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Jones_pokoli: I try as per your suggestion to set party profile picture but I am getting error as here:
Jones_does it means require another method attachment.write07:43
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pokoliJones_: if you are using attachments to store images, you must first create the attachment, and then set the id of the attachment to the related party09:57
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Jones_hello, is there any way to combine 2 methods? e.g. One method to get part.search_read() which gives all ids of addresses & party.address to get address details14:02
Jones_I want to combine these 2 methods with only one API call14:03
pokoliJones_: don't understand what do you want to combine :$14:04
pokoliJones_: there is search_read which combines search and read in a single call14:04
Jones_FIRST call to get details party.search_read() which gives all ids of his addresses & SECOND Call party.address to get address details14:09
Jones_I want get party details & address details in single call14:09
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pokoliJones_: ahh, you mean get all the related information of the party.address. Understood14:11
pokoliJones_: no it's not possible, but you can use a direct call to search_read on party.address filtering by party14:11
pokoliJones_: you can use a dot to search on the related model. See:
Jones_ok, but some calls like, party_subscription & subscription.subscription can not apply this logic14:13
pokoliJones_: can you elaborate? Sorry but I don't know anything about party_subscription14:19
cedkJones_: trytond RPC are designed for the Tryton's clients14:24
cedkJones_: if you have special need you should probably create your API on top of it14:24
cedkJones_: I already used flask-tryton to create a tailored Rest API:
pokoliJones_: of course, if you provide a deeper explanation of what are you trying to achieve we can provide better advices14:33
Jones_I want to show subscription of parties , for that first I have to call party_subscription.search_Read which returns you subscription ids & after that call subscription.search_read which gives you subscription details14:47
notizblockis there a way to show all translations for a single .po file in pootle?14:53
cedkJones_: you are not explaining your goals but the solution you think it should be14:56
cedknotizblock: I think you can download the po file14:56
notizblockah, ok14:56
notizblockWhat is the best way to report issues with a translation? Pootle "Report issue with this string" or
notizblockI reported it now with Pootle, so I guess the admin should get a notification.15:11
pokolinotizblock: AFAIU you can provide suggestions on pottle15:13
cedknotizblock: do not report using Pootle, it only goes to the administrator who will not do anything15:22
cedknotizblock: you can make suggestion or create an issue in the tracker if it needs discussion15:23
notizblockcedk pokoli thx for the clarification15:32
Jones_My goal is to show subscription details with only ONE call, is that possible? rightnow  it takes 2 calss as explain above15:37
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SamSagaZ_hey guys, is possible to run a trytond server under windows? :D15:40
SamSagaZ_oh, found it, its named neso :)15:41
notizblockSamSagaZ_: neso is retired15:42
cedkSamSagaZ_: you can run trytond on windows if you want, you just need to setup a Python environment15:44
SamSagaZ_ok, i want to install tryton into a windows machine that dont have server. and remote server are slow. will try to set an python env in client box15:45
SamSagaZ_thanks cedk15:45
SamSagaZ_mm btw, is possible to sync remote and local db?15:45
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cedkSamSagaZ_: search for postgresql replication15:46
cedkSamSagaZ_: but if your remote connection is slow, the replication will also be slow15:46
SamSagaZ_well.. thanks guys15:47
notizblockWhat would be the best approach to tackle the following issue: We need several "terms and conditions" on our invoice and sale reports. Those items should be picked from a predefined list by a user during sale/invoice creation. I think a small custom module per entry with an adapted report is a possible solution. Is there a better way?15:48
cedknotizblock: I think you should only put it on sale, not on invoice15:49
notizblockas invoices can relate to sales, yes15:50
notizblockThe solution in my mind is pretty much what nantic-incoterm and nantic-sale_incoterm do15:51
cedknotizblock: we should have incoterm in base15:52
cedknotizblock: be careful that an invoice can be linked to many sales15:53
pokolinotizblock: for what you describe it reminds me this module:
pokoliand for incoterms, there is a blueprint in the old wiki:
mrichezcedk: i'm linking purchase_request state to purchase_requisition, i'm wondering if the purchase_request state "purchased" is not confusing because purchase_order could be in draft state16:00
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notizblockpokoli: thx for the links16:07
pokolinotizblock: if you want to revive the incoterm blueprint, you must re-create them in ;-)16:09
notizblockpokoli: i'll test tryton-sale_typified_descriptions. Maybe it is exactly what we need.16:09
pokolinotizblock: it was designed to be used on reports, that's why I remembered about it16:10
SamSagaZ_well, im not lucky, looks like cant run windows client using linux server :/16:10
pokoliSamSagaZ_: why not? what's your problem?16:10
pokoliSamSagaZ_: AFAIK people connect from windows to linux servers using standard client16:10
SamSagaZ_trytond 4.0.416:11
SamSagaZ_ / windows client 4.0.416:11
SamSagaZ_error say client not compatible with server version16:11
pokoliSamSagaZ_: please check you server and client versions. To be compatible you must match the first two digits of the version, so in your case 4.016:12
SamSagaZ_i already say16:12
SamSagaZ_server 4.0.416:12
SamSagaZ_client 4.0.416:12
pokoliSamSagaZ_: also ensure that the server it's accessible from the client (i.e: you can connect with telent)16:12
SamSagaZ_ok, let me check16:12
SamSagaZ_8000 port?16:14
SamSagaZ_is default?16:14
SamSagaZ_oh its for web16:15
pokoliSamSagaZ_: yes, default port is 8000, but default configuration only listen to localhost, so you must change it if you want to access from another server16:21
SamSagaZ_yes, looks like i cant run the server16:24
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SamSagaZ_running trytond using 0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf16:25
pokoliSamSagaZ_: you must edit your /etc/trytond.conf to toogle it to your needs16:31
SamSagaZ_yes alredy edited, but still cant login in... still trying16:32
pokoliSamSagaZ_: you can use the --verbose option in the server to see where it's listening16:33
notizblockpokoli: thx for the tryton-sale_typified_description hint. It is exactly what we need.16:36
pokolinotizblock: you are welcome. I'm always happy to help :)16:37
SamSagaZ_is strange, looks like dont read my ip:port configuration and always listen to localhost16:38
SamSagaZ_werkzeug  * Running on http://localhost:8000/16:38
SamSagaZ_in my conf i have listen =
pokoliSamSagaZ_: trytond will use it's defaults values if the user running the server does not have permisions to read the config file16:39
pokoliSamSagaZ_: so you must check that the user is allowed to read /etc/trytond.confg16:39
SamSagaZ_im running as root16:40
SamSagaZ_and chmod 777 the conf file16:40
SamSagaZ_still getting the same16:40
notizblockSamSagaZ_: is the listen directive part of the [web] section?16:41
SamSagaZ_im an stupid16:42
SamSagaZ_was using 3.8 conf file16:42
SamSagaZ_and dont have web section16:42
SamSagaZ_sorry guys16:42
pokoliSamSagaZ_: it was the next thing i was going to ask, if you are using the correct version of the config file :)16:43
SamSagaZ_INFO werkzeug  * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)16:43
notizblockSamSagaZ_: looks good16:44
SamSagaZ_im IN :D16:44
pokoliSamSagaZ_: congrats :D16:45
SamSagaZ_lol just dont remember the password, will create the db again16:45
SamSagaZ_thanks foryour support guys16:45
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SamSagaZ_guys, wich is the right way to set languages in tryton? i want to the users can see the tryton in spanish19:14
SamSagaZ_i set es_ES in the conf file but still see it in english19:14
SamSagaZ_and into users preferences are empty the option to choice lang19:15
SamSagaZ_maybe need to isntall some modle?19:15
yangoonpokoli: hi! as you worked on the localization awareness of eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker, on which version did you work?19:26
yangoonpokoli: more precisely: did you get any other than 4.7.14 to work, namely the actual version 4.17.42?19:27
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darkwarriorjamhi ..any one home19:30
darkwarriorjami have a prob running tryton 3.4.12 on windows 7 it wants elevated privilege, how can i run it without?19:32
darkwarriorjamthanks for your time19:35
SamSagaZ_i broken my tryton after install some modules20:08
SamSagaZ_is possible to remove all the files from tryton and start again?20:08
SamSagaZ_i want to disable all these modules20:08
SamSagaZ_fixed, removed all the files from python dist-packages20:13
SamSagaZ_trytond broken after install trytonar_account_bank_ar :/20:14
SamSagaZ_ImportError: cannot import name safe_eval20:16
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SamSagaZ_foudn the error20:58
SamSagaZ_module is not compatible with version 420:58
darkwarriorjamhi anyone has an answer for me/ re running tryton 3.4.12  on windows 7 requiers elevated privilege?21:14
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SamSagaZ_guys, dont know if its possible, that i want to know if is possible to have diferents niches in the same company, i mean i want to add a company that sell for example computers, cellphones, and food23:22
SamSagaZ_i want to manage every niche in diferents accounts (revenue/expenses) but as all are under the same company, wants to display the whole info too, i want in that way because want to analyze every niche and see wich is going better and stuff like that23:24
SamSagaZ_(sorry for my english) :D23:24

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