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cedkpokoli: please don't forget to put the review id in commit message09:31
pokolicedk: you are right sorry :(09:32
pokolicedk: I see you fixed the drone sintax, but currently is failing in drone09:33
pokolicedk: it's strange as it was working correctly on my machine09:34
cedkpokoli: I think the postinstall is not run09:36
pokolicedk: your right bower is not executed09:39
cedkpokoli: fixed09:46
cedkpokoli: I have also setup local-npm09:46
cedkstill missing is same tool but for bower09:46
pokolicedk: Great, sorry for the mes but it was dificult to me to test the .drone.yml fiel as it's ignored on drone.io09:48
pokoliACTION is googling for a local-bower :)09:48
cedkpokoli: private-bower seems to be09:51
pokolicedk: yes it seems09:55
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sisalpabout, couldn't we consider an indicator [0..99,many] and stop counting when it won't be displayed on a single page ?17:00
cedksisalp: do you know how to stop counting in SQL?17:02
sisalpcedk: I don't even know how to start to count in SQL :-(17:05
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pokolisisalp: don't understand why it will be usefull to not show the correct number17:11
cedkpokoli: in the patch, I already convert > 100 into 99+, to limit the size17:12
pokolicedk: So this info should not be very usefull on big databases17:13
pokolicedk: for example we had a customer how normally has 2000+ posted invoices to be paid17:14
sisalppokoli: I don't think he wants to manage hiss frontlog with the thumbnails17:15
cedkpokoli: what will bring to have a more precise number?17:16
sisalpcedk: yes this was my idea.17:16
cedksisalp: but this is not done SQL level so we must avoid to count large dataset17:18
pokolicedk: in terms of preccission it will be correct, but in terms of knowing the work to be done (in order to lower the number to zero) it will be the same to show 99+, than 45617:20
cedkpokoli: don't understand17:20
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pokolicedk: I'm used to my email client which always show the correct number, and having for example 259 (which is the current number of emails in my inbox) its more precise than 99+17:21
pokolicedk: A more precisse number is better for comparision. For example to compare the pending numbers of invoices in the start of the day and in the end of the day17:22
pokolicedk: it's impossible to compare 99+ with a lower number17:23
cedkpokoli: you can have precise number by selecting the tab17:23
cedkpokoli: I think it will be bad to have too large tabs because of big number17:24
pokoliACTION haven't tested the clients patches (yet) 17:24
cedkalso people can not compare easily 1818272 and 182726317:25
cedkor we need to have formatting and so take even more place etc.17:25
pokolicedk: I see your point, but for me 99 is too little number17:27
Timitosi agree that 99+ is a good idea. for me it would be enough to have the precise numbers by selecting the tab17:27
pokolicedk: for example, postend invoices is "Contabilizada" which is 13 chars lengths, So one or two more digits won't hurt17:27
pokoli"Contabilizada" in spanish17:28
pokoliTimitos: you mean the precise numbers in the tab? AFAIU the precessies numbers is shown in the record count as shown currently17:28
cedkpokoli: I think count on this precise tab is not really useful17:28
Timitospokoli: i mean that it is enough to have the precise numbers in the record count17:29
cedkpokoli: it is not the important information, the important information is the due amount and you get it in the party balance17:29
cedkthe idea is that user see if there is something to do before clicking17:30
pokolicedk: so we agree that the number of posted invoices is not relevant to the user?17:30
cedkand if he can manage to do it, so 99+ is something you can not manage humanly in a day17:30
cedkpokoli: not really, the important are draft and validated17:31
cedkit is not important because user can do nothing to reduce it17:31
pokolicedk: understood, so we can agree on the 99+, but the count option has to be activated only with care17:32
pokolicedk: only on models that "have pending actions"17:33
cedkpokoli: yes but I don't think "Posted" would have create performence issues17:33
cedkpokoli: it is just that it is less useful17:33
pokolicedk: i don't think we will have a performance issue for counting the number of records on a big table (postgresql is fast in this operation), but i think the problem is the GUI17:34
cedkpokoli: postgresq need to read all tuple to count, so it has performence consideration17:36
cedkFYI, I think Posted should have any way the counter because the number 0 is an indication of something wrong17:40
pokolicedk: but limiting to 99+, will have the same performance issue. So for me the warning in the doc is enought17:40
pokolicedk: so for a warning, i will prefffer an icon, instead of zero17:41
pokoliSome maybe adding a pyson expression to return the icon should be a good idea17:42
pokoliACTION is not sure about only the icon, or the icon and the text. Just was an idea17:42
cedkpokoli: yes the 99+ limit is just to limit the display17:43
cedkpokoli: I don't think warning should be just visual thing somewhere17:44
cedkpokoli: if we need warning it should be done with notification which is for now email17:44
pokolicedk: when i say warning, i mean "the number 0 is an indication of something wrong"17:48
cedkpokoli: by 0, I mean too low17:57
cedkI don't think we must complexify with color/icon etc.17:58
pokolicedk: yes, so thats why I thought about the button, so the user does not need too know which is the threshold about too low or to much17:58
cedkwe must try to keep the quantity of information not too much17:58
pokolicedk: agree17:59
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cedkpokoli: I think especially the threshold is about feeling so there is no magical number17:59
pokolicedk: i also think so. What I fear is that the threshould if over 99+, so then information is not relevant18:03
pokolis/if over/is over/18:03
cedkpokoli: in this case, it will become later18:03
cedkpokoli: maybe we could add a tooltip with the right number18:05
pokolicedk: sounds like a good idea18:06
pokolicedk: I was thinking about make the threshold configurable like the search results, but I'm not sure about it18:07
pokoliACTION bbl18:08
cedkpokoli: I always try to avoid adding configuration18:09
cedkadding configuration is a failure18:10
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