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Hogghow to apply order ascending in JSON RPC?08:30
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Hogg is given error for Ordering08:39
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Hoggcedk Hello,please help me for Order in JSON RPC08:49
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HoggHow can I get ORDER response in JSON RPC?09:16
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Hogg giving me error for ORDER field09:32
Hogghow to use Order for ascending?09:32
cedkHogg: what error?09:32
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Hoggcedk, it shows me too many arguments too parse10:33
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cedkACTION wondering what are all those guys asking json-rpc questions11:26
Hoggperhaps due to complexity!11:34
Hoggcedk, I already tried that one but I am sure for something wrong with call11:35
Hoggcan you please correct me?11:35
cedkHogg: It is very difficult to help you because you do not provide full information11:35
cedkHogg: here you just say "tried that one", but it is impossible to understand what you tried11:36
Hoggmy try is here
cedkHogg: again you just give partial information11:41
cedkHogg: where is the error message and the traceback?11:41
cedkHogg: please read the documentation link also11:42
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Hoggcedk, error is here
cedkHogg: it is because you don't pass a corret order value, it must be a list of tuple like the documentation explains11:49
Hoggbut then it is not valid JSON11:51
cedkHogg: see: json.dumps([('foo', 'bar')])11:53
cedkHogg: by the way, do you work with michale ?11:55
cedkHogg: what are you developing?11:57
Hogg try this with JSONlint , it is not valid11:59
cedkHogg: so you did not run the code I give you12:00
cedkHogg: in json tuple are replaced by list12:00
HoggI also run that but it is also not valid12:00
Hoggsorry to say that but we are not authorise to disclose what we are developing!12:01
cedkHogg: sorry but in this case I'm not so interrested in helping12:03
cedkHogg: as I don't know what you are doing, I don't know if I will like what you are doing12:06
cedkHogg: also I'm strongly for openness12:06
Hoggbut we just need your help for JSON RPC call because there is no document for it12:07
cedkHogg: but you don't tell me what you are doing12:08
Hoggdoes it matter?12:10
cedkHogg: if you don't want to tell me, it matters even more :-)12:11
cedkalso if I do not know the context, I can not help efficiently12:11
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Hogghello, How can I get official help for tryton?12:20
HoggI am getting some problem for JSON RPC call12:21
cedkHogg: what do you mean by "official"?12:21
Hoggbecause it is tough for me to disclose my project!12:24
HoggI don't know why you need the project details, because we are jus asking for JSON RPC call request12:34
cedkHogg: I never said I wanted the project details, just an idea of what you are doing because normal usage of Tryton doesn't require to do json-rpc request12:35
cedkHogg: and so as you don't want to tell us, I'm free to not want to tell you neither12:36
cedkespecially because your collegues have already requested a lot of help for basic stuffs12:37
cedkHogg: also I will remind you that all support we give here is given for free on the free time of people12:39
HoggI am extremely thankful to all for that!12:41
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HoggTelesight, can you help me in JSON RPC Call?13:08
Telesight@Hogg, I have no knowledge in that field, sorry ...13:09
Hoggthanks for your feedback13:10
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Hoggprak, can you help me in JSON RPC Call?13:25
prakHogg, what help is required13:27
HoggI am getting error while I try to make JSON RPC call using ORDER field as here
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michalecan anyone help me to solve my problem in JSON RPC call?14:18
cedkmichale: what do you try to do?14:48
michaleIf you can help me rectify the error in my code, that would be much appreciated.14:50
michalecedk, are you there?15:03
cedkmichale: yes15:04
michaleAwesome! Did you get chance to go through the code I sent earlier?15:06
cedkmichale: not at all15:06
michaleI see, let me send again. Here:
michaleWhat am I doing wrong here ,cedk?15:08
cedkmichale: ask your collegue Hogg, I already answered15:09
michaleI believe you asked about the purpose of developing and didn't answer the query.15:12
cedkmichale: so what?15:13
michaleI see, thanks for your time anyway. :)15:15
cedkmichale: it looks like you are looking for professional support:
michaleI am not looking for a professional support, I would rather call it a help resolve my query,that's it!15:19
michaleThe query is not that big to look for professional support.15:19
cedkmichale: from the question asked since 2 weeks, you probably need professional support15:21
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michaleI see your point. I may have needed some help frequently. You would agree those were quite simple queries.15:23
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Michael_cede, Hello16:45
Michael_Cedk *16:45
Michael_We are trying to implement tryton by JSON RPC call, because here no one know python16:49
cedkMichael_: it is going to be difficult because API is defined in python code16:50
cedkMichael_: also what do you mean by implementing? To use Tryton you don't need to do any calls, the client does it for you16:50
Michael_Yes I know that's why we are just looking for simple basic function only16:50
Michael_That's why we need your help16:51
Michael_You may also agree that we are just making silly mistake16:51
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Michael_Also our budget is too small that we  can not afford professional service16:53
cedkMichael_: I don't understand what you are trying to do, so I can not advise16:54
Michael_We make simple online form one page16:54
cedkMichael_: why using Tryton?16:56
Michael_Because it is open source ERP db16:57
cedkMichael_: yes but useless for simple html form16:58
cedkMichael_: because it is for business application, not simple website17:00
Michael_We are just initially start, can you help us?17:02
cedkMichael_: I can not because I do not understand your goal17:03
Michael_But we are just asking you technical things,  does it matter of goal?17:05
cedkMichael_: yes it matters to correctly answer17:08
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Michael_We just need JSON RPC call queries, I don't know how this matters to goal?17:09
Michael_Hello, any one going to help me please17:16
Michael_Hi, all17:20
nicoeMichael_: There was already plenty of help supplied IMHO17:22
Michael_Nicoe, there is no document for JSON RPC call,otherwise I also don't waste my time17:24
cedkMichael_: JSON-RPC is a standard but you have to read Python code to know the syntax17:26
cedkMichael_: so stop complaining about missing documentation17:26
cedkpatch is welcome to complete the documentation17:26
Michael_Ok, no worries, thanks for your time17:27
perillaMichael_: why dont use tryton_flask?17:57
perillaMichael_: sorry flask_tryton17:58
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