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dj_xatraRunning "pip install -i --allow-all-external --pre trytond-4.1.dev0" says "Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement trytond-4.1.dev0"10:55
dj_xatraWhat am I doing wrong?10:55
cedkdj_xatra: our tox uses: pip install --pre --find-links
cedkdj_xatra: trydevpi is not an index but just a list of links10:57
dj_xatracedk: What should I specify as package. Pip says wrong project name:
pokolidj_xatra: pip install --pre --find-links trytond should install lates development version11:05
cedkdj_xatra: trytond==4.1.dev011:05
dj_xatracedk: specifying version gives error:
dj_xatraWithout version seems to work11:09
silwollooking at the 'View' location type seems to be missing from the list.11:17
pokolisilwol: yes, it is11:20
pokolisilwol: I'm wondering if you want to propose a patch to improve it11:21
silwolpokoli: where's the source for the documentation?11:23
pokolisilwol:  in the doc folder of the stock module11:24
nicoedj_xatra: you must using a double = not a simple one no?11:30
dj_xatranicoe: Whoops. Time for coffee. :)11:31
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notizblocki have a question regarding the production module: is it somehow possible to dynamically calculate where the items of the input column reside?14:43
pokolinotizblock: don't undestand what do you want to calculate :$14:48
notizblockhere is the scenario: we have a single warehous with multiple storage zones (one storage zone per shelf)14:50
notizblockthese storage zones are wrapped in a view14:51
notizblockthe warehouse has this view as the default storage14:51
notizblockeach of the articles uses a different storage location (using the stock product location module)14:51
notizblockso purchase and supplier shipments can be easily handled14:52
notizblockthe production module uses the 'storage' setting of the warehouse to get inputs and put output14:52
notizblockin our case this is set to the wrapping view.14:53
cedknotizblock: such computation is done by the assign button14:54
notizblockso, in order to produce an item we need to change the storage location for each input item and each ouput item14:54
notizblockcedk: indeed! great14:57
notizblockwe used a huge BOM for this test, maybe we missed an item or it was not on stock14:58
notizblocka minimal example (1 input -> 1 output) worked14:58
notizblockcedk: nice, exactly as you described it :D15:02
notizblockcedk: for the output of a production, the default storage location is ignored?15:06
cedknotizblock: the module stock_product_location has not yet been updated to support the production15:08
notizblockcedk: ok, thx for the info15:08
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shroxcedk: I am working on my project. Using lxml was a little more challenging than I had earlier thought it would be. But I think I've figured it out now. I will be uploading a review / getting back with some work soon. Sorry for the delay :/18:15
cedkshrox: OK, I think it starts to be time to show something18:17
nicoeshrox: if you have issue do not hesitate to talk about it18:18
nicoeshrox: we're also here to help you18:18
cedkshrox: I think it will be good to setup a weekly check18:19
cedkshrox: it can be here or by email where you tell us what you have done during the week18:20
cedkpokoli: did you get any news from Prayash18:21
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shroxcedk: Yes. Weekly check is good. Every Friday? It will give me some impetus to not procrastinate as well.18:40
shroxcedk: Let me just get done with this one lxml bump, then I will need your help with the other things. Thanks for the reminder about help being available though :)18:42
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