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LeBronin my tryton client, i just get Database: Could not connect to the server. Host is localhost:800003:33
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LeBronok, for localhost:5432, it throwss a long error "BadStatusLine"03:46
kstengerLeBron: the user is the one you choose, you can tell it to tryton through the configuration file. Which version are you installing?03:47
LeBronkstenger: tryton version 4.2.003:47
LeBroni have a postgres db called lebrondb owned by lebron. i then ran trytond-admin -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d lebrondb --all03:48
kstengerLeBron: can you create a pastebin with the contents of your /etc/tryton/trytond.conf file ?03:49
LeBroninside my config file, i have uri=postgresql://lebron:password@localhost/. have also just tried "uri=postgresql://lebron:password@/"03:49
LeBronkstenger: sure03:49
LeBronkstenger: here is my psql -U postgres -c "\list" output:
LeBronthen i run, "trytond-admin -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d aldb --all". then i open the client, and i cannot connect to the database03:55
LeBronpostgresql-9.5 is confirmed to be running03:56
kstengerLeBron: is "al" a system user or a postgresql role ?03:57
kstengerLeBron: ok, did you ensure the role password is the same ?03:58
LeBronit is a role that shows up in psql \du03:58
LeBroni did not set a role password...03:58
LeBronsorry, this is a noob question. in the config file, is the password supposed to be the user or the role password?04:00
kstengerLeBron: IIRC it's the role's password04:00
LeBronso what is the password you set after you run trytond-admin -c?04:00
kstengerLeBron: but I would ensure both are equal04:00
kstengerLeBron: the one you set with trytind-admin is the one you will use inside tryton, for the 'admin' user04:01
LeBronkstenger: i set a role password. still can't get a connection in the client04:01
LeBronin the configuration.html, there are two alternative uri lines under pyscopg2. one without localhost, and one with a port.04:08
kstengerLeBron: what happens if you try using this instead? uri = postgresql://postgres:@localhost/04:08
LeBronwhat -d to put with my trytond-admin command?04:11
kstengerLeBron: aldb04:11
LeBronkstenger: tried -d aldb and -d postgres. same thing04:12
LeBronis there a verbose mode or another way to troubleshoot this?04:12
kstengerLeBron: yes, use -v and/or --debug04:13
kstengerLeBron: but -d value is the name you gave to your database04:13
LeBronkstenger: by default there is also a postgres database04:13
LeBronkstenger: yes, my database is present in postgres \list04:13
kstengerLeBron: the one you created04:14
kstengerfor tryton04:14
LeBronkstenger: yes, i tried it with -d aldb04:14
kstengerLeBron: about the uri, I'm not sure this is the problem, you can try several setups, but usually the simpler works (sorry not too helpful on this point now)04:15
LeBronkstenger: i'm just trying to use the default setup with postgres04:16
kstengerLeBron: actually my current setup uses the uri given above despite the database I created for tryton is not called postgres...04:19
LeBronso in your client's profile, what do you put for host?04:21
LeBronand any mention to ports?04:21
kstengerLeBron: ah, it's because you have to add the [web] section, and a value of: listen = (so here you define host/port)04:25
kstengerLeBron: same host and port in client04:26
kstengerLeBron: the port you could define on the database section is just for the connection to the database (in case you don't use the postgres default)04:27
LeBronok, i added [web] in with that line04:28
LeBronkstenger: no luck...04:29
kstengerLeBron: what's your uri now?04:31
LeBroni used the one you gave me. uri = postgresql://postgres:@localhost/04:34
LeBronalso tried uri = postgresql://al:a@localhost:8000/04:34
LeBronand also with my hostname04:34
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kstengerLeBron: try: uri = postgresql://al:a@localhost/04:36
kstengerah, nm04:37
kstengerLeBron: or: uri = postgresql://al@localhost/04:38
LeBronso i did that. and then i ran the client againl. and i put in "localhost" or "localhost:8000" and no luck04:38
LeBronkstenger: just did that one now. no luck04:39
kstengerLeBron: 8000 is not for here, here you connect to postgres, so should be 5432 by default04:39
LeBronkstenger: same as earlier, if i put in port 5432, i get this error04:39
kstengerLeBron: sorry I don't see what's wrong, hope you can find help with someone else later04:47
LeBronkstenger: thanks. i posted to the google group, but i can't see my post anymore. perhaps it needs admin approval04:47
kstengerLeBron: it may take a few minutes to appearfrom my experience04:48
LeBronit says "recently posted to". hm. thanks forf the help, i will leave my computer on to stay on this channel04:50
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Piyush__how can make JSON request for party >configuration >companies >the company >currency to get standard currency?10:05
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Piyush__how can I make JSON request for party >configuration >companies >the company >currency to get standard currency?11:26
cedkPiyush__: like any read request11:43
Piyush__cedk: I want to know the modal/ api name for the request11:44
cedkPiyush__: you should look in adminstration>models menu12:03
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Piyush__how to get default currency & payment term while creating new sale?12:36
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Piyush__cedk: I am able to get all currency with currency.currency model, but could not get identified for party >configuration >companies >the company >currency13:29
cedkPiyush__: it is the company.company13:32
Piyush__I got that! thanks cedk13:35
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