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sehgalayushHi, I am trying to run tryton on my mac, but after the installation when I go to the manage profile section, I am gettting the response of "Could not connect to the server". On the server I am seeing a POST request but no response. I am using postgresapp of mac for DB. Please help!08:22
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pokolisehgalayush: where do you have the server installed? on the same machine?09:08
pokolisehgalayush: could you post the server log (using some paste service like pastebin) ?09:09
sehgalayushyes I have installed both the client and server from mercurial to my local machine.09:10
pokolisehgalayush: so are sure the server is listening on the port you are conecting?09:15
sehgalayushyes, you can check my server logs at
pokolisehgalayush: have you created a database?09:21
sehgalayushno I have created a user in psql, which I also did when I was running tryton in ubuntu and that worked fine09:22
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pokolisehgalayush: the post requests sems to be the one to list the databases and the server is responding ok09:28
pokolisehgalayush: i will create a database and explained on
sehgalayushi ran the command and it gave this error
pokolisehgalayush: it seems that the postgresql driver for tryton misses some library09:35
pokolisehgalayush: I seems that misses the SSL support09:35
sehgalayushso what should i do now?09:37
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cedksehgalayush: I guess you have to reinstall psycopg2 with ssl support09:42
prayashmI am working on custom delimiter support, was wondering how should we allow users to enter tab character into the html input form10:09
prayashmEasiest would be having a link/button next to the <input> tag to insert it.10:10
prayashmlike demo here has10:10
pokoliprayashm: which is the current behaviour using the gtk client? have you tested? I think we should preserve the same behaviour (if possible)10:13
pokoliprayashm: we use \t to represent a tab in a python string10:13
prayashmpokoli: In GTK Client10:15
prayashmpokoli: one has to press Ctrl+Shift u9 and then leave Ctrl+Shift to insert a tab character10:15
prayashmpokoli: It doesn't accept \t though10:16
pokoliprayashm: and the same sequence does not work in browser?10:18
prayashmpokoli: it does, but behaves bit differently10:19
prayashmpokoli: tested on chrome and firefox, it worked only on the numberpad, that too when I turned off the num-lock10:19
prayashmpokoli: Yes, it does work on the browser with same sequences10:20
pokoliprayashm: so if it works, i will leave the same behaviour10:21
prayashmpokoli: Okay :)10:21
pokoliprayashm: and latter, we can improve both clients to ease the introduction of tabs in this screen :)10:21
prayashmpokoli: right!10:22
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sisalphello, for those if ever who would be be interested in getting a "populated" trytond archive (trytond+all core modules), I have to maintain one here :
sisalpis there any documentation about trytond-admin, why it was separated, how it will evolve over time etc...17:57
pokolisisalp: there are currently two in progress issues about trytond-admin18:01
pokolisisalp: see and
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cedksisalp: it was separated because it makes no sense to have the same command to launch the server and to perform tasks18:10
sisalppokoli: cedk: I suppose trytond should be stop when using tryton-admin, shouldn't it ?18:11
cedksisalp: it depends18:13
cedksisalp: it you install new module, yes18:14
pokolisisalp: I usually update the data defined on xml without stoping nor restarting trytond18:14
sisalpcedk: in which case trytond-admin is used if no module changed ?18:14
sisalppokoli: I see. it is not a newmodule, but an updated module18:15
cedksisalp: but to make it simple, always restart trytond after using trytond-admin18:17
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EdbOHello all20:07
EdbOI'm working to get Tryton working with websockets20:08
EdbOUsing this library
EdbOIt needs python320:09
EdbOIs anybody else interested?20:09
EdbOAnd can we discuss this on the mailinglist or is discourse better?20:10
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cedkEdbO: what is the goal?20:50
cedkEdbO: trytond is not designed to be asynchrone20:57
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EdbOcedk: For me the goal is that the server can update clients, so long running tasks can be put into Tryton via Celery and when the task is done the server can notify the client22:08
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EdbOcedk: also when another client updates a product, the server can send the changes to the other clients (when needed)22:09
EdbOcedk: clients then puts the data into the cache22:10
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cedkEdbO: what is excatly the goal?22:43
cedkEdbO: the client can not reload a for like that if the user ha modified it22:44
cedkEdbO: also a clien can have thousands of records in cache, I don't think it can scale to push update all over22:46
cedkEdbO: about task notification, for me an email is largely more efficient22:48
EdbOcedk: my client(s) are daemons running in the background.22:51
EdbOcedk: When they are started, they connect with Tryton, get their specific data and moves into the background22:51
EdbOcedk: They gather data from different sources / sensors22:51
cedkEdbO: I don't understand, if they get data from Tryton there is not need to wait22:52
EdbOcedk: When I make a change, the client(s) should be notified of a change, so they can take action22:52
EdbOExample: A client gathers data from a sensor every minute22:52
EdbOcedk: I change that into 30 seconds22:53
EdbOcedk: the "background"-client doesn't know that, until it get notified22:53
EdbOcedk: when de "background"-client is notified is can change the interval from 1 minute to 30 seconds22:54
cedkEdbO: I think you can do that with a long polling and pg listen/notify22:56
cedkEdbO: this can be an interresting module with a generic subscribtion mechanism22:57
cedkEdbO: I think you can start a generic proposal on discourse23:04
cedkbut I don't think you need websocket nor asyncio etc.23:04
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