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notizblockcedk: regarding do you mean that an additional field such as type should be checked too?12:58
cedknotizblock: yes12:59
notizblockcedk: ok, thx13:02
notizblockcedk: done13:04
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tryingtrytoncedk: How often do you guys release for the modules?13:55
pokolitryingtryton: a new major relaease (framework and modules) every 6 months14:06
tryingtrytonI'm talking about the revision releases for the modules 4.2.z for example.14:06
pokolitryingtryton: if you are asking for minor release, they are created from time to time. And one when are some bug fixes to release14:07
pokolitryingtryton: there is no schedule for minor releases, but you can subscribe to!forum/tryton-announce to get notified14:08
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tryingtrytonAfter making some sales, i see the parties associated to sales, but it shows zeroes in the receivable, payable, and deposit columns. Why?15:09
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pokolitryingtryton: because receivable payable is based on accounting, so you must create (and post) the invoices of this sales15:30
tryingtrytonpokoli: I just did that but don't see the amounts change in the Parties associated to Sales tab.15:32
pokolitryingtryton: maybe you should refresh the view15:37
tryingtrytonI did. Closed and reopened it too.15:38
tryingtrytonNo change.15:38
pokolitryingtryton: but you posted the invoices?15:38
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tryingtrytonpokoli: Yes, the State column shows Done, the Invoice State column says Paid, and the Shipment State is Sent.16:05
pokolitryingtryton: if the invoice is already pay, the receivable is 0 as you have already received the money16:12
pokolitryingtryton: receivable and payable only show the pending amount16:12
notizblockI get a »KeyError 'district'« when creating a party with country Pakistan and trying to print a label.16:15
notizblockbasically for every party where ${district} is used in the address format16:16
notizblockis this a known issues16:17
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pokolinotizblock: district is not a valid substitution for address16:37
notizblockpokoli: seems to be, yes16:44
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