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csotelodear coders, on views, when I accedd to a related model I do something like <field name="field_to_related_model"/>, how could I do if I would like to see a related field? something like <field name="field_to_related_model.a_related_field"/> thanks a lot NOTE: I have tried that on before without success00:19
cedkcsotelo: you can not. You must create a Function field that bring the value to the model00:21
csotelocedk, thanks a lot00:21
cedkcsotelo: usually we use an on_change_with as getter00:23
csoteloYes,I have done that :)00:23
cedkcsotelo: it looks like your questions come from an old-OpenERP dev, is it the case?00:25
csotelocedk, no, is not the case, I just building some views on my implementation, and I have done the same as you propose, however I was looking on been sure on what I was done00:26
cedkcsotelo: but indeed, what you describe is something I would like one day to implement in Tryton00:28
csotelosounds great!00:29
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sisalphi, someone got a new database and tried to install all possible modules18:49
sisalpit never ends and installs unwilled dependies , in particular several minimal accounts of various countries18:54
cedksisalp: but there are several accounts18:55
cedksisalp: all modules is an expensive task18:56
sisalpbut account_fr was in the list, why installing others ?18:56
sisalpthe task never ends in fact and postgresql is 10018:57
sisalp% after 8 heures18:58
cedksisalp: minimal charts are in account module18:59
cedksisalp: I have seen the same on our hosting19:00
cedksisalp: but in local, it is normal19:00
sisalpcedk: maybe worth investigating ?19:01
sisalpcedk: would it happen if account_fr is installed first ?19:01
cedksisalp: I have just seen that creating schema and filling it with very slow on our hosting19:03
cedksisalp: and mainly it was PG who was burning19:04
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