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embarI am new in Tryton and GNU Health. I need to import data from big CSV files, that have common only one field (like "ID") among files, some ID may overlap between files, some not. Can you please provide redirect me with more information about importing CSV into Tryton (and GNU Health)?10:25
embarI a bit tried with simple case, but without succes, see
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cedkembar: importing data is a complex task, when we need to do it at B2CK, we often write a proteus script10:53
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embarI don't have Python and/or proteus skills... Can you explain, in what cases import from CSV via Tryton GUI works (I mean "Import Data" description in 15 page of )?11:16
cedkembar: it works for simple case11:23
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csoteloHello coders12:43
csoteloI am looking just a suggest12:43
csotelowhat do you recoemmeds on a implmentation worj. I mean You will implement tryton on a business with an initial database. What is better, a module with the initial products or working on implementing it using tryton asa normal user, or a proteus job?12:45
cedkcsotelo: it depends, it is case by case12:47
csoteloI was thinking the same... and it was the answer I was looking for. Juts for ben sure.12:47
csoteloSince I guess a empty database with initial info, a module with content could be better12:48
csotelobut if I will migrate data and use it, I guess a module could be a wrong idea12:48
csotelosince it will be updated more than once12:49
csoteloI just lookiong something like you write for been suire on my idea and no do something wrong12:49
csotelothanks cedk12:49
cedkcsotelo: indeed using module for configuration is a bad idea12:50
csotelothanks cedk12:50
cedkcsotelo: you should choose between manual configuration or configuration script12:50
cedkcsotelo: usually it is the size of the data (and availability) that define the choice12:50
csoteloconfiguration script? I have never though on that. Could you give me and example? please12:51
csoteloWhat I have done until now is tryton make a shell script for initial install with modules required12:53
csotelolike a deployment script12:53
csotelousing sheel script12:53
cedkcsotelo: you can look at any scenario test13:00
csotelothanksa  lot cedk13:01
pokolicsotelo: I usually have a script that creates the initial database, and sets some kind of default values for using it.13:07
csotelomy case is that I have a a previous tryton job too disordered, wityh a lot of modules installed, too too fat. And localization was done directly to database. I was tryton yo clean no needed modules but is ghard.13:10
csoteloThe issue is that I must have a test server and a production13:10
csotelobut a production server with too much information, to many modules no needed13:11
csoteloI was thinking on a way on starting from and empty install, now, relevant data as customers and products and accounting chart, how to manage13:11
csoteloI was thinking on code a module for account chart and customers and product something like a script13:12
csoteloor just migrate using proteus for exmaple13:12
csoteloor something like that13:12
pokolicsotelo: you can create a script which exports old database data as csv and imports to new datbase (removing not existing fields) using postgresql COPY command (which is quite fast)13:23
csotelothanks pokoli13:24
csoteloBY the way13:28
csotelono. no otyher topic. I have noticed on some module the use of "class Acount():" and other "class Account:" I mean, what is the diference on using "()", it is an specific reason on tryton?13:29
cedkcsotelo: because some inherit from Model* and are base classes and others are just Mixin that will be applied if the module is activated13:35
csoteloI see13:36
csotelothanks a lot of you13:56
csotelotiome to go job13:56
csotelohave a nice day13:56
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