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mrichezhi, i'm creating my first wizard... when i click on the action, the view of the wizard won't display. No error. Any idea ?10:10
cedkmrichez: maybe wrong id10:29
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mrichezcedk: should i prefix the id with the module name in the Stateview ?10:37
cedkmrichez: yes10:46
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mrichezcedk: still no display. Any way to debug deeper ? here's my log:
cedkmrichez: it looks like the start state goes directly to end state11:07
mrichezcedk: i define a transition_start with some processing11:14
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mrichezcedk: i add a raise_user_warning in my default_ process but nothing happens11:20
cedkmrichez: it is what I said, the transition_start return 'end' so it starts and close directly11:26
cedkmrichez: the return value of a transition define which state to run after11:27
mrichezcedk: so it's better to work with StateAction than StateTransition ?11:30
mrichezcedk: ok i look other wizard and i understand my error11:38
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tryingtrytonI'm seeing the sale amount getting debited from the warehouse. If i have other locations with the product (from the warehouse via internal moves), how do i sell from those locations as  well?14:58
cedktryingtryton: another sale or you customize sale module to get warehouse per line15:04
cedktryingtryton: be careful when we talk about amount, we usually understand money and not quantity15:05
mrichezhi, when i try to save multiple lines on a model ( ), i get this error: 'AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute '_transaction'15:11
tryingtrytoncedk: Is that like an internal sale or something from the company to itself so the product moves from location to location?15:19
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cedktryingtryton: of course you can shipment between warehouses15:40
mrichezok found my error15:42
tryingtrytonOK, they would just need to be configured as such instead of the storage units i'm using now.15:44
tryingtrytonI think that was the problem. Will test it now.15:44
tryingtrytonThen, in theory, the sale would present more than one warehouse option, i supose.15:44
cedktryingtryton: no, sale is for one warehouse if you do not customize it15:45
tryingtrytonThere's no possibility of choosing the warehouse when do you a sale?15:45
cedktryingtryton: there is a field warehouse15:54
JanGBcedk: is it desired behavior that on addresses the autocomplete is requested on each line in tree-view?16:09
cedktryingtryton: can you fix your bugtracker email address? Last time.16:17
cedkJanGB: if it is for different values probably16:17
JanGBcedk: ok - seems to be heavy load on big tables16:19
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tryingtrytonced: there's no problem with it. I've seen one mail go through. It's using google's MX servers, so the problem could be on your end.16:24
cedktryingtryton: no it is google rejecting email for no reason16:24
cedktryingtryton: so you have to fix it or I will deactivate the account, we do not need to receive bounce message every time16:25
cedktryingtryton: It is not our fault if google think it is spam16:26
cedkit is the business interest of Google to force people to use their Gmail stuffs16:27
cedkmore over they did not even care to provide a reason for the bounce16:27
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cedkACTION think to no more help tryingtryton because of his behaviour16:34
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tryingtrytoncedk: Have received three mails from the bugtracker. It's not on our end, or rather Google's end in this case.18:40
tryingtrytonIt's the same mail address we use for our Github account and that's working fine.18:45
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tryingtrytonLocation "test truck" with existing moves cannot be changed to a type that does not support moves.21:15
tryingtrytonWarehouses don't support moves?21:16
JanGBtryingtryton: yes - view type21:17
tryingtrytonHow can Tryton handle point-of-sale? For example, i have a location configured as a warehouse so parties can buy from there. However, i see the shipment status in Waiting. Can the parties go to the warehouse to buy the product rather than requiring a shipment?21:32
JanGBtryingtryton: buying there is the shortest possible shipment, but shipment :)21:34
JanGBtryingtryton: you can set shipemnt method on sale to manual - then you must handle your stock by hand21:36
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tryingtrytonJanGB: If it's set to "manual", what do you mean by handling the stock by hand? I'm trying to figure out how to fit this model into Tryton.22:52
JanGBwhen you encode a sale you can set shipment method22:56
tryingtrytonNot seeing where that's done - just the shipment lines.22:58
JanGBtryingtryton: sale - tab "other"22:59
tryingtrytonWhat means the warning "Carrier on sale is not valid according to its domain"?23:10
kstengertryingtryton: you may have to check your carrier selection criterias23:12
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