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alkoHi! I'm unable to login through sao. It works in desktop client. Can someone help?09:59
pokolialko: which is the problem on sao?09:59
alkoShould I report a bug? I'm probably just missing something09:59
alkoI can't login. It apears to not except my password10:00
alkoI just get "password,Password,password"10:01
pokolialko: it's always asking for the password?10:01
alkoyes, I don't get past the login prompt10:02
pokolialko: it's strange because this is working on my side10:03
pokolialko: which browser are you using?10:03
alkoI tried in chrome and firefox10:04
alkowhat do you have under [web] in config?10:05
alkoi have listen and this ok?10:05
pokolialko: yes, I also have listen and root (with the path to where the sao files are compiled)"10:07
alkoOK, its working, I used npm install and grunt again10:10
prayashm_get_fields()  works same in WinImport and WinExport. Shouldn't it be shared?10:10
alkodon't know why it broke10:10
pokoliprayashm: why not10:13
pokolialko: the important thing is that you fixed it :P10:13
cedkprayashm: maybe10:25
cedkalko: npm may have failed the first time and you did not notice10:26
cedkalko: npm needs network access etc.10:26
prayashmpokoli cedk: same could be done for sig_unsel10:27
prayashmShould I file this is as an easy issue?10:27
cedkprayashm: yes10:28
pokoliprayashm: it will be great if you can also work on it ;)10:28
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prayashmcedk pokoli: sure!10:39
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cedkpokoli: I think you forgot production_routing module14:03
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pokolicedk: you are right. Uploading it know. Thank you!14:04
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cedkpokoli: by the way, it is good to push following the module dependencies14:07
cedkpokoli: there is a script in tryton-tools14:07
cedkpokoli: like that tests are in the right orders14:07
pokolicedk: yes, I realized latter, when drone started to complain :(14:07
pokolicedk: this is the script?
cedkpokoli: yes14:09
pokolicedk: ok, so I will use it next time :) thanks14:09
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pokolicedk: this error is a timeout?
cedkpokoli: yes17:28
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