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hanzerWhat's the status of tryton-2.8?05:04
hanzerv2.8 is the only version available in the FreeBSD ports/package system.05:08
hanzerFreeBSD-10.3, PostgreSQL-9.3, Tryton-2.805:09
hanzerDuring the "Configure Company" step of "Module Configuration", what is meant by "Party"?05:14
hanzerI'm in the USA.05:15
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cedkpokoli: please keep the changelog ordered14:13
pokolicedk: sorry, i didn't notice it. Fixing it now14:16
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fsanchezHola comunidad19:09
fsanchezDisculpen si la pregunta es muy basica, como actualizo los modulos en la version 4, veo que ya no funnciona el -u ni el --all de versiones de trytond anteriores a la 4.019:15
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nramirezuyhey, anyone ever tried to run tryton client inside docker?19:20
cedkfsanchez: it is the English speaking chan19:29
fsanchezSorry, I was distracted19:34
cedkfsanchez: but if I understand correctly, you are looking for 4.0 to update modules19:36
cedkfsanchez: you must use trytond-admin19:36
fsanchezok Ced, thanks,19:40
fsanchezHas anyone tried the presik_pos_client in tryton 4.020:08
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