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cedkpokoli: do you think you could finish the PYSON widget today?12:16
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pokolicedk: sorry I'm reading your messages now13:31
pokolicedk: I'm pushing the PYSON widget and I see you pushed the CSV Import/Export, so I think we have all for 4.2 :)13:32
cedkpokoli: OK great13:34
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giovanni_Anyone would be interested with a module to add ir.note types that could be matched to user groups ? The use base would be confidential information that should not be readable by everyone (medical, etc...)16:27
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cedkgiovanni_: you can talk about your module at
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cedkcould someone review:
cedkpokoli: ping18:29
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cedksmarro: I think you could finish issue4329 by today22:47
cedksmarro: but for issue3551, we are missing sao patch22:49
smarrocedk: ok, will upload new review for issue3551 and sao patch for issue432922:50
smarrocedk: wrong issue numbers22:51
smarrocedk: ping23:20

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