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Benjamin___how to omit limit field & get all data?11:22
cedkBenjamin___: you should be more precise in your question11:23
cedkBenjamin___: and give context11:23
Benjamin___cedk, I want to get all data without specifying limit or offset11:45
cedkBenjamin___: so don't set limit nor offset11:47
Benjamin___cedk, it is not working for me :(  please check here
mrichezhi, how is define the title in a wizard view ?11:55
cedkBenjamin___: it is because you pass empty list for limit instead of an integer or None11:55
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mrichezsee this screenshot in the purchase_request wizard to create a purchase from multiple purchase_requests :
mrichezi don't know where (product_name@warehouse, ...) is defined ?11:58
cedkmrichez: it is the rec_name of the records used to run the wizard aka active_ids11:59
cedkmrichez: so here it is the rec_name of the request selected11:59
cedkmrichez: see issue593312:00
mrichezcedk: ok thanks !12:01
cedkmrichez: maybe request rec_name could be improved?12:02
mrichezcedk: indeed, and the wizard view too (when many purchase_requests are selected, it's a bit confusing)12:03
cedkmrichez: it is limited to the 5 first records but in your example product names are quite long12:06
mrichezcedk: it was just a test, we took for example purchase_request without product, so it takes the description (that could be quite long)12:07
cedkmrichez: I see, so maybe the description when used in rec_name should be shorted12:11
mrichezcedk: yes, will add an issue for that12:11
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vezjakvhi trytonistas, question regarding Pootle translation server: how to upload translation files? I cannot find import link for offline translations, only download.14:21
cedkvezjakv: normally you should have below the download an upload link14:31
cedkvezjakv: for which language?14:32
vezjakvSlovenian, there's no such link, is permission problem?14:32
cedkvezjakv: indeed, there is no admin for slovenian14:35
vezjakvcedk: I was last year, seems to be reset. anyway, can it be fixed?14:36
cedkvezjakv: should be fixed now14:37
vezjakvcedk: ql, upload link appeared, thanks!14:37
rpitI put a relation on sale.line to sale.line. When I open this relation from sale-view with right mouse click there is no sale.line shown. Anybody knows how to show?14:43
pokolirpit: could you clarify? Which kind of relation? Many2One?15:06
pokolirpit: maybe you should upload your code to some pastebin, so we can check it15:07
pokolirpit: because I'm not sure to fully understand you15:08
vezjakvcedk: I have uploaded zip po files. How long does it normally take to see modifications in Pootle? e.g. I've completed ir module, but still shows fuzzy items.15:12
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rpitpokoli: I defined the relate_keyword in xml, see
pokolirpit: of course if you define a relate action in sale.line domain you won't see it in sale_view, because you are seeing the sale model an not the sale_line15:15
pokolirpit: you should define the realate_action on the sale_view15:15
pokolirpit: another think: You are missing the domain on the act_window, and it should use active_ids (or active_id) to filter the target records and only show the related ones15:16
rpitpokoli: I am seeing the relate action with a right click on the sale.line and I can click it. It opens the related sale.line view, but only with an empty sale.line.15:18
rpitpokoli: I know about the domain, but I tried without, to see sale.lines15:18
pokolirpit: so if the problem is the number of lines show, that's controled with the domain15:20
pokolirpit: and empty domain should all the lines in the system15:20
pokolirpit: BTW, could you check in Administration -> Action -> Windows that the domain is the correct one and the record is not out of sync?15:21
rpitpokoli: There is only one empty line shown, with or without domain doesn't matter15:21
pokolirpit: do you use a custom view for the action?15:21
pokolirpit: which fields are showing in the view (see the tree header)15:22
rpitpokoli: It'S not the tree. With ir.action.act_window.view I defined only a form. The form is shown with the usual fields plus Sale15:24
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rpitpokoli: It's Tryton 3.4. Perhaps the context for the parent_sale is not set and then there is nothing to show15:31
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pokolirpit: that's quite strange. So you see the form with all the fields without any content?15:35
cedkvezjakv: normally the UI auto-reload as far as there are jobs in the queue15:35
rpitpokoli: yes15:36
pokolirpit: btw, what are you tryting to do is strange so... as the relate can return more than 1 record normally you should open the tree view15:36
pokolirpit: and if you want to access only one record, you can use the edit button15:36
rpitpokoli: there is no edit button for the sale.line and with the domain I will see only one line. It is to see the history of the sale.line15:39
cedkrpit: your code is just a relate that create a new record15:41
rpitcedk: No way to see the origin of related record?15:42
vezjakvcedk: hm, strange, e.g. Pootle ir module shows 63 fuzzy items, but when I download zip, ir.po in it has no fuzzy items.15:49
cedkvezjakv: I just downloaded it and I see "Count" being marked as fuzy15:51
cedkrpit: you have to put a domain: [('id', '=', Eval('active_id', -1))]15:52
cedkrpit: but I do not see the point to make a relate to the same record you are already15:52
vezjakvcedk: correct, my bad, sorry. diff'ing wrong file.15:54
vezjakvcedk: it seems that uploaded file is not considered, I've unfuzzied Create User, Create Date, Write User, Write Date, but in Pootle still fuzzy.15:59
cedkvezjakv: are you sure you upload on the right file and that header stays?16:00
cedkvezjakv: indeed I never do offline translation because I find it uncollabortive and I like the helps of the pootle16:00
rpitcedk: With domain I tried first: The same result16:02
rpitcedk: I want to see the history of the sale line and there is no other way I think (sale.line is historized)16:03
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pokolirpit: you will have to ask the user on which date want to see the user, so you need a wizard16:08
pokolirpit: and then you should set the _datetime key in the context to browse the record with the valid history16:08
pokolirpit: but btw, you can get the same with a relate from sale to all the lines, and you will have the history avilable there16:08
vezjakvcedk: I've uploaded the same downloaded zip with updated .po files, and x-pot-revision incremented 0 -> 1. it worked on my previous tryton releases.16:11
vezjakvcedk: uploaded single ir.po, not updating anything. status still says "... uploaded 1 hour ago". Anyway, probably won't make it to translate remaining using online UI until tomorrow's due date16:13
rpitpokoli, cedk: Thank you for your help!16:13
vezjakvcedk: thanks for support16:14
pokolivezjakv: I managed to upload and download the zip file for pootle in this translation period16:15
pokolivezjakv: What I did is: extracted the zip, used sed to replace some translations, compressed and reuploaded16:15
pokolivezjakv: everything worked well, so you have to make sure that the po files headers are not touched16:16
pokolivezjakv: don't know if it helps16:16
cedkvezjakv: I do not know if it is correct to change the revision number16:17
vezjakvpokoli: so headers shouldn't be touched, e.g. Last Translator, X-Pot-Revision?16:17
cedkvezjakv: pootle could maybe use it to know against which revision it should make the diff16:17
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vezjakvcedk: ok, will try with untouched headers, and let u know16:19
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vezjakvpokoli: is single .po upload also working?16:23
pokolivezjakv: I think i did not use it, but if the zip is working it should work16:24
vezjakvpokoli: 1 : when I download from Pootle, it's ~1.4MB, when doing my zip it's ~250kB16:28
cedkpokoli: could you push review3282100216:40
pokolivezjakv: it shold be more or less the same size. 1.4Mb was moreless the size I uploaded downloaded16:41
pokolicedk: done16:45
pokolicedk: i uploaded the tryton change also for issue605316:46
pokolicedk: I was waiting to finish all the issue in order to push all together16:46
cedkpokoli: you can not push them now16:50
pokolicedk: I thought they where a bug fix also, but i can wait til next week ;)16:53
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cedkpokoli: having a better error message for programer is a feature17:06
vezjakvcedk: problem might relate to Pootle merge method (, it marks all fuzzy if conflict, in my case I've used first POT (2016-11-05) as base, but now it's 2016-11-2417:10
vezjakvcedk: is there a safe way to load new .po files and use my existing translations located in my postgres db?17:11
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cedkvezjakv: do not understand17:12
vezjakvcedk: I've downloaded .po files on 2016-11-05 and translated them in Tryton, but meanwhile .po got updated (dpd, ups, ...). if I update new .po files (via module update) will it overwrite my translations in Tryton (in db)?17:14
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cedkvezjakv: I do not think you can reuse the generate po file to upload to pootle17:16
cedkvezjakv: or you have to do the merge of the pofile yourself17:16
vezjakvcedk: I have uploaded .po file, but since Pootle uses merge method it populates only untranslated ones, others will be marked as fuzzy because I've used 1st version of .po files while Pootle has new ones. there's another merge method called overwrite which overcomes this problem, but unfortunately not set17:20
cedkvezjakv: but you can not override because your initial file is no more up to date17:33
vezjakvcedk: yes, aware of that problem, that's why merge is in place. so no other option than starting fresh translating from latest pofiles, or merge manually (too much work probably for that)17:35
cedkvezjakv: or just use the UI to validate the fuzzy, it is pretty fast with keyboard onlye17:41
vezjakvcedk: u mean Pootle UI or Tryton UI?17:42
cedkvezjakv: pootle UI17:43
cedkvezjakv: there is no more any need to use tryton for standard translation17:43
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vezjakvcedk: might be, but I find very useful in Tryton to use consistent wording across modules since you can easily use another translation for same original text17:46
vezjakvcedk: if this feature would be in Pootle I would immediately switch, of course. Pootle has advantages, like no hassle for offline translation uploads :)17:48
cedkvezjakv: Pootle provide suggestion base on existing translations and you can create a terminology17:50
cedkvezjakv: and you can search on translation in Pootle like you do in Tryton17:50
vezjakvcedk: what I miss is sort/filter on Type, Field, Module, Original Text, Translation and then compare if they are consistent. As u suggested Terminology might be helpful. A challenge might be when same original can mean different in context of Field/Type, at least in our language17:54
vezjakvcedk: nevertheless, thank you. I'll sort it out somehow, if not this release then next one :) (it's only 6months). Unfortunately something came in this time and I couldn't allocate enough time to translate in time.17:57
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