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lukioHi everybody. I need to erase one line from known_hosts from an installation of a Tryton Client that I have at a Windows machine.00:12
lukioBut, I do not know, where is stored.00:13
lukioI know, that at linux machine, is at ~/.config/tryton/x.x/known_hosts00:13
lukioDo u know where I can found it? Thanks!00:13
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Guest22504How can I load parties as per paging?11:52
cedkGuest22504: paging is done automaticaly by the client: 1000 for desktop/20 for web11:53
Guest22504ok, but I want to handle with json RPC call11:59
pokoliGuest22504: then you should use the offset and limit parameters fo the search methods:
Guest22504I tried that but problem is that when I add new party then all indexes changes so newly added party is missing, if I not started from 012:13
pokoliGuest22504: what do you mean by indexes?12:15
Guest22504position/Index of party in the response12:21
Guest22504e.g. first call I got 5 parties & after that I added a new party. Now if request for a second page call then new party is not come due to index changed12:22
Guest22504I have restart the call from first page12:22
pokoliGuest22504: not sure to fully understand you, but this is normall with pagination12:26
pokoliGuest22504: the party will be showed depending on it's ordering12:26
Guest22504what kind of default ordering?12:27
pokoliGuest22504: the parties are ordered by name by default, but you can customize it using the _order attribute12:34
Guest22504thanks, I tried with order but getting some error12:37
Guest22504as here
pokoliGuest22504: order is a list of clauses, each one must contain the field and the direction12:42
Guest22504I tried that also but not succeed
TimitosGuest22504:  try [["id", "ASC"]]12:49
cedkGuest22504: see
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Guest22504tried ["id","ASC"]  but gives me cls._fields[fname]\nKeyError: u'i'\n13:16
cedkGuest22504: the doc says a list of tuples13:24
Guest22504I tried that one also [["id","ASC"]] for JSON RPC call but getting smae error13:27
cedkGuest22504: I doubt it is the same error13:27
Guest22504I mean server never return anything....13:30
cedkGuest22504: then there is nothing13:32
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Guest22504order ["id","ASC"] takes too much time for response13:59
Guest22504also the order is not as per id14:02
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cedkGuest22504: I doubt it is the order who takes times14:25
cedkGuest22504: from your previous exampl, I see you read all fields with search_read14:26
cedkso if you have some expensive computed field…14:26
Guest22504yes may be picture is too expensive,  but result is also not as per id14:27
mrichezcedk: When i try to apply your patch 26791002, patch failed to apply because file trytond/ir/view/model_button_rule_list.xml already exists (button_rule_form, button_click_form, ...)15:22
pokolimrichez: you should remove the existing files and reaply the patch15:27
mrichezpokoli: oki thanks !15:27
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