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v178anyone else having an issue with client server version mismatch in the latest release from the jessie debian repo?03:57
v178sorry, to clarify the repo04:01
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v178I'm unable to get client 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 to connect to a 4.0.4 server instance, is anyone available to assist?17:01
v178both versions report an incompatible version of the server17:02
v178I'm running on Debian Jessie 8 and using the repository from debian.tryton.org17:02
v178using client 4.0.5 on debian from the same repo17:09
v178also tried version 4.0.4 from windows for giggles17:09
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pokoliv178: if your using diferent machines, please make sure the server is not listening only to the localhost interface (as it is the default behaviour)20:09
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v178pokoli, wow, thanks20:22
v178that was it20:22
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pokoliv178: you are welcome :)20:57
v178I will look into submitting for a "better" response21:20
v178submitting a patch*21:20
v178Incorrect server version suggests just that - a version mismatch21:21
v178a better response would be "No response." ;-)21:21
pokoliv178: actualy this is fixed on the latest tryton version ;)23:23
v178well, nm then, thanks again!23:25
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