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notizblockin tryton 3.8, is there a way to link parties?09:14
notizblockI want to solve the following task: A company has multiple sales reps and I'd like to save the contact mechanism of each sales rep separately09:16
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aneolfHave you tried party_relationship module?09:27
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notizblockaneolf: yes, but it seems to be a rather cumbersome solution09:51
cedknotizblock: but it is the only solution that works for any kind of relation09:57
notizblockcedk: i can imagine, yes09:58
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notizblockanother quick question: which module is required to display the production calendar in the GTK client?10:05
cedknotizblock: goocalendar10:05
notizblockpip freeze: GooCalendar==0.210:07
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notizblockcedk: thx for the hint. I switched to the system version of the package and it works now10:13
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silwol1when selling something that has a bom, i get a production request generated if the item is not on stock (i assume this functionality comes from the sale_supply module)12:01
silwol1the production request recursively adds all required productions as well.12:01
silwol1can I get this recursive functionality for a production which I add by hand as well, or do I have to add all the dependencies by hand?12:02
cedksilwol1: it is the module stock_supply_production12:03
cedksilwol1: and yes you can have if you run the wizard12:03
silwol1thank you very much cedk. I had missed that module.12:11
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silwol1hmm, this seems to work on a quickly setup neso, but dosen not with the production data on the server…13:27
pokolisilwol1: make sure you don't have stock for the products on the planned date13:28
silwol1my stock is completely empty13:28
silwol1anything else that could prevent the requests from being created?13:29
pokolisilwol1: have you configured the supply period on production configuration?13:32
silwol1it's getting warmer now… I did not have this, so I added it. In addition, I added a planned date, now it seems to start working.13:34
silwol1i'm getting an error message though, but that seems to be a different issue: 'The field "Unit Price" on "Stock Move" is required.'13:36
pokolisilwol1: if you have more than one output in your bom, you may be affected by
silwol1well, not in this one, but in a nested one.13:41
pokolisilwol1: so you will neew to apply the patch on your server as it is not released13:44
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silwol1i just checked, but that does not seem to be the case. i'm right now processing through the bom tree trying to find out if that's the case13:45
pokolisilwol1: but if it's i a nested bom, it will affect you as tryton will recusrively create all the productions13:51
pokolisilwol1: you can open the bom tree from the product form13:51
silwol1yeah, it works now. I just put some of the results of the multi-output bom on stock, and the wizard now creates the expected requests13:57
silwol1thank you very much13:57
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pokolisilwol1: you're welcome :)14:09
silwol1will there be a minor version 3.8 release which might contain the bugfix, or is the next version already 4?14:21
pokolisilwol1: i don't know if the change will be backported (it will be great) but if it's backported it will be realeased on a minor version of 3.8 for sure14:31
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cedksilwol1: yes it will14:54
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notizblockcedk: thx for farmhouse :)15:16
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cedknotizblock: great to hear it is usefull to someone15:29
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csotelo_at_workhello coders16:52
csotelo_at_workhello cedk .. I have notice you about the language issue ticket, I have reading it, however I guess I need extra experience / knowledge on working on the tryton for been ready to work on new features, probably I could start helping on fixing in order to underdstand it better, but I coul dtake more time on it that the planned16:55
csotelo_at_workif some else could take it, is ok for me, any way i will trying to get involved on it16:56
cedkcsotelo_at_work: no problem, I knew that it is a hard issue and I did not really expect you will fix it16:58
cedkcsotelo_at_work: if you want to help, you can start with an easy issue (see the link)16:59
csotelo_at_workYes, I really want to get involved16:59
csotelo_at_workthanks cedk17:00
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