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paco__hi all! do you know if there is a modulo to manage loans in tryton?16:32
cedkpaco__: from which point of view?16:36
paco__from the point of view that it has regular payments, (more or less like an amortization), wich could be automated in some cases (fixed interest rates)...16:37
cedkpaco__: what is the advantage to compute it instead of entering it?16:44
paco__well it could update itself (the total pending value of amortization) instead of having to enter the amortization and interest payment every month...16:46
cedkpaco__: why are you talking about amortization?16:49
paco__sorry, i might be expressing myself poorly,i am talking about loan amortization... it is the payment of the loan itself, not interests.16:51
paco__but i was just checking if there was a module related to loans...16:52
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shroxcedk: I've changed most of the things you asked me in the comments. Should I go ahead now with changing the way images are handled (that is, by reading the content.xml file again?)17:07
shroxcedk: Also, you had also mentioned that perhaps images could also be in the styles.xml file. I couldn't find any information about this online though.17:07
cedkshrox: try to put an image in the header/footer17:08
shroxcedk: Okay, it's there. How do you suggest I work on this?17:13
cedkshrox: what do you propose?17:17
cedkshrox: by the way, I still don't understand why you have a class?17:18
cedkshrox: instanciate a class and just call a method on it is just useless17:18
shroxcedk: class FODT2ODT? It slipped me again. Sorry.17:21
shroxcedk: For the images, I was just thinking of making another function for the body tag in content. But now that I see that there is the styles tag to take care of as well. I can make a function that will handle images and call it for styles and body.17:24
cedkshrox: I don't know17:25
cedkshrox: for now, I find the structure of your code very unclear17:25
shroxcedk: The class I thought would be necessary when importing. But I can of course just use a function.17:25
cedkshrox: I think it is the first thing to do is to have a clean design17:25
shroxcedk: Okay. Which part/s?17:26
cedkshrox: the all17:37
shroxcedk: Can you explain?17:38
cedkshrox: one of the most important think when written software is to have a clean structure of the code to make it easier for others to understand it17:39
cedkshrox: you write code to be read by others17:39
cedkshrox: for now, when I read your code, it is very difficult to understand17:40
cedkshrox: for example, the split_file method17:41
cedkit is complicated to understand what is going on17:41
cedkwith such name, I would expect to pass a file and to receive a list of splitted files17:42
cedkbut indeed the method write into a zip file a dump of a tree etc.17:43
cedkshrox: you should try to define a simple flow which will be cut into methods etc.17:44
cedkshrox: also don't try to do too much in one method17:44
cedkand also put docstring that explain what does the method17:44
cedkusually just trying to document, show you design issue17:45
cedkshrox: do you see my point?17:46
shroxcedk: Okay. Got it. I will try to make it simpler to understand.17:47
shroxcedk: Any specifics that you think I should especially change?17:48
cedkshrox: so key point: method doing simple thing that you can easy explain in the docstring17:48
cedkshrox: but be careful to be not too simple (like 1 line of code)17:48
shroxcedk: Sure17:49
cedkshrox: also try to minimize the number of argument of methods, it is often sign that it is too complex17:49
cedkshrox: so for odf2od, I think the zip management should be separated17:50
cedkshrox: you probably need to store the tree instances in a dict17:50
cedkshrox: and have an last method that take the dict and dump in a zipfile17:50
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shroxcedk: I didn't understand. Are you saying I should store"fodt_root", "fodt_namespaces", etc. in a dictionary and pass that in the methods?17:54
cedkshrox: don't know what is fodt_root17:58
shroxcedk: It's just what i get after getroot() on the tree18:00
shroxcedk: see the parse_fodt method18:04
cedkshrox: if we take tha split method, for me it should return the splitted stuff18:04
shroxcedk: Okay. A separate function take that and dump in the zipfile.18:05
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cedkshrox: it is just an example, you should try to apply a similar simple pattern18:09
shroxcedk: Okay. Will do.18:09
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