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prayashmpokoli: Why does the selected_fields region (view2 in GTK Client) need to be a TreeView?09:32
pokoliprayashm: it has to be a flat list09:33
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prayashmpokoli: I noticed that WinCSV is no more. Why is that?09:50
pokoliprayashm: sorry but I don't understand your question. WinCSV is not more what? About what change are you taliking?09:51
prayashmpokoli: Previously (as in 4.0) WinImport and WinExport used to inherit WinCSV class right? Now WinImport inherits NoModal09:56
prayashmpokoli: You can see here:
prayashmpokoli: file isn't here10:04
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cedkmrichez: don't you have a directory named trytond.config in your modules directory?11:07
mrichezi'm using the same virtualenv and export variable as to launch tryton11:09
cedkmrichez: which variables?11:12
cedkmrichez: could you sent the full traceback?11:12
cedkmrichez: It seems python can not trytond from where you are11:27
mrichezcedk: what should i do11:27
pokoliprayashm: take care that tip is not always the latest version, as may be commits to backport in older branches11:28
pokoliprayashm: win csv still exist in default and nothing changed
pokolimrichez: I tend to use a virtualenv and install (with develop) tryton to avoid import errors11:30
pokolitrytond* sorry11:30
mrichezi'm using virtualenv11:31
mrichezinstall with develop ?11:31
cedkmrichez: no11:31
cedkmrichez: for me, it is one of the biggest mistery, some platform doesn't seem to have current working directory in sys.path11:32
pokolimrichez: I mean python develop which makes a link to the source code instead of copying11:32
mrichezcedk: i'm on Debian Jessie11:33
cedkmrichez: maybe by adding "" to PYTHONPATH11:34
mrichezpokoli: ok but i'm using hg nclone11:34
mrichezcedk: will try11:34
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pokolimrichez: me too, but you only have to install trytond and proteus (for scenarios)11:35
greg__hello, what is the use of context called "preference"?11:35
mrichezcedk: working now :-)11:35
greg__because every calls works fine even if I not send it11:36
cedkgreg__: context define a general context for the call11:37
mrichezpokoli: trytond and proteus with pip install ?11:37
pokolimrichez: no, installed from local sources
greg__does context effect the result?11:39
cedkgreg__: it depends of the code called11:39
mrichezpokoli: oki thanks !11:40
greg__code called means? I am using JSON RPC call11:41
cedkgreg__: the code behind you RPC call11:41
greg__sorry but I am not getting you11:42
Timitosgreg__: the context contains information about the language for example. the values of a translatable field will be returned depending on the language that is set in the context11:43
greg__so if language set as german in context then I get response in german, right?11:44
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prayashmpokoli: Thanks13:48
pokoliprayashm: you're welcome :)13:56
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prayashmcedk: My posts on discourse are being flagged and are getting hidden what should I do?15:52
cedkprayashm: discuss thought you were spamming because you posted multiple times with links pointing to the same domain16:05
cedkprayashm: and you are a new user16:05
cedkprayashm: I unflagged them16:06
prayashmcedk: I should avoid using more than two links per post?16:07
cedkprayashm: you should avoid to post too much and too fast16:09
prayashmcedk: noted. Thanks!16:09
cedkprayashm: you should maybe add some tests to your PR on PapaParse16:19
prayashmcedk: yes, pokoli also indicated that. I am on it.16:19
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