkfran_arg: if you want log, just use logging23:07
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fran_argsorry, perhaps my english it is not as good as i think23:07
fran_argthe account-invoice-ar module allows to connect to AFIP (I think is like IRS on the US)23:08
fran_argso, you can  make electronic invoices23:08
fran_argusing AFIP web services23:09
fran_argi will come back in a sec. wait23:09
meanmiciofran_arg : People from gcoop and friends from Thymbra can help you out on that one23:10
cedkfran_arg: this is the culpitre commit:
cedkfran_arg: I put a comment on the commit23:12
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cedkfran_arg: for me, you could remove the new_cursor call23:12
cedkfran_arg: but better to check with authors23:12
fran_argno, because the idea is to have the AFIP response when you call the web service. so, in case that is something wrong with the party you are making the invoice, or with the taxes of the sale lines, it saves the response to the account_invoice_ar_afip_transaction23:14
cedkfran_arg: but for what goal?23:15
cedkfran_arg: what is the point to store information about an invoice id that will never exist?23:15
fran_argto know what goes wrong with the request23:15
cedkfran_arg: logging23:15
cedkyou can not make logging inside the database, it can not work23:16
cedkdatabase is transactionel, logging is just append23:16
cedkACTION bbl23:17
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