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pokolicedk: will be great if you can give me some help (when possible) with
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dj_xatracedk: do you know if anything's happening with ?14:21
pokolidj_xatra: AFAIK there is no GSoC student assigned for this task14:22
dj_xatraToo bad. I had hoped we could get rid our own EDI spaghetti.14:24
pokolidj_xatra: you can work on it yourself if you want :)14:25
dj_xatraWe're going to need it eventually, so maybe I will.14:41
dj_xatraAre there any publicly available process/workflow models from organizations who use Tryton?14:58
dj_xatraI'd like to know more about how people are using Tryton in practice.14:58
pokolidj_xatra: not as far as I know15:03
pokolidj_xatra: maybe it was explained on some unconference15:04
dj_xatraAck. I should make some time to watch more of the videos.15:06
pokolidj_xatra: there is a tryton youtube channel
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silwolin the commission module, the only information I get in the formula is *amount*. Is there any chance I can use other data, e.g. list price of the sold product?16:28
silwolour commissions model is based on the difference to the list price (over list price means a higher percentage of the difference)16:29
pokolisilwol: yes, you can override get_context_fomula in order to add your custom variables16:31
pokolisilwol: see
cedksilwol: you can overrid InvoiceLine._get_commission_amount16:31
silwolok, i'll investigate this. thx so far.16:33
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pokoliprayashm: hi, you want to talk to me yesterday? I was not in front of the computer sorry :(17:07
prayashmpokoli: No worries. I had some questions.17:08
pokoliprayashm: so ask them now ;)17:09
prayashmpokoli: Pootle generates the and other locale specific .po files, right?17:09
prayashmpokoli: and we use them in the repos of tryton, sao?17:10
pokoliprayashm: yes. But you don't have to worry about translations17:12
pokoliprayashm: you only have to worry to mark your strings to be translatable17:12
prayashmpokoli: That is by passing them through Sao.i18n("string") method, isn't it?17:13
pokoliprayashm: so on the translation period they are uploaded to pootle and then translators can translate them and just before the release the are sincronized in the repository17:13
pokoliprayashm: Sao.i18n.gettext('string) yes ;)17:14
prayashmpokoli: yes yes! :)17:15
prayashmpokoli: Do I have to add "Export" and "Import" strings to messages.pot template for sao somewhere?17:16
cedkprayashm: no, developpers should not care about translations17:16
cedkprayashm: just use Sao.i18n for strings diplayed to the user17:17
prayashmcedk: thanks!17:17
prayashmpokoli: thanks to you too!17:19
pokolicedk: thanks for poiting the issue, I was thinking on remove those strings also :)17:24
cedkpokoli: I think we should remove string from XML and use only the value of ir.model17:33
cedkpokoli: and the custom header method should also be removed17:34
cedkI think we the action context and the relate issue, we cover most of the need17:34
pokolicedk: I'm wondering if we should remove directly string or deprecate it. As removing from xml will break all existing views17:35
cedkpokoli: what is the point to keep it if it is not used17:35
cedkpokoli: but if you speak about deprecated from rng validation, I don't know if such feature exists17:38
cedkbut if we don't generate a warning, there is no point to deprecate17:38
pokolicedk: I will search if existg some way to deprecate in rng17:40
pokolicedk: for what I've found, you have to generate two rng files (via an xslt transformation) and validate on each one, which I think is not worth on this case17:44
cedkpokoli: I think also17:53
cedkpokoli: maybe a simple sed expression in the migration page is enough17:54
pokolicedk: I think the sed expression will be ok, and it will be usefull for migrating base modules also17:54
cedkpokoli: for such change just reviewing the tryton/trytond + sed expression is enough17:55
cedkpokoli: we don't need to review the removal of attributes17:55
pokolicedk: what do you mean by removal of attributes?17:56
cedkpokoli: removing string attribute17:57
pokolicedk: ok, understood, but we have to remove it with the sed expresion17:57
cedkpokoli: yes18:06
pokoliACTION leaves. Tomorrow more 18:06
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giesenthe download link for the 4.0 neso build for windows is broken... Is this a known issue?22:33
cedkgiesen: yes:
cedkgiesen: also neso is probably going to be abandoned22:35
giesenfair enough. I just wanted to try it out quickly with an all-in-one setup22:42
giesenbut I can always spin up a vm22:43
cedkgiesen: there is a demo server at
giesenyeah I played with it but it's a little on the pokey side... I'll just spin up a vm, not the end of the world22:49

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