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cedkit will be great if someone could confirm:
mrichezcedk: no segmentation fault for me but gtk+3-3.14.5-116:10
xcodinascedk: What should I do to know what version of gtk i'm using?16:14
mrichezxcodinas: dpkg -l | grep libgtk16:16
cedkxcodinas: it depends on your OS16:16
cedkmrichez: did you set PYGTKCOMPAT=116:17
mrichezcedk: will check16:17
cedkmrichez: it is an environment variable to run with gtk+316:18
xcodinascedk: Linux Mint16:18
cedkxcodinas: I do not know but you should look at your package manager16:19
cedkmrichez: simples way is: PYGTKCOMPAT=1 ./bin/tryton16:20
cedkmrichez: you should quite different design for the client16:20
mrichezcedk: oki will retry16:20
xcodinascedk: With PYGTKCOMPAT=! i'm getting segmentation fault16:21
cedkxcodinas: which version of gtk+3?16:24
mrichezcedk: should i install a specific python library ?16:24
cedkmrichez: normally no16:25
xcodinascedk:  3.10.8~8+qiana16:25
cedkxcodinas: mmmh, quite old16:27
cedkxcodinas: it is exactly at the same place as I described?16:28
xcodinascedk: Yes16:32
cedkxcodinas: OK thanks16:33
mrichezcedk: can't launch in gtk316:34
cedkmrichez: what is the problem?16:35
mrichezcedk: i've made an export with PYGTKCOMPAT=1 and lanching /bin/tryton but i'm still with the old interface16:36
cedkmrichez: did you apply the patch?16:37
mrichezcedk: :-) i think this is probably why it doesn't work16:38
mrichezcedk: oki same segmentation fault16:40
cedkmrichez: which version?16:43
mrichezcedk: gtk+3-3.14.5-116:44
mrichezcedk: sorry, i've to go. back tomorrow!16:46
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